Top 10 IT Companies in Qatar in 2022

Top 10 IT Companies in Qatar in 2022

The State of Qatar is the wealthiest nation in the world and has the most significant GDP per capita. One of the economies in the world that is reportedly expanding the fastest is Qatar. As a result, Qatar offers a wide range of attractive tax-free employment opportunities, focusing on occupations in the service, oil and gas, travel, retail, and engineering industries. In this article, you will read about the top 10 IT Companies in Qatar.

There are numerous job opportunities in the media, healthcare, sales, and education sectors as a result of the increase in Qatar’s ex-pat community. In Qatar, there is a need for engineers to work in these important industries.

In Qatar, Indians are well regarded in all fields of employment. Indian expatriates living in Qatar, as well as Indian-born locals, make up the Indian community there. Currently, about 850,000 Indians are living in the nation, or roughly 30.5 per cent of all Qataris. The local languages include Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Arabic, and English.

In a great environment given by historically strong connections and consistent and substantial interaction, especially at the highest levels of the two Governments, India-Qatar cooperation in a variety of industries has been gradually developing. The big, diverse, accomplished, and well-regarded Indian community is significantly advancing Qatar and strengthening the ties of long-standing friendship and fruitful cooperation between the two nations.

Qatar has made an effort to industrialise in order to diversify its economy. The manufacturing industry is largely made up of major companies with mixed state and foreign private ownership. For instance, a government-holding company owns the majority of the Qatar Petrochemical Corporation, and a French company holds a little part. Production of cement and flour has also been done. However, diversification through increased manufacturing is reliant on an abundance of inexpensive energy for operating facilities and is consequently connected to Qatar’s hydrocarbon resources. A robust liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry has been created because of the country’s natural gas deposits.

In this article, you will learn about the top IT firms in Qatar, which offer a wide range of employment prospects to everyone interested in the IT industry.

Top 10 IT Companies of Qatar in 2022

1. Malomatia: Malomatia India Technologies Private Limited (MTPL) was established in 2012 as a subsidiary of Malomatia, a renowned provider of Technology Services & Solutions in the state of Qatar, and was motivated by a culture of success and a high level of expertise. They provide cutting-edge IT solutions that help businesses and the government successfully serve their consumers. The national goal of Qatar of a dynamic knowledge-based society is realized through the deployment of the finest talent and processes. Market leadership as a business supporting national initiatives to create a robust and long-lasting IT sector in Qatar.


  • It delivers high-value IT services and solutions pertinent to areas with strategic importance for the nation and society.
  • It is increasing the contribution of IT to Qatar’s GDP growth.
  • Building and maintaining local and regional IT delivery and domain expertise in government, healthcare, and education.
  • India’s Malomatia aims is to deliver excellent qualified IT experts to enable Malomatia Qatar to service their customers efficiently and promptly in a nation noted for its thriving IT Industry Talents and Professionals.

Moreover, Pune is India’s fastest-growing IT cluster and home to malomatia India Technologies Private Limited (MITPL). You have an opportunity to grow with an outstanding Company, malomatia India. Where distinctive strengths, backed by strategic partnerships with top IT companies, adherence to worldwide best practices, and application of the very best local and international experience also enable to provide the customers with a wide range of best-in-class solutions and service alternatives.

2. Denova Glosoft Limited (DGL): DGL is founded in 2005 as one of the top providers of comprehensive IT services on a 360-degree basis. They have the expertise to meet all of your software development and IT service needs. To provide these services, they have their own infrastructure and resources. SAP consulting and services, Oracle, Microsoft SharePoint, Dynamics, Salesforce, Maximo Asset Management CAFM, EHS, Mobile Apps, Odoo development, CRM, Web application, HCM, and BI are all located around their efficiency area.


  • They constantly provide services to clients from all over the world with top-notch software development and related IT services.
  • They have established a strong reputation in the Middle East, India, and Europe by offering proven technology and expert-level business domain expertise for high-quality solutions.
  • They have offices in Qatar, the UK, the USA, India, and Italy and are a CMM Level 3 firm.
  • DENOVA GLOSSOFT LIMITED uses flexible and agile processes to develop highly scalable products and IT solutions for their clients across several industry verticals.
  • They favour offering open channels of communication and adaptable collaborative frameworks. Its goal is to provide highly sophisticated, adaptable, and user-centric IT solutions and services for upcoming projects. The philosophy of DENOVA GLOSOFT LIMITED is to add value at each stage of the customer retention process.
  • They provide exceptional, integrity, openness, customer focus, and innovation on their main priorities.
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3. PackitCode: It was founded in 2012, As a top web design firm, Packit Code can revitalize your current website by rebuilding it with excellent new features and a user-friendly style that will appeal to your target audience. This expert process of revitalizing existing websites is intended to significantly boost your company’s digital presence, making it more visible and engaging.

  • There comprehensive development services for redesigning current websites might help if the website is missing in features or design.
  • They will make sure your website has the appropriate presence to draw in visitors, keep them there, and spread the word about your business.
  • By identifying any areas where your current design may not be operating as efficiently as it may be, there expert website redesign firm in Qatar will improve your current business branding through the use of high-quality digital design.
  • They will make use of your top priorities in terms of resource optimization, cost and time reduction, production improvements, sales force optimization, and lead generation, as well as our expertise in technology design.
  • By taking the initiative, they will examine the most recent web design chances and provide a solution that is suitable for your company, whether it entails software and mobile development, integration, control optimization, or dashboard construction.

All websites created by their website design team will have these features:

  • Search engine optimization for simple crawler location quick loading times
  • Features that work well and are simple to utilize optimized placement of images, material, and videos easy navigation
  • A reliable and effective layout
  • Perfectly crafted CTA buttons
  • simple accessibility to services and goods

4. Ascentsoft: It was founded in 2015, Ascentsoft is a well-known provider of IT consulting and solutions that were created in Qatar as an IT offspring of an established company. With domain expertise in Accounts, Inventory, Human Resources, Payroll, Procurement, DMS (Document Management System), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), BPM (Business Process Management), BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), and Web Technologies, Ascentsoft provides end-to-end solutions with these technologies in a variety of industry sectors, including Trading, Service, Productions, Real Estate & Hospitality. It provides System Integration, Software solution, and Hardware solution for Customer satisfaction.

The top software development business in Qatar is AscentSoft. By integrating communication into business processes, they have been passionately delivering tailored business solutions that assist firms in accelerating revenue growth, expanding their market share, reducing operating expenses, and increasing staff productivity. By integrating communication into business processes.

AscentSoft has been passionately delivering tailored business solutions that assist enterprises in accelerating revenue growth, expanding their market share, reducing operating expenses, and increasing employee productivity.

They are committed to assisting their clients in operating their businesses more effectively, assisting them in gaining a deeper understanding of their operational operations, and assisting them in obtaining long-term benefits by automating their operational procedures.

Their team is made up of committed, highly qualified individuals with extensive backgrounds in product development, e-business, data migration, custom software development, and integration solutions. Ascent is certain that it can offer small, medium, and big businesses IT services that they need to succeed.

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5. Zingerstick software: It was founded in 2018, With robust and flexible digital solutions that meet today’s needs, they revolutionize enterprises in the majority of important industries. They offer to Enhance operational efficiency through enterprise integration, process automation, and workflow digitization.


ERP software technology offers a variety of solutions for businesses that are in the process of going digital or that want to increase productivity and efficiency. You can Move your procedures to a virtual environment, get rid of pointless approval waiting for processes, and efficiently utilize your resources Technology and e-learning services are provided by e-learning platforms to businesses for their training and development initiatives.

To assure quality, software tests must be done often during development cycles. By implementing agile methods with the help of Zinger Stick, you can increase development productivity and project visibility while giving your company the agility, efficiency, and security it needs.

In essence, a computer program is permitted to capture and interpret applications for processes. This aids in the application of specific technologies that can automate boring, routine, standardized tasks, generating higher productivity and value with less investment.

6. Focus (Solutions that move business): Focus Softnet, a regional IT business that was founded in 1992, developed into a global provider of business solutions. With its highly regarded ERP and CRM systems and services, a focus on R&D, and a workforce with a wealth of experience, Focus Softnet has grown to operate from 27 offices in 17 different countries.


Focus Softnet’s ERP software solutions offer users a one-stop business management solution with integrated modules and mobile-ready features, and they are in compliance with regional tax requirements, particularly Qatar’s tax legislation. Our ERP systems are hosted in the cloud, may be tailored to your needs, and could be expanded as your company expands.

Focus Softnet has demonstrated its ability in creating and executing industry-ready solutions with specialized features that cover every facet of your operations by deploying business-specific ERP systems at several companies and SMEs. Our ERP software systems have won numerous prizes for being user-friendly and successful at solving company problems.

It offers business transformation with potent ERP software. Get trustworthy business intelligence by using informative reports, sophisticated reporting systems, cloud-hosted CRM solutions with sector-specific functionality, and the ability to monitor all processes.

They run intensive marketing campaigns, provide high-calibre leads, close more deals, and provide service that exceeds expectations including payroll integration in automated human resource management software. Reduce error-prone manual processes to a minimum. administration of timesheets and attendance that is hassle-free.

7. Zartek: Leading mobile app development firm Zartek has offices in Qatar, Canada, and India. They have a staff of more than 50 developers with product development expertise. With a focus on mobility and emerging technology, Zartek assists businesses and people in developing their ideal products.

Their team includes product managers, UI/UX designers, and social media marketing professionals who can help you with everything from wireframing a concept to growing the product.

For individuals, small and medium-sized businesses, and corporate clients, the top mobile and website development firm in Qatar provides custom web and mobile app development services.

They provide value for their clients and create custom solutions with excellent performance and user experience. By employing superior software, Zartek enables users all around the world to grow their businesses.

Meanwhile, they create mobile and online applications across industries. Learning how to use technology benefits your company.

They plan, develop, and roll out personalized applications that enhance your company’s operations and effectively monitor success.

They provide first-rate Flutter services, a Google hybrid app development kit that makes it easy to quickly create stunning desktop, web, and mobile applications from a single codebase.

8. IT Solution Qatar: IT Solutions was established in 2004 and has its main office in Doha, Qatar. With years of expertise, they can give you a competitive edge to succeed by fusing the greatest technology with award-winning professional services.

Leading IT consulting firm IT Solutions offers excellent services for an affordable price to clients in the public and private sectors. The services are provided across the majority of technological platforms, operating systems, and infrastructures on a project- or strategic staffing basis.

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ITS has a wealth of experience providing technical and maintenance support to both large and small businesses.

With more than 500 hardware, software, and cloud partners, we provide innovative solutions that promote corporate transformation and growth.

They serve as a one-stop shop for all of your IT requirements, coordinating the newest technology with your infrastructure objectives.

Insight provides the direction and knowledge you need to choose, put into practice, and oversee the solutions that will improve your company.

By promoting innovation, we take care of all of your technological requirements.

Utilizing technology solutions with wisdom for businesses of all sizes, ITS is a pioneer in providing innovative, cutting-edge technological solutions.

Through ITS Intelligent Technology Solutions, they will help your organization function more efficiently and modernize, from creating distinctive strategies to providing the goods, services, and expertise.

9. CHERRY Computer Doha: They Utilize technology solutions with wisdom for businesses of all sizes, ITS is a pioneer in providing innovative, cutting-edge technological solutions. Through ITS Intelligent Technology Solutions, they will help your organization function more efficiently and in modernizing way, from creating distinctive strategies to providing the goods, services, and expertise. Because they empower businesses to use the internet environment more skillfully.

They help to overcome their online issues and have a global presence. Choose Cherry Computers for any form of IT service and get long-lasting company results. Cherry Computers’ ability to innovate and design has helped the company gain a global presence.

10. ERP Software Solution ( Stimes Technology): Stimes Technologies is a local IT solutions provider in Qatar with end-to-end technical expertise in IT consultancy, website design & development, mobile app development, ERP and custom software development, and so on.


Stimes Technologies is also a digital marketing company in Qatar with a lot of experience.

Being a Qatari business led by Mr. Mohammed Al Moftah, Stimes is confident in its capacity to offer the Qatar market full-fledged IT services with access to local support and maintenance.


Qatar has the greatest per capita income in the world. It has fewer than 3 million people, the third-largest proven gas reserves, and is the main natural gas exporter. It offers a huge variety of career chances to people all around the world.

The top 10 IT companies in Qatar that offer employment opportunities to citizens of Qatar and people from other countries were discussed above. All businesses strive to offer their customers the highest calibre of services possible.  

Moreover, Long-term financial gain is a common goal of IT companies for their goods and services. Long-term financial goals are now referred to when the phrase “satisficing,” which has to do with minimizing production costs, is combined with profit maximization.

Business expansion is correlated with an increase in the variety of goods and services provided, which are more global in the IT industry. Qatar IT Companies are providing the best results to all their customers.

Spending on IT in Qatar will be further supported by both private and public consumption. Due to their enormous potential for industrial growth, cloud computing and the Internet of Things are essential for market progress over the medium term. The fastest growth in the business over the past ten years has been seen in the IT software and service sector, which has benefited from significant government support. The market demand in Qatar is also being driven by widespread computer use, expanding internet access, and increasing internet penetration.

According to information technology market research, the competition is getting more intense every year as a result of new applications and a wider range of products. The information technology market’s 2016–2026 growth prospects are covered in this analysis study for the year 2019 scenario.

Future predictions place Qatar’s information technology as one of the developing markets, necessitating hardware, software, and other IT services. IT technology is employed in a variety of locations, including libraries, hospitals, banks, stores, jails, hotels, airports, train stations, and more.


Article proofread & published by Gauri Malhotra.

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