Top 10 Most Promising KPO Companies in India 2022

Top 10 Most Promising KPO Companies in India 2022

Knowledge Process Outsourcing stands for KPO; it means the information that is related to business processes and tasks that are knowledge-based like the analysis, the research, or any other kind of high-task that is undertaken by the different kinds of businesses. The function of KPO is done by the worker in the company that belongs to that company only.

The process of KPO happens at the time when the company has any kind of high or difficult task that gets outsourced by the particular company to any vendor. The outsourcing activities done by the companies are all considered as their core activities and are always done under good supervision. The process of KPO as it sounds is not at all easy because they require the best skills, knowledge and expertise too.

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 So if you have any company, then the activity of outsourcing these tasks to some other company or any kind of subsidiary company located in the same area of the country for different cost purposes. Just like the industry of the BPO, which also does the task of outsourcing of the activities, the same way the kpo companies are just considered the subset of the BPO company but if we talk of some difference between the two systems then the KPO involves more of the core or important kinds of activities with the best kind of technical work.

There are many companies in India that have been serving the best level of outsourcing and the companies benefits from it a lot. The main difference between a KPO and a BPO company is that BPO is just about creating and following the process, whereas the kpo companies invest more their focus on providing a very special kind of knowledge along with their services.

There is a number of companies in India that have been outsourcing to the kpo organizations for the need of skilled-level of labour and also includes the expertise of the subject. The help from the kpo company also gives a chance for opportunities in order to lower the cost of the whole process because in the developing countries the process of skilled labour involves a lot of a cheaper cost as compared to other processes.

It has been covering a number of varieties in the activities that it has been doing with the companies that seek their help. Because of so many varieties, there have many types if you look at the organization of the kpo. It deals with the activity like the research of the markets, creative designing, data analytics and the technical kind of content writing.

Advantages of the KPO Companies

The KPO companies are dealt with many responsibilities that prove to be very beneficial for the companies. Dealing with so many issues and activities of outsourcing has been a great initiative of the kpo to help out all kinds and sizes of the business. This sector has been growing at a very fast speed because of a number of reasons and is also facing good competition with the kpo companies of other countries.

  • The use of KPO, enables you to have the access to the best talent that you can find. KPO has been providing the companies with the most and best kind of knowledgeable professionals that are very skilled at the task. Because of the development that has been happening with the kpo, there are more chances to get the best-skilled knowledge that could be very beneficial for the companies.
  • Seeking the help of these companies is a very good choice because it has a very cost-effective activity and you need not spend more on it. The part of the lowering cost is considered one of the biggest advantages of the kpo companies because the companies do not need to set up any kind of infrastructure in order to bear any additional cost for the running procedure of the operation. It also proves to be very effective, when you get the expert kind of services just in a fraction of the cost.
  • The kpo companies have better use of the number of resources because as it is just outsourcing the processes is not considered their main activity. It demands much more for them to do. Choosing the best kind of resources is also an important task because the company doing the outsourcing also has to manage the management of their supply chain. You can also save some of the good resources and use them later, the saved resources can be utilized in order to streamline the processes of the manufacturing, the R&D activities and also bring better marketing.
  • The focus is considered yet another factor important for the kpo because outsourcing the processes enables the companies to make the best focus on their core functions. The kpo handles all the peripheral functions to let the company focus better on the activities and functions that take place to improve the efficiency and the end results. So just you need to wonder about what kind of knowledge process outsourcing your company needs to run.
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The process of KPO is something very heavily driven and it is also very complex because it includes everything from the first task of identifying the data for the collection to the result of mining all the points to make the best actionable insights about the process.

With the industry of KPO, the country has been acting at a very fast speed in order to move the high-end tasks to the different companies. Considering all the points, let’s take a closer look at each of the companies that has been serving greatly with their skilled professionals.

1.  Genpact

partner plus | genpact

Genpact is to be the number one company with their professional kind of services given to the companies with their experience from the year 1997. It is a unit that has been working within the sector of General Electric. The Genpact was previously referred to by the name of GECIS, in addition to the sector of kpo which are considered to be on the top in the country. It has a team of more than 1200 people which has been serving greatly and been there to help all kinds of companies.

All of their staff members from their team are very advanced, skilled and have a good kind of expertise that has been called the degree holders in the company. There are some of the sectors of the activities of kpo that the company has been dealing with.

This kpo company, has the services of their database, the extensive level of research, the customer value mapping. They care a lot for the companies that come to them for their kpo services as there are a lot. The management of the customer relationships is given good importance along with the tracking of the program.

2. Evalueserve

evalueserve partners with encompass to provide modular kyc automation

It is a completely global market research company, working with more than 4000 employees. Among all the other branches, the branch that is located in India is very big and they earn more than 45% of their income on the number of projects. The company specializes in projects that are based on Mathematics and because of the marketing strategies and the research that is done in the company, it has been considered on top of all the other companies.

With their number of services, the additional kinds of services are the quality-based research reports that need a lot of focus. The company also has a special research firm which is called Global Sourcing which now specializes in high-end tasks and activities.

The financial service of the company is considered the best and suited for all the companies. It deals with all the kinds of banking investments and the different kinds of deals of the corporate sections. The technology of the media involves telecommunication services. Professional services like the freight and the department of logistics are held under great supervision.

3. Ugam Solutions

ugam joins the newly launched qualtrics partner network

Want a leading company for analytics and technology services? The answer to this question is given right here, the Ugam Solutions company is the one destination that is considered best for all the services that involve analytics and technologies. The office is headquartered in the city of Mumbai and was founded in the year 2000. It entered the sector of market research in the year 2001 and with the introduction of this sector, the company has become the leading company in the industry of kpo.

This is just because of the success made in the company in the section of the market research. It is one platform that performs the number of activities that are needed every minute by the companies. They readily study the mind of the customers and perform the task according to their desire. Along with this, the study of behaviour is also considered an essential aspect.

The habits of the customers in terms of taking the decisions for the development of the business which is wholly based on the research done in the market. There is also good monitoring of the online pricing with the activity of visualizing the data and also reporting it. It tries to bring good competition with other companies by keeping a good track of their competitive intelligence within the company.

4. WNS Global Service

wns global services photos, vadgaon sheri, pune- pictures & images gallery - justdial

The WNS name is a global platform known worldwide and has been making collaborations with a lot of companies. It is a great way for managing all the business processes of the company that has been serving the travelling system, financial and banking services. The facilities of insurance, healthcare with the utilities of retail and the industries that are related to the customer products are also found with the WNS company.

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It was founded in the year 1996, with its headquarter located in Mumbai. The company has been working with more than 300 employees to make the kpo industry count among the top list. Along with other sectors, the kpo sector of the company has also been there giving out the best knowledge outsourcing process.

The analysis of the customers is done skillfully with the study of the customer behaviour that is known to be very important for the company. There is also the analysis of the data related to the market research and database of the markets, involving the activities of the campaign.

5. 24/7 Customer

technical support with tools sign and 24 7 customer service, two stock photo by ©marinini 48887327

As the name suggests, the company is a total customer experience based running with the software of service company that has been using the skill of artificial intelligence including the machine learning of the companies in order to effectively understand the intentions of the customers. The 24/7 Customer company was founded in the year 2000. Like the other companies called the Genpact and the WNS, this company has been serving the best of the kpo services. It has been holding its pride of being on the list of the International Association of Professionals in Outsourcing.

Offering the most suited kpo services the name has been called to be the best and most popular among all the other companies. They also have a good analysis of their customers, again with the study of their behaviour also. There should always be a good way of analysing the data that is collected from the extensive kind of market research.

The campaign activities are very important in order to make the company work better and better and grab more customers. They take care of all their customers because the company has been believing for years in offering the most skilled and knowledgeable kind of outsourcing and making it a lot more different from the industry of BPO.

6. ICIC Onesource

list of bpo & kpo companies in india -

The name of ICIC OneSource is considered best for the management that is needed in the processing of the business. The company has been servicing many clients or customers for years in providing the suited kind of outsourcing. The office of the company is headquartered in Mumbai and has been situated by the RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group. It has been giving many outsourcing services which have the best way to customise the information and collect all the data gained from the business research.

This is one of the renowned companies in their services of the collection as of which they have been acquired or given the opportunity from a US-based organization called pipal in the year 2004.Likewise, ICIC Onesource has got many chances for showcasing its talent in the sector of knowledge outsourcing.

They have also been ranked among the top-10 companies for their enable services by NASCOM in the year 2007. If you are looking for a good kpo company then is the name that stands out.

There are many kinds of offers and services that are given to the customers with the expectation of fetching good reviews. The sector of kpo deals with customer accusations and also is held responsible for doing extensive research and collecting the data.

The function of analytics is also achieved with the help of billing and maintaining the data. Apart from just carrying out the activities, the company also pays great attention to the services that are provided for customer care.

7. EXL Service

how to prepare yourself to be a part of the analytics team at exl

It is a professional multi-level service company that mainly deals with a number of operations, their analytics and their management. The EXL Service company was founded by VISHAL DUBEY and Vikram Talwar in the year 1999. It offers the facilities of banking, finance, travel, health care, insurance and a number of utilities. Apart from these it also provides transportation and logistic services.

The company has a team of more than 31000 professionals. It has there office locations throughout the country. With EXL Service the kpo sector has been gaining a lot of support and becoming more famous. It presents the management of the operation along with the decision that is made in the analytics.

Their team has a management sector that deals with consulting the clients. Along with artificial intelligence, it also has the aspect of business bits of intelligence. The transformation that is done in the financial sector is also very well built within the company.

8. Copal Partner

kpo jobs guide: the best guide for kpo careers in 2022

It is one of the best-regarded companies that deal with Knowledge Process Outsourcing. It is also a firm that has been providing multiple ways of investing and also supporting research analytics. Their support services are one of part of the company because which is known in the industry of KPO. Copal Partners was founded in the year 2001 and they have made some of the top private clients like hedge funds, investment banks and all the private sector.

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The company agreed with another renowned company called REUTER to offer them financial organization to have a customise kind of analyse along with research of the company. It has been offering many services for years like research in credit and quantitative services.

 They have the mark kind of research production which also looks after are corporate finance. The company has been able to make plans all over the country. Their services are something that you would you want in your KPO company. It also makes a lot of market strategies keeping in mind the marketing management along with sales.

9. Panegea3

ey to expand legal services offerings globally with acquisition of the pangea3 business from thomson reuters | ey - global

It is a legal company known for its outsourcing services and providing its hand for help in multiple kinds of companies. It is also a service provider platform and its office is headquartered in Noida, Delhi. It exercises the legal procedures and the intelligence services related to the different properties of the clients. Panegea3 was founded in the year 2004, by the platform of

The team behind the company has been working hard on daily basis in order to provide the best of their services and grab the best kinds of feedback too. The sector of the kpo of the company does some extensive level of legal research keeping in mind the contract and further drafting the contract too. It has a lot of management to do when it comes to the services of the kpo sector.

The artificial intelligence of the company is well-suited for all the clients and also helps in the services to make it according to the desires of the clients. Once the whole process is done, the document reviewing is yet another important task to be done by their team. The analysis of the data with the litigation and due intelligence is taken under serious consideration.

10. TechBooks

techbooks international(aptara) interviews for research analyst - mul locations - walkin interview for freshers- govt job notifications

Currently, the TechBooks company is known by the name Aptara and the sector of their kpo deals with the services involved in publishing. The services of publishing are extended greatly as it has been provided to many of the partners that have come to their company. Names like Tata Mc-Graw Hill, Pearson. Blackwell and Cambridge University have enjoyed greatly the services of publishing in TechBooks.

Apart from the publishing aspect, it also deals with the development of the content that is needed on daily basis by many companies. It was founded in the year 1998 and has been serving with their KPO services since then. Though they are making new plans every day to make their name more popular among the kpo sectors like entering the e-learning services would make their company a little higher than others.

It has been planning to broaden its applications in the sectors of education, more corporate sectors and government organizations too. The KPO sector of the company deals with the services like digital publishing, the development of apps, content management, providing the most interesting and interactive kinds of e-books to the customers.

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Types of kpo Companies

The KPO companies deal with the processing of outsourcing the data collected and also the intensive kind of activities that are driven by the data and later is provided by the process of managing or gathering. Because there are so many tasks that have to be done by them so they have divided their specialization into the four types of services.

  • Process of reporting and Performance Management: It deals with providing an efficient kind of reporting system and also has the management done greatly. This part of the kpo companies is held the most responsible type because it makes sure how the company is performing in their tasks.
  • Insights and Data Analytics: Being a good kpo company, it should address the problems that are faced in any kind of business. It could also be in industries and different organizations, so there should be the action of the insights that should be undertaken carefully along with the analytics of the & knowledge process outsourcing (bpo / kpo) – jbd associates
  • Business Research/Market Research: The services involve in the act of researching be it market or business should be up to the mark and should be able to make out the preferred data that is required by the customers. It has strategies that involve consulting and bringing out the most suited answers to the problems.
  • Management of the Data: There are some of the best and most efficient kinds of solutions are provided when it comes to the integration of the data, for the data storage and also for the revival of the data. It also deals with the reporting of the business and collecting the analytics needed by the different stakeholders.

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