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Why Is Everyone Talking About Xoxo Tours – The Social Travel Site?

You must have heard about, especially if you are among those who love to travel solo and meet & connect with new travel friends. Since its inception, this social travel site has left globetrotters talking about the opportunities & benefits this social travel app offers them.       
If you are not very clear what this social travel site is all about and what it has to offer, this article will help you understand everything related to it.
The Ultimate Social Travel Site is a social travel site which is especially created for solo travelers, locals (local people from prominent travel destinations) & wannabe travelers who are looking to meet like-minded travelers or locals from any part of the world to travel together to popular travel destinations as each other’s travel companions and guides. It provides you an opportunity to connect and chat with each other and that’s how you can make plans to meet and/or travel together. It can be termed as a social networking site for travelers to link up with travel partners who share the same interest.
It is the best way to travel solo with ease & convenience. You just have to sign up, create your profile, and add your basic information on this site to get started. Yes, sign up process is fast & 100% hassle free. The site offers you two options to sign up i.e. either through email or via Facebook. After signing up, you will earn free access to Xoxo Tours for 10 days. Users can also upgrade their membership once free trial is over and become a premium member to continue to enjoy as well as get more benefits by purchasing a monthly/annual or a lifetime plan.
Why Xoxo Tours?
So why more and more people are looking forward to use this social travel app when there are so many other similar apps out there. What makes this travel app stand out from the rest? Let’s have a closer look to find the answers.
Ease to Meet Like-Minded People — With Xoxo Tours, you can easily meet people around the globe with similar travel interests as you. Together travelers may create the most exciting and memorable trip experiences. Whether you are traveling alone to India, Australia, USA, Mexico or any other popular tourist destination, you don’t have to worry about being alone in an unknown destination. 

Xoxo Tours allows you to view profiles of the travelers/locals belonging to different countries and cities. Profile includes their bio, interests, personal activities, info about upcoming trips which they have planned in the near future, visited countries, and alike. Who knows you may find your travel buddy on this site by making the right connection/s.
Catch up With the Locals to Explore the Place Better — Since you can connect with locals also on Xoxo Tours, do ask right queries with them. Locals can help you to experience the hidden insights about a city or place along with being your best travel guide. Chat with locals and make plans to travel, shop, eat, and explore new places together. They might even know some of the coolest places to hang out in their area and can suggest some hidden gems to you which you cannot find in any travel blog. Yes, you can explore a place better this way and may find your travel companion as well to have plenty of travel stories and pictures to upload on social media.
Make the best use of Xoxo Tours and create rightful & meaningful connection/s with other travelers. Also, exploring a new city together with a local ensures more ease & convenience. You can also ensure that you don’t visit such places in a city where you can get scammed by shopkeepers or cab drivers.
Experience Different Cultures — Your local travel Buddy can help you to experience the local culture of the place which can be essential for you to explore/learn about the city better and may also give you a new outlook to human life & people around the globe. You may also improve on life skills such as being more social, better decision making, going out of your comfort zone and you may learn a new language as well.
Cultures can differ from one geographical location to another and experiencing these differences in culture, beliefs & process of living day to day life is what traveling is. It will make you feel connected with people around the globe. Traveling solo every now and then may turn you more creative as well as you will be able to expand your travel friends circle all around the world. You become a well-rounded personality with social travel.
And what better place to find a traveling companion than Xoxo Tours to go social traveling?   
Visit Famous Tourists’ Destinations — The site has enlisted all the famous tourists’ destinations which you may like to visit such as Argentina, India, USA, Ireland, France, Russia, Israel, Italy, South Korea, Brazil, Hungary, Cuba, and Saudi Arabia. You name it and it is all there. It will take a lifetime to visit all the places listed there and you may take some notes from here to create your own travel bucket list.
You can search & chat with travel friends from the country/city of your choice and plan your trip accordingly. Your travel friend can be your travel guide or be your travel partner throughout your trip.
Connect Only With Verified Fellow Travelers — Xoxo Tours verifies their users to be able to connect you with a  real & genuine solo traveler or local or wannabe traveler which may make your social travel experience much better. Users are asked for photo verification so that the photo can be matched up with their profile photos, a copy of a photo ID like a passport or driver’s license to verify their name, age and identity, and a mobile phone number that is verified by OTP.
A solo traveler can confidently connect with a travel partner at Xoxo Tours. It stands apart as it got only verified travelers for people trying to find some travel friends. With Xoxo Tours, you can have the peace of mind knowing that you are connecting with genuine people who have already gone through XT’s verification process.
Have a User-Friendly Experience — This solo travel site is one of the easiest to use and navigate. Once you have signed up successfully and created your profile, just add your upcoming trip/s information and then start browsing through other users’ profiles to find your trip mate.
At Xoxo Tours, a female traveler gets access to send a message to any traveler without any restrictions. But if you are a male traveler, then you need to upgrade/pay a monthly/annual subscription to become a premium traveler to be able to send a chat request to other travelers on the site.
So once anyone find their preference, a female traveler can start a chat with him/her straight away, but a premium male traveler need to send a chat request to him/her. Once the other traveler responds back, only then the inbox will be unlocked between them and messages can be exchanged freely among each other. 
Note: A premium male traveler is allowed to send limited chat requests as well as limited to 1 chat request to 1 traveler. A female traveler does not need to send any chat request, she can send a message to anyone and straight away inbox will be unlocked between them.
To send a message or chat request to any traveler, you need to open the traveler’s profile and click on ‘Contact’ to send a chat-request/message to the other person.
Double The Fun — Traveling with buddies or family is a great way to have plenty of fun and it is quite safe too as you already know the person with whom you are traveling. But it does not match up to the excitement of traveling solo and interacting with new people on the road, creating new friendships. So it is good to ditch the old school route and come out of your comfort zone to explore a new perspective to traveling. Search & connect to meet new people at Xoxo Tours to share as well as create beautiful & insightful travel experiences with like-minded strangers around the world.
Moreover, while you travel solo, you come to know yourself more intimately and do all the things you have been dying to try out without any restriction. You’ll also find the inspiration to work on your creative activities by meeting new friends.
Meet Single Travel Girls — Take the solitude out of your travel and meet single travel girls who are open-minded, curious, optimistic, and have experience from previous solo trips. They can help you to share your travel budget and explore awesome places together. You simply have to find the right solo female traveler over chat. It will be one of the most interesting things to do and expect to carry away great memories & heartwarming pictures as well.  
Find Your Travel Friend – It is true that opposites attract but having a common ground is essential when it comes to maintaining a smooth travel friendship. If you are looking to travel social with a trip partner, you may find one on Xoxo Tours.
The friendships created while traveling together and having fun on social trips can be really different from those which are created in day to day activities or while chilling at a pub. Meet local singles by searching for same at a social travel app to go on a trip together and do activities which you mutually prefer to do. 
Save on Cost — Yes, you can find travel friend who will not only give you company on your trip but can help you to save on travel cost too. When you meet a local, you can find out information about the most affordable hotels or means of transport in their city. That way you don’t have to wander without knowing exactly where to go and paying more for travel expenses in the process.
Though you still have to take care of your own expenses on the trip, but in some cases your trip partner may come forward to split bills. Or if your travel friend is a local and hospitable, you might even end up lodging at her residence.
Link up With a Tour Guide — Yes, Xoxo Tours doesn’t mind if you use it just to find a tour guide for your solo trip and create only a professional relationship with a traveler or local. If you don’t want to connect with a like-minded traveler or local, you don’t need to. You will find a plethora of travelers & locals on XT who are as crazy as you about traveling. So they will not mind, if they connect with someone as a travel buddy or a travel guide.
Visit this social travel app now and use it as per your interest/s to land on a perfect solo trip for yourself. For first time solo travelers you never know, this can be their breakthrough towards solo traveling. This app gives a great opportunity to meet new people, travelers, locals as well as tour guides just to make sure one is able to travel solo right.
Be Cautious — You need to be cautious even when you start entering your information into the site such as your name, location and email address while signing up. Just be sure if you really want to sign up & enter all that information or not. Also, you may subscribe or unsubscribe to notifications/emails about the site’s services, features, and other updates only if you are willing to. Be very cautious while chatting with the other person as you don’t need to pass any such personal information which you don’t need/want to.
Enjoy Privacy and Security — All the information personal as well as financial such as credit card number you enter into the site is 100% secured. Which also means that it cannot be used or misused by any person. Even your chat messages are stored in the database in the form of an encrypted code. Which means even internal Xoxo Tours’ team cannot access to your personal information or data.
And since the site allows only verified users to use the site, you can be assured that you are chatting with a genuine travel enthusiast and people who are on a lookout for real travel friendships. All the users at least have a verified email, verified mobile number, and a clear photo. XT ensures that each and every profile is manually reviewed. You can search & meet a travel buddy via Xoxo Tours without any hesitation.
Also, once you get registered, you have full authority over your privacy. You can hide your profile and/or trips from search engines if you choose to and make use of the other easy on-off functions for controlling the visibility of information & data available in your profile. You can further read the safety tips provided on the site.
Browse the Site without Dealing with Annoying Pop-up Ads — Ads can be really annoying especially when they are unwanted & irrelevant to you. Xoxo Tours social travel site is ads-proof, unlike many apps out there, giving them a competitive edge. You can search a travel partner without any such disturbance and focus solely on making trip friends & plan solo trips. You can rightly say that Xoxo Tours has been designed to provide a great user experience.
Great Customer Support – If you have any queries concerning Xoxo Tours, the customer support team is there to help you out. You can go to their contact page and send your query in email or chat.
Solo travel is something which you have to do at least once in your lifetime and is trending thing in 2019 as well as for upcoming times. And while you are on your solo trip, it is always great to have a local or a travel friend who can be your partner in crime. Make new friends on Xoxo Tours social travel app and plan a memorable solo trip. Your local travel buddy can help you discover secret locations, top attractions and help you avoid tourists’ traps in his/her city. With this travel app, you can build travel friendships that may last a lifetime, by simply sharing a trip together. Join & connect with many travel enthusiasts who have used XT and benefited from this app.
Find a travel buddy at now!



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