Top 10 Best and Most Reputed Startups in Ahmedabad 2022

Top 10 Best and Most Reputed Startups in Ahmedabad 2022

Ahmedabad is one place in Gujarat which is considered the epicentre for most reputed start-ups. It is one city counted in the most prominent cities in the Western part of India and, with time, has shown an excellent level of progress. As we all know, Gujarat is the one place known for the kind of business skills they have all over the world.

The capital of Gujarat, Ahmedabad, is the one place where you will find many great entrepreneurs who have achieved great success with their establishment of different kinds of start-ups.

 Since Prime Minister “Narendra Modi” launched the ”Make in India’ event, many cities are following its path of giving the best kind of startup and making it possible to be acclaimed globally. Like other cities, it has also emerged as the hub of start-ups in India. Numerous kinds of start-ups are running in the current time, making a lot of success and providing great services or opportunities to the youth of that city.

list of successful ahmedabad startups | startups in ahmedabad

The different start-ups have come upon the board in the city with their unique and innovative style of giving a whole new way of looking at the business.

Ahmedabad is known by the name of the” ” Business State”. It has a lot of people who are very well-educated and their brilliant level of skills which they are using to develop the fantastic kind of business. The city has an environment that is very acceptable for these businesses and provides amazing benefits to all the entrepreneurs living there.

Some of them are even considered unbeatable from any other startup of any city. There are around 1,958 kinds of start-ups currently running in the city. Gujarat has been known to be the hometown of several Indian millionaires who are gaining a lot of popularity and prominence in the current times.

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In recent years, the city has finally started showing their genuine entrepreneurial attitude because of the types of advancements in the sectors of high-tech kind of segments. There is a good listing of start-ups provided by the city; they provide the data in the process of funding, the different kinds of investments, getting insights about the trending companies or businesses.

You can search in the city according to the category of the start-up that you desire to invest in or work with. The start-ups already launched in the town are starting to avoid the traditional business orientation. With this vision, the city is becoming the fastest launchpad for different start-ups, primarily in the sectors of the tech-enabled space.

In the year 2007, Vishal Mehta, the well-known founder of the Infibeam Avenues in his early 30s, decided to leave his job at the e-commerce platform of in the US and returned to India. He chose to settle in his hometown-Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

That was when he got the idea of starting the operations of the Infibeam Avenues, which has now acclaimed great recognition in the realms of digital payments and the storage of the data and has been successfully hosting a government e-marketplace for so many years.

 “I wanted to get things rolling with the founding team first, at one place, and then send members to branch out into expansion”, was the statement made by Vishal Mehta while looking out from the 28th floor of the Gift City office. He was very delighted with the decision to come back to India and start all over again from his hometown only.

on day 1, infibeam offer subscribed 20% | business standard news

It helped him a lot to begin his operations, and because of his hard work and dedication, his offices are located in Mumbai, Bengaluru and Delhi. The city has been encouraging the tech-startup to gain more prominence; therefore, the subsequent generation of business owners sees new ways of settling their operations with new methods.

The names of Amdavadis primarily refer to the city natives, and they are the ones to be known, the business-minded people of the city. According to the evaluation of Tracxn, a venture capitalist research firm with 637 companies was founded in Ahmedabad during the time in June 2016 and June 2019, mad the city to come on the position of ninth in the number of business start-ups founded in India.

Suppose you are looking for more information on which start-ups are considered on the top list in the city and have been maintaining their position for years.Let’s have a look at each of these start-ups in detail.

1. My Class Campus

my class campus: a complete erp package for educational institutes

My Class Campus is one of the most regarded startups running in the city and has been considered one of the most Edtech start-ups founded in 2015. It has been giving most educational institutions a whole kind of ERP system.

The company’s flagship is dealing with a cloud-based ERP platform, considered one of the most convenient methods for its users. The features services of this startup are elementary and straightforward to understand and make the management connection very comfortably.

It includes good engagement and communication of teachers, parents, students, and other stakeholders of different educational institutions. The charges for this startup is operated according to the per-student kind of basis and their annual fee. The company has three of their subscription packages according to the needs and desires of the parents and teachers.

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The three packages are the basic one, advance, and the premium one. All these services are easily found on their application, making the process very easy. Keeping in mind the educational institutions’ needs, it gives their DIY website-designing platform.

 My Class Campus has till now raised total funding of 1.5 crores. The startup has made eight of the partners, and their operations have been done in ten countries, with the 2000 number of institutes already registered with them and has around 6,00,000 plus users.

Company Overview

        Legal Name Hexagon Innovations Pvt Ltd.
         Industries            Edtech
        Founder(s) Rachit Dave,Raj Kothari & Rutvij Vora
      Founded Date             2015
Total Funding Amount      INR 1.5 Crore
         Investors    JumpStart  India

2. LegalWiz launches partner services platform - issuewire

It is a unique startup started in Ahmedabad and has been gaining great results with the kind of feedback from its users. It has acquired its place and is considered the only kind of startup for starting its company in the sectors of legal tech.

LegalWiz is one of the best kinds of legal tech ventures that has been helping a lot of startup operations and SMEs with the most professional kind of services.

For most entrepreneurs, this is the one platform considered to be very challenging to launch a company with majorly legal aspects, including the hiring of a good and reputable CA and the rights of any kind of product. It has given some of the most simple, easy, transparent and affordable ways of taking professional services to the users.

All of the services are mostly related to the legalities of companies or businesses. The startup adds value by saving resources and a good time for entrepreneurs.

The benefits of the startup of LegalWiz includes Government and Tax Registrations, New Business Registrations, Custom Legal Document Drafting, Intellectual Property Registrations, Accounting and Bookkeeping and the different kinds of fillings.

In 2020, the company will have over 5,000 clients and 30,000 MSME registrations on their website. Until now, the startup has made some of the most recognized companies and their partners like Flipkart, Instamojo and Bank of Baroda. It has evaluated a percentage of 20 in terms of the company’s growth, and from the time the company has made its inception, it has kind of doubled its growth.

Company Overview

      Legal Name Pvt Ltd.
        Industries Legaltech/ Legal Services
       Founder(s) Naman Pipara & Shrijay Sheth
     Founded Date         2016
Total Funding Amount       INR 3.8 Crore
         Investors ContCentric IT Services Pvt Ltd. 

3. Lendingkart

lendingkart - youtube

Lendingkart is considered a fintech online platform that has been lending to the working capital and different types of business loans to several entrepreneurs and helping in their start-ups.

The company was founded in 2014, and the startup focused on their users ‘ current year’s percentage of cash flow and business growth. They just avoided the financial investments made in the past along with the income tax returns, which evaluated the risk involved in the credit profile of the clients.

The company has placed more than 640 employees in their workplace and has benefited them a lot. They have their different offices in Bangalore, Mumbai and Ahmedabad. Apart from all the other cities’ offices, the one in Ahmedabad is gaining popularity and demand.

Their main aim is to make the capital funds readily available so that the entrepreneurs can majorly focus more on the business instead of paying more attention to the gaps that could be present in the cash flow.

 Because of its efficient working has already made their tough competitions with the Capital Float, Faircent and the i-LEND. It has made a 118% increase in its tax margins from the value of 19 crores in 2019 to the value of 41.9 crores in the year 2020. At the end of 2020, the total of their revenue was around 464 crore.

Company Overview

       Legal Name Lendingkart Technologies Pvt Ltd.
        Industries       Fintech
      Founder(s) Mukul Sachan & Harshvardhan Lunia
    Founded Date         2014
Total FundingAmount      INR 464 Crore
        Investors Sistema Asia Capital, Alteria Capital, Mayfield Fund,SBI & Fullerton Finacial Holdings among others. 

4. Iba Halal Care

iba halal raises rs 15 crore of equity funding from addvantis enterprises | ahmedabad nyoooz

Want a for best option healthcare startup? Then, Iba Halal Care is the one platform that is a healthcare-oriented startup started in the city, known to be India’s first halal cosmetic brand. Halal simple means the ”lawful one.”

The company has been using their vegan products, in simple words, vegetarian products, to make the cosmetics. Nowadays, so many brands have emerged with products with so many chemicals and other kinds of ingredients.

In contrast, Iba Halal Care simple believes in giving people pure and better types of products. The company has made over 60 products like creams, lotions, face washes, conditioners, shampoos, hair oil and cosmetics products like lipsticks, eyeliner, face powder and kajal. These products are manufactured with the purest kind of way, and you can quickly put your faith in this company.

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The company readily ensures the safety purity of the products. The startup has now received a total funding amount of $ 3 million from Addvantis Enterprises. This reputable Bengaluru-based startup has also been involved in selling their best herbal cosmetics under the brand name of Vedaearth.

Company Overview

       Legal Name Iba Halal Care Pvt Ltd.
         Industries  Cosmetics &    Healthcare
        Founder(s) Grishma Teli & Mauli Teli 
      Founded Date         2014
Total Funding Amount     $150 Million
        Investors  Addvantis Enterprises

5. All Events in City

all events in city - youtube

This is the best event management startup and the only company to be considered who has done an excellent job managing events. The company was started in the city of Ahmedabad, and it was launched in the year 2011. The company’s primary focus is to create a platform for all the people to quickly discover the different events happening in the city or around them.

They use the power of social media and bring more people into their circle. With this power and their focus on making their goal possible, witnessing every event is very easy and memorable.

All the Events in City has been called the world’s most rapidly growing even management platform, successfully working with their massive base of over 30,000 cities and the 9 million event organizers who tend to use the forum. The company also has their website; with their physical and website work, and it has achieved the best kind of response from their customers.

The startup has acquired around 4 million of its users on an every month basis. The company is considered a bridge that fills the gap between the users seeking their events and the promoters of the events, which help make the company grow and search for a better audience.

Company Overview

       Legal Name All Events in the City Pvt Ltd. 
        Industries  Event Management
       Founder(s) Amit Panchal & Ruchit Patel
      Founded Date            2011
Total Funding Amount           Funding
         Investors          Acquired

6. Let’s Recycle

let's recycle! by mrzepeda310

The initiative of Let’s Recycle is known to be the most significant kind of waste management solution working with the best type of work in India. It is a platform that deals with dry waste management and their multiple types of services and their providers.

The whole direction of the company works with a kind of supply chain system that is set that is majorly connecting different waste generators and the collectors and their recyclers. It helps every home in the city, provides their door-to-door service, and ensures the cleanness of the town and the different societies or communities.

When any customer dials to Let’s Recycle, then after some time, the latter comes and collects the dry waste, segregates it and then delivers it to the authorized recyclers. The company has different charges for managing the waste. They provide their services in industries, corporates and government buildings.

Company Overview

       Legal Name Let’s Recycle Pvt Ltd.
         Industries  Waste Management
       Founder      Sandeep Patel
       Founded Date           2012
Total Funding Amount        INR 2Million
         Investors Aavishkaar Venture      Capital

7. Saleshandy

saleshandy review | great email tracker, but only on paper - sell saas

The name of Saleshandy is a company dealing with the communication done in other sales. It also offers different kinds of analytics tool that helps their companies to make products better and more convenient. The team of Saleshandy works with the aim or focus of creating life easier for everyone in terms of sales, including the personnel and executive sales.

 It helps them simplify all the terms and conditions related to the process and the funnel. The startup helps in email campaigns the tracking of the different documents along with their analysis process. Customers can use the basic version of their app for free, and others can join the premium one according to their needs.

It has already made some of the well-known businesses their partners and some International business like Uber and Microsoft. The company works with dedicated team members and provides their best services to attract m0re and more audiences and provide them with the company’s benefits.

Company Overview

         Legal Name Saleshandy Pvt Ltd. 
          Industries  Information Technology
          Founder(s) Dhruv Patel & Piyush Patel 
        Founded Date            2015
Total Funding Amount              N/A
          Investors           Acquired

8. Praxinfo

praxinfo solutions on twitter: "what you get ? - internship letters, project letters. - free video tutorials. - live working projects. - make standard projects. - show as value added training. #free_training #

It is one of the top IT companies working in the city, and it has been giving out the best level of progress record to the audience. Praxinfo is a company that provides mobile and different web application development and programmes to all over the city and has been so famous with their services that they have acquired a position on a global scale.

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The team behind the company is entire o their experts and has been serving the company for more than twelve years with their brilliance kind of industry experience. Apart from its physical services,it also has full-time benefits on the Andriod application development and Cloud-Based Computing Solutions.

It has other services like Front end Development, SWIFT, Cocoa, Qt, OpenGL, PHP Frameworks and the CMS. The startup has several e-commerce solutions and innovative web designing styles along with the feature of graphic designing.

The company assures their quality service and affirms that once you get attached to this company and hire their services, you won’t be disappointed and would rather revisit them for a second service.

Company Overview

        Legal Name Praxinfo Pvt Ltd. 
         Industries   Information Technology  
        Founder(s) Umang Kathiyara & Natik Patel
       Founded Date          2009
Total Funding Amount           N/A
           Investors        Acquired

9. Reelo

reelo product update - exclude inactive customer numbers - youtube

A startup founded by Mr Parin Sanghvi and Mr Print Sanghvi in 2017, Reelo has launched, providing all the customers with their Loyalty program that helps make the business better and more innovative. The idea behind the startup of Reelo was when Mr Parin visited the Starbucks outlet when he was living in the USA, and he was so impressed with the kind of Loyalty Program and the Starbucks rewards system at that time.

He also wanted to bring the same type of system and the same level of power of 14mm SMBs in our country, so he launched his startup. Reelo is a complete mobile-based application for inventing the deals’ actual discovery and the cashback. This company ensures its customers’ long-term benefit from using its service.

They work with different kinds of businesses to include them with the reward system to reward their customers for their loyalty and inform the customers about the same program. The company also encourages them to come to their platform repeatedly.

In just a short time of three years, the company has engaged many users. It has attached around 1800 plus businesses from the thirty different cities.

Company Overview

        Legal Name  Reelo Pvt Ltd. 
          Industries E-commerce & Internet
        Founder(s) Alejandro Quilci & Daniela Corrente
        Founded Date        2016
 Total Funding Amount        $250K
          Investors 10X Capital & Artemis Fund

10. Clientjoy

clientjoy crm | on a mission to help 100k agencies grow

As the name suggests, it is a platform providing all-in-one service to their clients and deals with client management and different solutions that have Lead Management, Proposals, Invoicing, Collecting Payments and Workflow Management.

The start-up was founded by Abhishek Doshi, Anupama Panchal, Shashwat Bhatt and Yash Shah in 2019. The company vision towards make every kind of business productive and efficient by connecting to more people and focusing more on the growth of the business.

Clientjoy is responsible for managing all the backends of their clients and their management. It helps in saving the time that can be easily spent on switching between different platforms and their tools.

They receive their pre-series of their funding around the value of $800,000 from the GVFL Association, which stands for Gujarat Venture Finance Limited, a reputable early-stage venture capital firm working in the city.

 The startup has got great reviews from their customers, and they are trying to make changes to their company daily to become more and more creative.

Company Overview

         Legal Name Pivoting Softwares Pvt Ltd. 
          Industries Consulting, Digital Marketing & Software 
         Founder(s) Abhishek Doshi, Anupama Panchal, Shashwat Bhatt, Yash Shah & Yash Shah
        Founded Date            2013
 Total Funding Amount           $930K
           Investors GVFL, LetsVenture & CIIE.CO

The list, as mentioned above, is of the 10 Start-ups that have been working with great speed and has been maintaining their image with the people of the city and in the eyes of the different business platforms. As the city of Ahmedabad is developing and progressing with better opportunities. The number of start-ups is getting a good rise, and their digital landscape is being a significant hand in the development of the startup.

The start-ups have become a lot more creative and better with their innovation sales and have adopted new and different techniques to reach out to the audience and make them aware of their whole system. They have focused on starting from their single products and service and bringing giant versions of the services in new forms.

When these companies start with their programs, they don’t have a complete business model and lack some significant aspects in moving into more of a business world. They use the method of seed capital to invest better and research more and more by developing better business plans.

edited and proofread by nikita sharma 


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