Who Are The Best New Slots Games Developers?

Who Are The Best New Slots Games Developers?

As the online casino industry grows, gamers are reaping the benefits of the wide variety of new offerings out there.

From slots to table games, there’s clearly something on the market for everyone today.

Freshly cooked online casino games are getting better in every way today, with players enjoying online casinos more than ever before.

In this article, we will take a peek at some of the best new slots games developers.

From those who have been part of the avant garde of new slots games for years now to relative newcomers, the companies listed here are among the very best around.

top slot games developers in 2020

So, without further ado, let’s get going with a look at the first online casino game creator on our list.


Adored by connoisseurs everywhere, Dragonfish came out fairly recently in 2007. A seriously high-quality online casino game company, they are the best at colourful, high-energy slots.

Always fun and exciting, Dragonfish counts itself as a key part of the wider 888 family, so is licensed under the UKGC.

This means you can be sure that sites carrying Dragonfish games are super safe.

Many new slots sites use Dragonfish games to entice new players to their page because they know their slots are among the very best.

Should you be looking for the best new slot sites with Dragonfish games, you can view a list by clicking the link.

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For a long time, this big name in casino games has been giving slots lovers worldwide something to shout about with seriously exciting offerings.

Always looking at bringing new offers to players, Novomatic is known as a creator of seriously innovative slots games.

2021's top slots game developers -

No surprise then, that this company is one of the oldest of them all, in operation since 1980. With that said, Novomatic remains one of the best new slots games developers in the world!

Loved by casinos looking to use only the most thrilling slots, Novomatic games appear at some of the world’s top casino sites. Safe, simple and yet somehow always incredibly engaging, Novomatic’s pedigree in creating top new slots games is proven!


Always coming with the fire, Microgaming is something of a trailblazer in the world of new slots games developers.

the best online slot game developers | arctic paint

Pioneering the industry since the mid 1990s, they have been pushing what it is a slot game can be capable of ever since their first offerings made waves in the business.

One area in which this company excels is slot games. Mixing pop culture with their slot chops, Microgaming is a top name whose games are only seen at the most reputable sites.

With more than 850 games in total, 350 of which are slots, Microgaming is up there as one of the top slots creators ever.

In the end, the best new slots games developers all have certain things in common. Not only are they innovative,

exciting and fresh, but they possess an ongoing need to provide players with the best possible slots games they can put out!

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best slot games in online casino in 2019 | gamers

In a highly feisty industry, these names have come out on top in a tussle with dozens of others.

Thanks to their original, engaging titles that wow players with stunning visuals, gnarly themes and, of course, enormous jackpots, the new slots games developers included here have earned their place among the very cream of the industry.

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