Top 10 Most Innovative Startups in Raipur, 2022.

Top 10 Most Innovative Startups in Raipur, 2022.

Raipur is a picturesque city in Central India, particularly in the state of Chhattisgarh, that has produced substantial results, particularly in terms of steel markets. Raipur has been host to one of India’s essential and largest steel factories because it is the state’s capital. It also has one of the city’s most prominent manufacturing centers. Raipur is Chhattisgarh’s largest city, and it attracts a wide range of visitors from all over the world. There are over 200 coal mines and six iron factories in the town.

The city has also been dubbed the shining city of the “Indian Start-up Ecosystem.” In recent years, the city has seen the growth of ninety-plus startups in the last two years, and it is now preparing for more.


Finally, it focuses their attention on the culture required for startups in a town controlled by several business families or groupings. With its healthcare startups, it is even one of the top cities. With the city’s growth, entrepreneurs have faced a slew of new hurdles as the city has established itself as a prominent player on the Indian Begin Ecosystem Map.

When it comes to the challenging process of establishing any form or type of startup, there is a large team of advisors, as it takes a lot of effort and attention to make it a success. Any business venture entails a variety of dangers. As a result, it will need a large number of good investors and a backup plan to complete the procedure as intended.

Most entrepreneurs from all sectors who are very ambitious in terms of their originality and creativity are welcome to join Raipur’s startups. Firms in Raipur have a group of team members who brainstorm ideas, seek advice from others to clear their heads, share articles to discuss various subjects and challenges, sift feedback, and, if possible, attract new buyers for their startups or businesses.

According to Raipur’s entrepreneurs, self-moderation is always regarded as an essential tool for most consumers.

Let’s take a closer look at all of the begin that have gotten a lot of praise in the city and gotten many people’s attention.

1.  Profezzo

profezzo! (@profezzo1) / twitter

It is the city’s only cloud-based, legally binding document management software vendor. The features include tax returns, a single dashboard, lawfully binding document drafting, bookkeeping, legal drawing up, startup registration administration, TDS returns, and GST returns. The company was launched in 2018 with a total capital of approximately USD 6,000. It’s a comprehensive cloud-based Business Process solution for everyone from startups to large corporations.

It provides technology-enabled business process services at a fraction of the time, complexity, and cost of the old system, which has been trying to compensate for professional and legal services and industry activities.

It is always better with the company, the client relations control, and the service desk with the most specialized call center for businesses, firms, corporates, and startups in just one click on the application.

The startup is entirely dedicated to assisting local state-based startups and other companies in the state of Chhattisgarh, which is primarily concerned with business process compliance.

It intends to provide its clients with affordable, quick, and automated services by using the most high-tech to organize legal and auxiliary technical advice and even provide organizations with one-click access to all legal and professional needs.

It currently has a regional network of about 25 experts, including some of the most experienced CPAs. Engineers, Senior Advocates, Financial Analysts, and CSS With this price, you may have the most inexpensive costs for your service in the time restriction, which is most important.

The Profezzo Business Services Private Limited is a three-year-old private sector company with a Raipur address. According to the MCA, it is a company limited by shares with an authorized capital of Rs10.00 lakh and a paid-up capital of Rs1.09 lakh.

Company Overview

               Legal Name Profezzo Business Pvt Ltd.
                Industries Cloud-based Software
               Founder(s) Vamsi Krishna,Swapn a Shrirangam & Vinay Kumar
             Founded Date                2018
     Total Funding Amount               $5.74K
                Investors               36Inc

2. Rhibhuz Solutions

business and management - online course report

It is a platform for online business management services and applications in an online business management firm. It has all of the major product lines, such as GenX Cart (E-commerce solutions for online businesses).

Their GenX Construction Inspection refers to their solutions for managing material consumption, projects, timelines, and staff at various construction sites. It includes the GenX Invoice Suite, a small business inventory management tool. The firm also offers custom web development and software testing.

Rhibhuz Solutions is a software design company that specializes in innovative solutions for school administration, support ticketing, banking sectors, healthcare, local traders, and other industries. GenX CRMS, an online customer service management system, is installed.

The commercial administration and management solutions for schools, colleges, and educational institutions are handled by the GenX School Management System. It creates industry-leading apps that assist clients in reducing time-to-market and software development costs.

Rhibhuz Solutions has provided the technical expertise, accountability, and industry understanding needed to develop high-quality custom solutions on time and on budget. Their company size ranges from one to 10 employees, and they work in the IT Solutions and IT Consulting industries.

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Company Overview

               Legal Name Rhibhuz Solutions Pvt Ltd. 
                Industries Health care & Financial Services
               Founder(s)              Neeraj Rathi
             Founded Date                  2012
     Total Funding Amount                   NA
                Investors               Acquired

3. Practiso

4 everyday tips to help you practice your english | grammarlyIt delivers the best legal practices and management methods and legal Practices and different office management solutions. It enables users to efficiently organize all legal cases, documents, crucial files, and essential information in order to resolve legal challenges.

Users can govern advocates, manage coworkers, and complete agendas, cases, and notes with the company’s help. Compliance, hearings, and the office are just a few of the other options.

Users can access the platform through Android and iPhone, and it monetizes through a subscription-based pricing model. Make your legal Practice digital with attorney office management, from the moment you accept a new case to when it is completely closed.

An advocate must always manage a variety of crucial tasks, such as preparing for patients, focusing on the case’s arguments, writing critical notes, and all other necessary steps in the process.

Their technology easily separates the mobile app from the web panel, and it keeps track of all of your instances and notes in the cloud. This platform creates group features so that your firm’s attorneys can be added as users. Get all of the case listings for the hearing date automatically.

With just one system button click, the system synchronizes all of the critical data with the group of customers. If you have an older version of Practice, you can access it as an app on your device by following the steps on Google Play or the App Store. It is compatible with Google Chrome and Mozilla refox.

Company Overview

               Legal Name Practiso Technologies Pvt Ltd. 
                Industries          Mobile Apps 
               Founder(s)           Shashank ND
             Founded Date                 2008
     Total Funding Amount              $228.2 Million
                Investors         CapitalG & Sofina


how do sms delivery reports work? | simpletexting

 The bulk SMS solutions provider, known as BlessSMS, is designed for all types of businesses. Promotional SMS, transaction SMS, Reseller SMS, voice call, and IVR services are all available. It offers toll-free services in multiple languages and DND lists.

Because of its simplicity of uploading contacts in excel sheets, notepads, CSV files, text files, and copy and paste, the company was founded in 2017 and is renowned as India’s No. 1 Bulk SMS platform.

It provides real-time SMS delivery status information and real-time delivery service and campaign reports. You may compose SMS in 15 different languages, then simply type and send them in Indian characters using their simple transliteration tool.

You may quickly send SMS Messages and even give every of your SMS a personal touch in the Sender IDs. It brings together their two years of mobile marketing knowledge, allowing them to deliver the best of their services at the most reasonable prices.

Many people go above and beyond to suit their prospective clients’ specific bulk SMS requirements. Blossoms is a firm that provides bulk SMS service and is conveniently located in Raipur. It is always managed by a team of competent and proficient experts who are constantly striving to assist the clients.

To provide more effective services, the Blesssms staff always makes sure to deliver communications to your end customers and clients as soon as possible. It gives some of the best services.

Company Overview

               Legal Name          Blesssms Pvt Ltd. 
                Industries                SMS
               Founder(s)           Mark Anderson
             Founded Date                  2017
     Total Funding Amount                   NA
                Investors               Acquired

5. ClueCommerce

cluecommerce (cluecommerce) - profile | pinterest

It is a web-based eCommerce store developer with features like store management, customer orders, inventory management, payment gateway integration, and logistical integration. ClueCommerce‘s platform includes capabilities like a Facebook store, an app builder, a marketplace connection, a mobile app builder, and a built-in POS.

For shipping procedures, this organization promises to work with various logistics companies such as Forex, Aramex, and Delhivery. This company’s prices range from INR 10,500 to INR 28,500.

It is said to as a web design firm that provides the most scalable and dynamic solutions. ClueCommerce’s team creates one-of-a-kind websites, mobile apps, and digital marketing services for all types of businesses.

 PHP, HTML, CSS, JS, CMS Development, and Web and Mobile development are the services offered. Because this company thinks that customers are the only ones that drive the business, client satisfaction is always a top priority. It has been displaying some positive feedback from its clients while always utilizing the most up-to-date technology.

It focuses on conversions and provides powerful tools that make the process go smoothly. Their conversion-focused approach protects your brand from making the same mistakes as your competitors. Therefore it’s always ideal for concentrating on conversion methods.

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Company Overview

               Legal Name       ClueCommerce Pvt Ltd. 
                Industries E-commerce, Information Technology & Software
               Founder(s)       Vaitheeswaran K
             Founded Date                 2013
     Total Funding Amount                  NA 
                Investors              Acquired

6. Innolat

innolat technologies | angellist talent

For all undergraduate students, this is a customized virtual learning platform. It virtually aids them in their learning process and makes discovering study materials on their site simple.

The company’s flagship product is iLmn, a cloud-based platform with a collection of capabilities for creating an interactive educational session with students and creating an educational environment for most academic institutions such as schools and colleges and various training organizations.

Students can learn on their own time with self-paced blended courses, get assistance with assignments, and even remotely communicate with professionals and industry-based mentorship and peers to get instant answers to their questions. It allows students to participate in live internship projects, allowing them to gain industry-relevant skills.

They offer AngularJS, Bootstrap, software engineering, IoT, AR, VR, SQL, and other courses. In the field of Education Technology, Innovate is regarded as a cutting-edge startup.

Their technological product, iLmn, which students pronounce as i-Learn, is described as India’s first personalized online educational system, which has been providing a LIVE masterclass with the assistance of their industry experts.

The company was established in 2015 with an investment amount of $59K. Students are constantly placed on personalized learning paths that focus on their weak points, and they are encouraged to raise questions about their concerns or challenges. The company’s artificial intelligence algorithms are used to identify all of the pupils’ soft talents.

The basic objective is to introduce Higher Education to the world outside of their classrooms’ geographical bounds. Their courses are the most innovative, individualized, and cooperative education, which are the company plan’s fundamental pillars.

The corporate team has used the most proprietary sort of outcome-based learning model to promote employment in students, which is a very revolutionary kind of learning model.

Company Overview

               Legal Name Innolat Technologies Pvt Ltd.
                Industries E-Learning, Education & Higher Education
               Founder(s)          Tushar Vadera
             Founded Date               2015
     Total Funding Amount                NA
                Investors            Acquired

7. Trackoplus

gps-tracker: how does gps tracking work in detail?

It is the platform that has been delivering tracking solutions to all types of businesses, and it has the top cloud-based performance solutions supplier. It aids in the tracking of workers or sales executives to track interactions, sales, performance, and other factors that help optimize and enhance sales processes and overall management.

The Movement’s track record is the platform that may be described as a successful path to the target audience. By 2019, every little, medium, and large business will understand the value of tracking. The company’s mission is to provide the finest possible service to organizations.

It is the first group to take the hunt to a new level by incorporating extreme dynamics and reporting on all aspects, as well as the capacity to create the most precise monitoring data in practically any weather situation, both online and offline. It provides the best customer service.

The organization has demonstrated that it provides the highest quality goods to its clients. Our product assists companies in achieving efficient growth in order to maintain the most excellent customer relationships. Because the internet has transcended social and economic barriers, the startup operates with the goal that they are in the internet age. The goal is to introduce Trackoplus to businesses of all sizes.

The company intends to make Trackoplus available to all consumers throughout the world. To make organizations a triumph and even maintain the company’s revenue in the traditional market. Trackoplus is in the most brilliant new technologies that will allow cheating employees to go because it will affect not only other office workers.

Company Overview

               Legal Name Trackoplus Solutions Pvt Ltd. 
                Industries          Tracking Solutions
               Founder(s)              Deepak
             Founded Date                2016
     Total Funding Amount               Funding
                Investors                36Inc

8. OneCloudStore

owncloud mod apk 2.20 (paid for free) for android

It is the only platform that offers the most comprehensive Erp systems for educational institutions like schools, colleges, and other training facilities. It provides two cloud-based services. Lemon ERP is a school staff program. Their Orange App is yet another cloud-based educational software that includes features such as attendance, homework, results, and more.

Data is becoming increasingly vital to businesses, but keeping it on-site can be expensive and insecure. It enables them to keep a significant volume of data secure and accessible to their consumers. Since 2015, Oncloudstore has been one of the more fantastic options provided to the city’s residents.

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The finest Oncloudstore provides all companies with the highest amount of safety or safety, which is one of the most critical components in a start-modern-day up’s success. If you’re looking for the most secure solutions, here is the one-stop shop. Many schools and institutions have made contact with them and have given positive feedback.

Company Overview

               Legal Name OnCloudStore Pvt Ltd.
                Industries              ERP Solutions
               Founder(s)         Samarth Agarwal 
             Founded Date                  2015
     Total Funding Amount                    NA
                Investors                Acquired

9. My Techno School

rao's my techno school 8th class srinath dance - youtube

As the name implies, this is the only location in Raipur that provides the most comprehensive administration system for all of the city’s schools. It enables schools to effectively manage fees, student attendance, student transportation tracking, communication, timetables, and admissions. This assistance is available for both iOS and Android smartphones.

MyTechnoSchool is a cutting-edge program that has quickly risen to become the connected directly of over 100 schools around the city and even the country. It’s known as an interactive platform that Technologies creates to help school administrators, parents, and instructors communicate more effectively.

It is known as the cutting-edge program because it provides all of the most recent and enhanced features that universities and their management teams need on a regular basis. It even allows for adaptations based on the needs of each institution. It all starts with the digital fee system, digital journal, alert notifications, report cards, and certificates that students receive regularly. The team behind this organization assists schools in implementing an environmentally friendly technique of managing their institution in the most efficient manner possible to preserve appropriate administration and processes at school.

It includes an excellent data security mechanism that allows all students and teachers to keep their personal information private. Their partnership with the software industry employs between 200 and 500 people.

Company Overview

               Legal Name My Techno School Solutions Pvt Ltd. 
                Industries             E-Learning
               Founder(s)             Mohit Joshi
             Founded Date                 2018
     Total Funding Amount                   NA
                Investors                Acquired

10. MinoAir

what is vector search? better search through ai | infoworld

Are you looking for the best Artificial Intelligence provider? Then there’s MinoAir, where you can receive the greatest Artificial Intelligence and cloud-based aerial picture processing, and the finest mapping solutions for different sectors. Users can visualize, analyze, process, integrate, and exchange aerial photos for decision-making with the help of the company.

Mining, surveying, building, and other map industries are all served by the company. Different measuring, annotation, and collaboration tools are available from the company. The company was established in the year 2020. It created accurate maps for its customers on the cloud platform and communicated with cross-functional teams.

They provide 2D and 3D maps, reports, interfaces, geographical insights, and documents, among other things. It aids decision-making by transforming drone information into map information for industry innovation.

It’s quick and straightforward, and all stakeholders can rely on the solid platform’s ease and speed of processing. It visualizes accuracy by incorporating the GCP and PPK into the process, resulting in very accurate drone maps and precise visualization details in 3D.

Company Overview

               Legal Name           MinoAir Pvt Ltd.
                Industries Cloud Infrastrcuture, Drone Management & Drones
               Founder(s)  Puru Agarwal & Mohit Sahu
             Founded Date                 2019
     Total Funding Amount                   NA
                Investors              Acquired

Raipur’s startups have provided different kinds of benefits to the city’s residents, including tender involvement when many tenders, the government, and the PSU have been relaxing for different startups. You will receive startup recognition after your business is up and running, following which you can apply for income tax-exempt status benefits.

9 best places to visit in raipur (2022) tourist places, things to do - fabhotels

Raipur is well-known for its rice, steel, mining, and power sectors. The town’s entrepreneurs regularly hold meetups to discuss forthcoming difficulties and even improve. Learn from your mistakes and, if necessary, fight for change. Under the IBC legislation, Raipur startups make it simple to wind up a business within 90 days.

It features self-certification, which is used to comply with labor and environmental regulations. With the support of team time and commitment, the companies in the area have the most refined scale for your operations. Establishing a new company in Raipur is always regarded as the most acceptable option for all entrepreneurs and offers excellent opportunities for the city’s youth.





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