Top 10 Best Contact Lens Manufacturing Companies in India 2023

Top 10 Best Contact Lens Manufacturing Companies in India 2023

Although some wear colored contact lenses to brighten or alter their eye colour, contact lenses are a device used in the eye to rectify vision. Over the cornea, the flimsy plastic lens hovers on a layer of the tear film. Contact lenses are best and more effective in correcting vision than traditional glasses for some types of eye illnesses and are very much in use in India.

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The lens is heated to the brink of melting during the manufacture of contact lenses. Following that, a pre-cut mold is injected with the liquid lens material. Once the lens material has dried, the substance forms the mold’s shape. The glass will be cleaned before being examined to determine its quality level.

For cosmetic reasons, contact lenses are often preferred over glasses, and athletes who participate in active sports like contacts because of their freedom. Lenses come in three fundamental varieties: gas-permeable, gas-hard, and soft. Although using soft contact lenses is typically more comfortable, they are more prone to tearing than hard lenses.

Additionally, more complex lenses “pop out” often.  A compromise between hard and soft lenses, gas-permeable lenses provide more pleasure than hard glasses but less risk of tears than soft lenses. Contact lenses are typically worn across the day and removed at night to be cleaned. Extended-wear lenses let wearers keep their contacts in while sleeping and for extended periods of time.

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One-a-day contact lenses have become more and more common in lens wearers in recent years. These contacts don’t require nightly cleaning because they are only worn for one day before being discarded.

Perhaps one of our contact lenses seems like nothing more than a little sliver of plastic when you look at it. But every CooperVision lens is a massively complex mix of modern materials and design. Continue reading to see how these tiny medicinal wonders are created.

Raw Materials

Plastic polymers serve to be the basis for contact lens manufacturing. (A polymer is a composite material that joins various chemicals’ molecules.) In one of its varieties, polymethyl methacrylate is used to make hard contact lenses (PMMA).

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Soft lenses are consisted of a hydrophilic polymer, like poly hexyl methacrylate (HEMA), which can absorb water while maintaining its form and optical properties. Manufacturers of lenses constantly update the science behind lens material. Thus each brand may use a different specific substance for their contact lenses.

Production Procedures of the Contact Lens

Initial efforts at contact lenses date back to the 1800s, but they were painfully fashioned of heavy-blown glass or attached with wax. The techniques used today are a little advanced. Lathe cut or injection molding are the two processes available for producing soft contact lenses..

  • Lathe cutting is the process of shaping compact, hard discs of lens care material using computer-controlled cutting methods and tools. The spinning shaft resembles a miniature potter’s wheel and rotates at 6,000 rotations per minute. After being manufactured, the lens is polished and hydrated at different stages before being put through a quality control test.
  • Soft contact materials are heated until they become liquid during the injection molding rocedure, after which they are injected into exact, pressured molds. They undergo shaping, polishing, hydration, and quality control testing afterward.
  • Finishing, Before the contact lens fits perfectly on the patient’s eye, it needs to have a few more curves ground out of it. The final curves, which determine the lens shape that is closest to and very closest to the edge, are the periphery anterior and anterior curves and the intermediate posterior and anterior curves.
  • Once again, double-sided tape or suction is used to mount the lens to an arbor. The lathe or ball mill has the arbour installed. You can use emery paper to grind or a razor blade to cut these shorter cuts. At this time, the lens’s diameter may be reduced.
  • Quality assurance, Because contact lenses are medical equipment that needs to be fitted specifically for each wearer, quality control is crucial. After each step of the production process, the lenses are examined. Under magnification, the lenses are checked for irregularities. A shadow graph is used to measure them even. A screen with a graph for calculating diameter and curvature is imprinted with magnified shadows of the lens. Any flaws in the lens’s geometry are seen in the cloud. Computer programs could automatically carry out this technique.
  • Packaging, The lens is sterilized after passing the inspection. To soften the lens, it is cooked in a solution of water and salts for a number of hours.The lenses are then packaged. A glass vial with a salt solution inside that is sealed with silicone or metal is the standard container for lenses. Saline fluid, which is analogous to human tears, is absorbed by the hydrophilic substance of soft contact lenses, making it supple and malleable. The lenses are prepared for use in this condition.

1. Bausch and Lomb

Bausch & Lomb Natural Looks Quarterly Color Contact Lenses (With Power – WizOpt

Lomb and Bausch Contact Lenses

Bausch and Lomb’s path of creating hydrogel-based contact lenses is outstanding. The company is the top choice for prescription lenses of every type, including toric lenses, colour disposable optics, bifocal lenses, and daily/monthly/yearly disposable lenses.

The Bausch & Lomb Softlens is notable for:

  • All-day wearable, soft, pleasant lenses with a 59% water content
  • The base curvature radius is 8.6 mm, and the lens size is 14.2 mm
  • UniFit technology ensures a comfortable fit, and there are six lenses in a pack.
  • V. protection shields your eyes from damaging U.V. radiation.
  • Its benefits are that U.V. protection is ideal for prolonged use and fits most eye types.

Cons: May result in some dryness

Why Did We Choose Bausch & Lomb Contact Lenses?

Bausch & Lomb provides a variety of softer lenses with moisture seal technology and breathable lenses that sensitively attach to your eyeballs to help avoid dry eyes. Thankfully, coloured contact lenses have these features even.

Top-selling products from Bausch & Lomb: Color lenses; lens cleaning solutions; daily disposables; monthly contacts; annual contacts

2. Acuvue Contact Lens

ACUVUE® Brand Contact Lenses Singapore

Acuvue is a company that manufactures contact lenses and is known for its disposable lenses. They have extended-wear contact lenses, reusable disposable contact lenses, and disposable contact lenses that are appropriate for your busy work and travel days.

The Acuvue Vita Weekly Disposable Lens’s key characteristics are:

  • It has HYDRA MAX Technology, which keeps the lenses from drying out all day.
  • It has Sunblock to protect your eyes from damaging sun rays
  • The lenses are comfortable enough to wear all day.
  • Each package includes six lenses.
  • Everyone can wear lenses that are clear.

Pros: It is inexpensive, doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable, and is simple to wear.

Cons: This may not be for everyone.

Why Did We Choose the Acuvue Contact Lens?

You can choose from a variety of Acuvue lens types according to your vision needs, including Acuvue Oasys, Acuvue Moisture, Acuvue TruEye, 1-Day Goggles Moist Multifocal, and 1-Day Acuvue Defining with Lacreon. One should try the brand’s amazing quality lenses since they are well-known for them!

The top-selling Acuvue products are Disposable contact lenses (daily, monthly, yearly), Disposable lenses, and Disposable lenses that may be reused.

3. Freshlook Contact Lenses

Freshlook Colour Lenses Monthly / Yearly ? Freshlook contact lens online . Buy - YouTube

Alcon, a medical equipment manufacturer, is the only owner of the Freshlook brand, another global leader in the contact lens industry. On Amazon, you may quickly identify its products and purchase them for a fair price. You may look at some of the top Indian eyeglasses brands with round frames and those with round faces right here.

The Freshlook One-Day Disempowered Lens’s standout characteristics are:

  • Your eyes will appear more natural thanks to the 3-in-1 colour technology, and the glasses are very soft and pleasant to wear.
  • After use, you can throw them away. Each package contains ten lenses.
  • It is a stunning shade of pure hazel.

Pros: Stunning colour, No itching or dryness, Comfortable to wear

Cons: Not everyone may enjoy fit or comfort.

Why Did We Choose the One-Day Powerless Freshlook Lens?

The contact lens kit from Freshlook has a unique “colorblind” technology that employs a 3-in-1 colour bonding technique to give your eye a naturally amazing appearance and clear vision. Freshlook especially makes your contact lens combination to meet your look’s near- and far-sightedness needs.

Top selling products for Freshlook: Color lenses, One-day colour lenses, Powerless lenses, Disposable coloured lenses every month

4. O-Lens

O-Lens HoneyShine Brown Review - YouTube

O-Lens, which has over 300 stores, is Korea’s top brand of coloured contact lenses. The United States, Pakistan, the U.k, Malaysia, Canada, Russia, Japan, Austria, Kong, and the United Arab Emirates have major brand presences.

O-Lens coloured contact lenses stand apart for the following reasons:

  • Soft lenses with Advanced Double Wrapping Technology to shield your cornea from direct lens contact
  • The colours seem natural when worn and may be used as everyday wear. • Dimensions: Diameter 14.00mm, G.Diameter: 12.7mm, Base Curve (B.C.): 8.6. • Each pack contains two lenses. • Benefits: Blocks dangerous U.V. lights to keep your eyes healthy and safe.

Pros: It fits every eye shape and type; It comes in both subtle and amazing colours, so you can pick the one that best suits your needs, Extremely mild and soft on the eyes

Cons: Sensitive eyes may itch a little.

Why Did We Choose the Colored O-Lens Lens?

For beautiful eyes, O-Lens Design Lab provides modern colour contact lenses. O-Lens provides a variety of styles from which customers can select different colour lenses in accordance with their dress, mood, and situations.

Top-selling O-Lens products include: One-day disposable lenses; premium coloured lenses and Clear contact lenses O2 edition

5. Aqualens Contact Lens

Buy Monthly Disposable Contact Lenses (6 Lens Pack) | Aqualens

Aqualens Contact Lens Products from Aqualens are made to provide the best eye care. It guarantees the best possible contact lenses.

The Aqualens Colored Contact Lenses have the following standout qualities:

  • They are made of Polymacon, which makes them incredibly soft and comfortable on the eyes
  • They don’t cause dryness or unpleasantness in your eye sockets all day.
  • They have a U.V. blocker that shields you from 87% of Uv – c and 97% of UVB rays.
  • They can be worn comfortably for up to 10–12 hours.
  • • Each package contains ten lenses.

Pros: Available in a variety of colours, Up to 10 to 12 hours of wearable comfort

Cons: May irritate easily irritated eyes.

Why Did We Choose the Colored Aqualens Lens?

Aqualens’ whole product line has received FDA and C.E. approval in the United States. With affordable, high-quality contact lenses that are delivered right to your door thanks to Aqualens’ listing on the world’s largest online retailer, Amazon, better eye wellness is guaranteed.

Top-selling Aqualens products include: Toric lenses, daily disposables, and monthly disposables and Contact lens solutions and coloured contacts

6. Optify | LinkedIn

High-quality contact lenses, eyeglass frames, lens cleaning supplies, lens solutions, and other accessories are available from Optify. The phemfilcon lens material used to make Optify lenses thins the gel and increases its level of hydration. It is lightweight and provides the eyes comfort and enduring vision. Optify offers the highest quality monthly glasses.

Aspects of the Optify Weekly Contact Lens that stand out:

  • Polylemma construction provides comfort for extended wear, each pack contains a pair of lenses; its water content of 45% keeps your eyes hydrated and avoids itching. Its base curvature is 8.6 mm, and its width is 14.2 mm.
  • It is appropriate for both men and women.
  • Soft materials with a high water content

Cons: The item cannot be returned.

The top-selling products from Optify: Contact lenses, lens cleaning cloths, eyeglasses, and lens solutions.

7. Augen Contact Lens

Soft Pupil Daily 14.2mm Color Contact Lense Eye Contacts Colored Lenses Eyewear From Factory / Can OEM - China Cosmetic Halloween Contact Lenses and Colorful Contact Lens price |

One of the best brands, Augen sells high-quality 2 Tone Color Polymacon Corrective Lenses and Lens kits for a reasonable price. It provides a range of yearly-expiring clear and soft contact lenses.

Essential Characteristics of the Augen Contact Lenses:

  • Augen provides high-quality corrective contact lenses designed to improve vision by addressing vision issues.
  • The lenses are constructed of highly soft and comfortable polymacon, which keeps your eyes from drying out. The base curve is 8.6 mm, and the lens diameter is 14.50 mm.
  • The lenses are soft, and the colours look natural. They don’t dry out your eyes.

Cons: Be careful handling the lens because it may easily tear.

Top-Selling products from Augen: Reading glasses, Sunglasses, Anti-fog and Contact lenses

8. Soft Eye

O2 Optix Ciba Vision Contact Lenses in Durg at best price by New Avtar Opticals Co. - Justdial

Soft Eye is one of the most popular brands selling high-quality contact lenses. It comes in different colours, including Grey, Green, Hazel, Blue, and others.

The Soft Eye Multicolor Contact Lens’s Standout Features:

  • There are three different coloured lenses in a pair.
  • Every Indian skin tone can be matched by the honey, hazel, and brown color lenses, which come with a solution to care for your lenses properly.
  • Made of 45% water-content polymacon, which is soft and durable; • Soft and comfortable thanks to the polymacon construction

Pros: Lenses are affordable, simple to maintain, and soft and comfy for the eyes.

Cons: The colour might change.

The top-selling soft eye products: Coloured lenses, contact lenses, and glasses, Lens cleaner and ens cleaner storage kit

9. Ciba Vision

Ciba Vision Air Optix Aqua Multifocal - YouTube

Ciba Vision, a Swiss business specializing in eyewear solutions for improved comfort and vision, provides a variety of contact lenses appropriate for daily wear. Bifocal lenses, prosthesis lenses, cylinder vision lenses, single-use lenses, and night & day breathability lenses are only a few of the seven main categories of Ciba Vision contact lenses that are provided.

Significant Characteristics of the Ciba Sight Air Optix Lens:

  • Has five times increased oxygen airborne transmission to make your eyes appear and feel healthier; Silicone Hydrogel lenses are incredibly gentle and keep your eyes from irritation.
  • The lens can stay wet for a suitable match since the permanent biodegradable plasma prevents any deposits from forming.
  • You have a natural vision thanks to its bi-aspheric shape. Each package includes six lenses.

Pros: Very comfy and low weight and Affordable.

Cons: May result in some dryness

Top-selling products from Ciba Vision: Daily-use contact lenses and Colored lenses

10. Cooper Vision

CooperVision Biofinity 6 Contact Lenses Unboxing | Vision Care | Best Contact Lenses - YouTube

Cooper Vision is a well-known maker of contact lenses that popularised specifically created soft lenses. Cooper Vision glasses fall under the disposable contact category. Products from Cooper Vision include Bioinfinity and Proclear quarterly lenses, which are sold in packs of 6 and 12.

The CooperVision Biofinity contacts lens’s standout characteristics are:

  • It has a base curve of 8.6 mm and a diameter of 14.0 mm, making it soft and pleasant for everyday usage. It has a high oxygen airborne transmission to take your focus from looking tired and simple.

Pros: Comfortable for eyes; soft fabric that fits well.

Top-selling products from Cooper Vision: ProClear contact lenses, Biofinity lenses, monthly lenses, and disposable lenses are all examples of contact lenses.

Reasons to Replace Your Glasses with ContactsA single contact lens could give your entire life a head-up display - CNET

  • You have a wide field of concentrated vision with contacts.

Despite being available with the same prescription strengths as glasses, contact lenses provide wearers with a wide field of focused vision. Contact lenses allow everyone to track action with clear, direct, and distant vision because they move with your eyes. By switching to contacts, you can put an end to the shadows and distortions that come with wearing glasses. Contact lenses provide wearers with a broader range of vision, don’t steam up or develop water spots, and don’t reflect or distort light.

  • You have the flexibility to live an active life thanks to contacts.

Contact lenses provide with better freedom and freedom to enjoy your favourite hobbies if you live an active life (or if you desire to). You can sprint and move more quickly with lenses because they are light and less noticeable than glasses. Additionally, contact lenses won’t obstruct safety helmets if you play contact sports like football or lacrosse. Contact lenses don’t push on your ear or strain your nose, they don’t bounce up and down, and they don’t slow you down or limit your range of motion.What To Know If Your Child Wants Contact Lenses | FDA

  • Contacts may motivate your self-assurance.

Although there is nothing about wanting to wear eyeglasses—some people even enjoy how they look—contact lenses might help some people feel and see better about themselves. The CDC says that some kids and teens who wear contact lenses claim to feel a lot better about their appearance.

  • Contact lenses provide a natural appearance because they don’t cover your face with frames.
  • They allow the display of eye makeup and lash extensions.
  • You may pair the newest stylish, non-prescription sunglasses design with contacts.


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