Top 10 providers of dedicated server hosting in India 2023

Top 10 providers of dedicated server hosting in India 2023

For businesses that need a strong website foundation, dedicated web hosting is a desirable option. Sure, it costs more than shared web hosting, but in a swap for that other cost, you receive better flexibility and reliability. We’ve reviewed a lot of dedicated hosting services, and this guide includes the top 10 dedicated servers in India.

A prestigious hosting provider is Best Dedicated Server Hosting. In contrast to a separate web hosting solutions like shared, reseller, and virtual private servers, dedicated servers combine their multiple remarkable rates with additional ones.

As was already mentioned, Virtual Private Servers are made possible by severing a section of the host server from the rest of it and using it as a standalone server inside the larger host server. On the other hand, a client who purchases or rents a dedicated server does not share the server with any other users.

The terms and conditions that they agreed upon with the hosting provider will determine how they choose to use this server. Dedicated hosting services are delivered by a variety of web hosts. For further information, see our ranking of the top 10 hosting companies in India.

You can select the dedicated hosting plan for your company from among these several providers. There are innovators and market leaders in the hosting provider’s sector because this is a business that is always growing.

What Is Hosting for Dedicated Servers?

Dedicted Hosting Services

Best Dedicated Server hosting, the name suggests, involves hosting on a server that is only used for your website and business. This indicates that the entire server is at your disposal and that you are not required to share its resources. Additionally, you now have far more control over what transpires with the server.

On the other side, unless you bought a package that includes some management, you are responsible for maintaining and running the server.

Although you are the only user of the server and it runs your website, you should be aware that you are only renting the server for the time of the lease. Servers are generally climbed on walls in sizable data centres.

You can hire server managers to care after your server in these data centres, depending on the type of management you choose. You could have to perform the strenuous work of putting up, maintaining, and operating the server yourself if this is not included in the Best Dedicated Server hosting plans.

The Best Dedicated Server Hosting Features

Make sure it is the finest decision for you before choosing the best-dedicated server hosting option. It strength be a costly way to take, so you need to be sure you’ll get what you need. When choosing the finest dedicated server hosting, there are three important factors to think about: high-quality customer service, specialised features and ease of use, security and dependability.

Exceptional Customer Service

You might not understand how to configure, operate, and manage a server if you are new to dedicated servers. Here, high-quality service is crucial. To get your site back up and running possible, it is crucial that you receive committed, competent, and trained service when you need it.

Customized Options and Simple Usage

Dedicated Servers come with software and specialised capabilities made to make this process easier to operate because they are sold to businesses with important traffic and resource requirements. Check to see if all the tools you’ll need to maintain the health of your server are available.

Safety and Reliability

You can be sure that your data is safe since Dedicated hosting solutions, unlike other hosting plans, including real-time monitoring and security backups.

Do You Need Dedicated Server Hosting?

You should take into understanding the elements listed in this web hosting checklist when choosing a hosting company. There are a lot of reasons why dedicated server hosting can be the best option for you. You might work in a sector where resource-intensive software is necessary. You can be a business that has outgrown shared or virtual private server hosting.

You even think that your website will need a lot of resources, such as RAM, storage space, or bandwidth. These need you to purchase a dedicated server, but there are other things to take into account before doing so.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting Types

Dedicated Windows Hosting

Windows and Linux are your two options for operating systems, described in earlier sections. Each has benefits and drawbacks of its own. With other hosting plans, you will not have a choice in the operating system you want to use, but with dedicated server hosting, you do.

The point that Windows Dedicated Servers are more expensive should be stated right away. They rely on Windows, which is bought software and needs a licence to operate. When you must utilise Windows-only apps or programmes that perform best on Windows, NET framework, it is better to use a Windows-dedicated server.

Dedicated Linux Hosting

Most web developers use this operating system of choice. It provides a wide range of applications to choose from. Additionally, it is open source, which means that many of its distributions are free to use. As a result, it is a bit more affordable than Windows Dedicated Hosting options. Additionally, it is believed to be more reliable and safe than Windows for server operations.

Dedicated Managed Hosting

When compared to other hosting options like shared hosting, dedicated server plans have a higher administrative overhead because you often have to operate your server. In light of this, you can buy a dedicated hosting plan that includes management. Make sure the plan you sign includes the necessary management level if you ever need to administer your server.

Hosting on Dedicated Servers: Benefits and Drawbacks

After all of this, the question of “Who are the top Dedicated Server hosting providers in India?” still needs to be answered. What about their offerings makes them the best suppliers of Dedicated Server hosting? However, let’s first look at the list of the top Dedicated Server hosting providers before we discuss the diverse benefits of doing so. We’ll discuss their drawbacks at the same time.


Customization: You may personalise it more than you could if you had to share it since you had the server all to yourself. As a result, you can alter your server to best serve your intended audience.

Uptime: There will be far less likelihood of downtime because you have access to and control over all the resources available to you. It will be able to increase it to 100% uptime with efficient monitoring intervals.

Server congestion: is much less likely to happen to you because you are the only one using the server and all of its resources.

Security: The server is only at risk as a result of your action on it. Since there are no nearby consumers to launch faulty scripts or software, Additionally, you can set up anti-virus and other anti-malware safeguards that are perfect for your specific company.

Support: Depending on the dedicated hosting package you choose, you can receive first-rate help with every part of the server you use.

Therefore, you must evaluate the services provided before choosing the best Dedicated Server hosting for your company.


Cost: As was already mentioned, dedicated servers are more expensive since, as fought to shared hosting, where multiple customers could share a server, only one client can use a dedicated server at a time. This does not account for any licencing costs you might incur to utilise a piece of software.

Maintenance: Because dedicated servers must be configured, operated, and maintained by the user, they present a more important administrative challenge. This is worse for people who are just starting to use dedicated servers. Most people and organisations start with other hosting options and then grow as necessary.

Technical requirements: It might be very challenging for beginners to set up dedicated servers. To set them, you need to understand things like IP routing and server mechanisms.

Top 10 Dedicated server hosting in India 2023

InMotion Hosting

Inmotion Hosting

One of the most well-known brands in the sector is InMotion Hosting. It was established in 2001 and has offices across the world. Currently, the company manages two data centres that house around 300,000 domain names.

Many hosting goliaths have behaved poorly, the dreadful times have established. Through our brutally frank hosting company evaluation, you can find out if InMotion Hosting is worthwhile.

Another major provider, InMotion Hosting, tries to lure with what seems to be low pricing. Is that how it seems? Shared hosting packages are available for $3.99 per month; Launch is the entry-level package. Two further initiatives are relatively inexpensive.

These types of price gimmicks are employed to entice buyers. Only those who join up for a minimum of 24 months will receive the discounted price. If you choose a quicker duration, like 12 months, subscriptions usually cost more.

One of the most crucial aspects of web hosting is uptime, and low uptime can lead to a variety of issues. Having said that, InMotion Hosting seems to have done well; during the last 24 months, they have always kept their uptime rate at 99.95%.

Despite its challenging cost, InMotion Hosting is a great option for newcomers and established organisations. Free domain registration is part of the strategy, with 40 GB of available storage, unrestricted bandwidth, simple SSL certificate, Hosting at least two websites simultaneously is one of the other benefits,

Veeble Hosting

Since 2009, Veeble has been a significant player in the web hosting sector. In just 10 years, we have grown to be one of the fastest-growing web hosting and domain providers, powering more than 40,000 websites to date. We have a customer base of over 25,000 from 155+ countries.

Weaving the Web is our company’s tagline, and it describes what we do: Weave a faster, better dependable web with services that complement it. We have helped entrepreneurs, businesses, marketers, bloggers, developers, designers, and the entire lot to host their websites and share the ideas they have with the world.

Our team is made up of dynamic young experts who love to push the boundaries of technical competency. We are excited by the web’s potential and what it can do. Customers are an inspiration.

Veeble is on the path to new heights while immersed in an environment of creativity and ongoing technical progress with unwavering dedication. Avanzar!

To become the world leader in server and hosting solutions through technological invention and progress, furnishing top-notch service in a safe and reliable setting, and adapting to the ever-changing demands of the sector.

To always provide the best hosting services possible to a global clientele while upholding our moral character and business ethics.

To foster an environment where our company and our customers may succeed together

Create cutting-edge systems to gain an advantage over rivals.

Must make technological investments in the industry’s developing trends to support the industry’s growth



Another web hosting company based in India, iPage was established in 1998 to cater to the demands of all internet businesses. Its two data centres host more than a million websites. The excellent shared hosting package delivered by iPage places them among the top 10 web hosts in India. The platform’s ability to host a variety of websites at a proper cost has earned it some of the best hosting company evaluations.

iPage kept things specific by submitting just one shared hosting plan for $1.99 per month. This plan is one of the most economical ones our team has come across. Additionally, the features it provides are just right to launch your desired blog successfully. Everyone wanted to try something new, even if it cost more or had fewer upgrades.

Only by prepaying three years in advance can you get the best deal. As a result, if you join up for a longer time, the cost will be lower. Shorter durations will cost more, and the price of your renewal will rise in line with the length of your membership.

We would list uptime as one of the positives in this analysis of the best domain hosting. None of the other features will matter until iPage can maintain high uptime. However, we were happy with the 99.96% uptime, which has been ongoing for the past 24 months. Web hosting businesses ought to be happy about it.

As we’ve already mentioned, iPage’s single shared hosting plan presents an extensive selection of features. Domain registration, website creation, SSL certificates, email addresses, domain transfers, and tens of thousands of free templates are all delivered without charge.


ResellerClub specialises in reselling other companies’ hosting services. More than 200,000 customers in more than 150 countries are served by this Indian-based business. There is no need to be concerned about ResellerClub having a solid standing since it is owned by Endurance International Group (EIG).

Their payment system is prepayment-based. You must first make an advance deposit into your account before you may resell. The appropriate funds are taken when you receive your account. You can do whatever you want with this advance deposit because it has no expiration date.

Features are it has a two-core computer, 2 GB of RAM with unmetered disc space and unmetered bandwidth, and Email addresses are limitless. One website shows free certificate hosting.


HostPapa dedicated server

Independent web host HostPapa is situated in Toronto, Canada, and provides a range of web hosting services. Web hosting companies present shared hosting and VPS servers, among other benefits, to small enterprises. Since 2006, HostPapa has been a popular option for startup business owners due to its affordable options.

For a three-year commitment, the shared hosting package will cost 199 per month. The Pro plan will set you back $ 699 per month unless you’re eligible for a special discount. There are four price tiers for VPS hosting, with prices ranging from $2,699 to $18,499 in total.

With a 99.9% uptime guarantee and performance that is above average, HostPapa is the best and most reliable web host in India.

Hostpapa’s hosting includes unlimited bandwidth, SSD storage, free website migration, free domain name registration, free SSL certificate installation, and one-click script installation.



HostGator several Hosting India is where Raja’s consumers are. They deliver web hosting services and are frequently willing to learn more about this industry so they may better assist their clients.

Multiple features are included in their cost-effective programmes. They provide the most well-known products, based on Linux and Windows, in addition to the necessary technical know-how and infrastructure.

The top Indian hosting services are delivered around the clock by experts who guarantee a 99.9% uptime, which is highly uncommon likened to other hosting providers. They provide customer care and technical support around the clock.

Features include a 90GB SSD, 4GB of RAM, and 14TB of bandwidth, Administrator access and the Remote Desktop Protocol, Free Google-friendly database compatibility for MSSQL/MySQL with the FREE SSL Certificate Control Panel Plesk, No extra fees for backup or restoration.



One of the top web providers in India is SiteGround thanks to its shared hosting environment. The business was founded in 2004 and has since grown to become a titan in the hosting sector. They now provide dedicated server hosting, cloud hosting, and WordPress hosting. Over 2,000,000 domains have already been hosted by their hosting service in a short period.

SiteGround’s hosting plans begin at $3.95 per month. The first-month price is rather big and seems a little bit too good to be true. You have the option to look at the different shared hosting plans when signing up for the first time.

However, renewal fees increase, and almost all of India’s top hosting providers employ this pricing ploy. Last but not least, SiteGround price entails paying a $14.95 setup fee if you only sign up for a single month.

Regarding server uptime, SiteGround’s 99% average uptime wins our hearts, and the uptime peak was intentionally set. If they don’t fulfil their uptime promise of 99.9%, they commit to giving you a free month of hosting. Nevertheless, in the event of an emergency or planned maintenance issue, you are excluded from the terms and conditions.

SiteGround provides a broad range of features. You will have access to adequate resources with the modest shared hosting plan to start one website. The platform delivers 10 GB of storage, limitless bandwidth, free CDN, free WordPress installation, and full databases.



GoDaddy takes infrastructure seriously. Uptime rarely drops below 99.99%, which is quite respectable. Your website is almost always available. Similar to Hostinger and SiteGround, GoDaddy supports a website there. Unfortunately, because of the distance, consumers in India occasionally get shaky performance.

Hosting and GoDaddy both offer comparable speeds. Undoubtedly, it is rapid, but not as quickly as some other Indian companies that provide website hosting. Every plan comes with a website builder, security monitoring, cPanel, and more than 125 1-click instals.

Features like SiteLock security, a domain name, SSL, backups, and virus scanning are only offered with certain configurations. If you choose, you can still pay for an expensive plan’s functionality, but it will cost you. In actuality, GoDaddy will try to upsell you frequently, which might be annoying.

Without any problems, the bundle is adequate to manage a respectable-sized website. To compete with other Indian website hosting businesses, GoDaddy still lacks some functionalities. GoDaddy help can be reached by phone or live chat. The service is skilled enough for simple issues. However, it struggles with complex problems.

Email assistance is inadequate. Agents are forced to pass you from one agent to another since they are unable to escalate requests. A benefit is that GoDaddy has a toll-free number in India. You can contact support for more difficult problems. Support still needs to be improved before it can be deemed the best while being more capable than that of many businesses.

A2 Web hosting

A2 Hosting

Everybody may find a hosting package at A2 Hosting. Whether you are a novice or an expert, our programmes are made with the particular requirements of our customers in mind.

Group hosting is Excellent for people who are just getting their website off the ground and want to keep costs low.

Doctor hosting is a great tool for novice website designers. You may easily launch a site with a professional appearance using additional WordPress capabilities.

Hosting VPS With VPS hosting, you have the power to manage and scale your resources to offer the best hosting that can expand to meet your needs.

When you need your website to run at its peak performance and power. We have a solution for you whether you need a straightforward blog, want to promote your company, want to sell goods online, or require an enterprise-level, powerful machine for a special application.

More clients are switching to A2 Hosting to benefit from our lightning-fast hosting and first-rate customer service at competitive costs.


It would help if you didn’t have to be concerned about your service provider using the information you post online—including your words, images, and creations—for marketing purposes. Your dreams, not ours, are those. You can share your data and have the freedom to decide how it is used thanks to DreamHost’s open platform.

The envision a society where individuals may freely decide how to share their digital information, and we support their success by offering an open web platform of their choice.

Their DNA is open source. WordPress is a potent open-source content management system for the web, and we support it. With coding, community contributions, and high-calibre support, we contribute to the improvement of WordPress.

In internet years, our 25-year existence is equivalent to 80 years. They are pleased to host more than 1.5 million WordPress blogs, websites, and apps.

edited and proofread by nikita sharma

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