How Sanjay Jain’s Jyoti Group ensure the food security of millions?

How Sanjay Jain’s Jyoti Group ensure the food security of millions?

Sanjay Jain’s Jyoti Group has taken decent strides in the less-explored industry of fertilizers. The company has thrived on the back of export, import and distribution of various commodities from different corners of the world.

Food insecurity has always been a significant issue, not only in India but across the world as well. Recent studies have revealed that there are 52 crores moderate to severe food insecure people in India and the number has increased from 43 crores in 2019. When it comes to global food insecurity, estimates show that over 237 crores people were faced with the issue in 2020, an increase of 32 crores from 2019.

how sanjay jain's vision ensured food security of millions through jyoti group

At this juncture, the significance of fertilizers cannot be undermined to mitigate this problem. Without fertilizers, it is nearly impossible to produce more and feed the world’s entire population in this day and age. As per the estimates, 30-50 per cent of crop yields globally can be attributed to fertilizer application. This has presented businesses with an opportunity to explore the fertilizer sector and make their mark. Sanjay Jain Jyoti Trading has exactly done that over the past few decades.

The group has emerged as an organization with a holistic vision to make up for the growing demand for fertilizers across the world. By enabling a model that ensures the usage of high quality and cost-effective fertilisers to boost agricultural production, Jyoti Group has taken decent strides in this less-explored industry. The company has thrived on the back of export, import and distribution of various fertilizer commodities from different corners of the world.

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With Sanjay Jain Jyoti Group at the helm of affairs, the company expanded its wings further and accelerated the growth, marketing millions of metric tons of fertilizers annually from various regions, which include Russia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, among others. Backed by a team of accomplished and knowledgeable professionals, Jyoti Group has garnered an in-depth understanding of the field over the last five decades.

covid-19's crippling impact on global food security

The tools, techniques and manpower may have changed, but the company’s vision has always remained the same. Mr Sanjay Jain led Jyoti Group, a prime source of inspiration for the company. His leadership qualities and understanding of the rapidly changing business environment have ensured unprecedented growth and profitability for the business over time.

Ever since embracing the leadership role, Mr Sanjay Jain led Jyoti Group has given equal importance to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and all the related activities. He has instilled a belief in growing together in his workforce and uplifting the underprivileged communities around its operations. The establishment of Jyoti Charitable Trust is a fine example of the group’s ethos.

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Over the years, Jyoti Group has lived up to its primary goal of bridging the food insecurity gap, not just in India but elsewhere. The company is known for offering high-quality and affordable fertilizers when South Asia accounts for 36 per cent of the global food insecurity. It has remained steadfast in its approach while integrating new ideas and technologies in its daily operations.

The agricultural output will need to significantly increase to feed the ever-growing population. Boosting crop yields and increasing the gulf between actual and attainable yield can be achieved with the integration of new methods and proper utilization of fertilizers. Thus, the role of fertilizer companies will only increase as they aim to dictate terms in the long run.

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