Ways to Coordinate Jewelry with Your Office Outfit According to your Face

Do you often struggle to find the right pair of earrings to compliment your face? If you happen to be among those who aren’t quite sure about which pair would suit you the most, then this blog is going to help you to pick the right pair for you.

We often do not take proper consideration of the shape of our face when it comes down to choosing the appropriate pair of accessories for us. As a result, we often miss out on the opportunity of finding out the perfect piece for us, which can highlight our features considerably.

So, here are the top essential rules which would help you to pick out the latest gold earring designs for your face accordingly:

  • Square-Shaped Face

The people with a square-shaped face have a strong jawline with a geometric curve to it. They do not have narrow cheekbones towards their forehead. Hence, to complement such construction of the face, one can refer to the big hoop earrings as well as the long drop ones with the rounded designs available in the market. 

The rounded shapes of the accessories would balance out the overall look of the face along with providing a soft touch to the angles of the cheekbones and the jawline.

  • Oval-Shaped Face

The ones with the oval-shaped faces have distinct features of high foreheads along with elongated and wide cheekbones. The forehead happens to be as wide as the cheekbone, which means you are among the lucky ones who can pull off any kind of earrings available in the market.

However, you can avoid wearing the long tassel earrings and the threaded ones that might tend to over-extend the features of your face to a certain extent. If you want to play it safe for any occasion, then you can refer to the oval-shaped earrings, which would accentuate your features without adding any extra length to them.

  • Round-Shaped Face
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The ones with the round-shaped features happen to have the widest area across their cheekbones, which narrows down at the forehead and the respective jawline. You can wear the geometric shaped earrings or the teardrop ones, which would elongate the facial features to a certain extent.

Also, please keep away from the large ones as they would only add the broader aspect to your face. Hence, you can choose the ones which have more feminine designs along with different angular shapes to highlight as well as elongate the facial features successfully.

  • Heart-Shaped Face

The ones with the heart-shaped face have pointed chin along with a broader forehead in comparison to the cheekbones. In such cases, earrings with elongated designs would look flattering as they would highlight the cheekbones along with accentuating the jawline considerably.

  • Rectangular-Shaped Face

The rectangular-shaped faces are more elongated in comparison to the square-shaped ones. Hence, to minimize the length, one can use the long dangle earrings with teardrop designs to add some softness to the face along with highlighting the cheekbones efficiently.

In case, you aren’t much sure about the shape of your face, do not worry. It is absolutely natural not to know the exact shape of your face and still pick out the perfect earrings for any occasion. Remember, you can never go wrong with diamond studs or even the simple gold ones available in the market. Maybe that is why they are always termed as the girl’s best friend.

You can add a touch of elegance and highlight every aspect of your face as well as your personality with the right pair of diamond and gold stud earrings. You can pair them up with any kind of attire and yet look classy and chic at the same time. Make sure to check out simple gold earrings designs with price from reputed suppliers online to get the best quality accessories for your next event.

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