INVENTATEQ Helping Professionals With Much Polished, Distinct & Professional Job Oriented Courses

Unemployment is one of the major concern for a country like India in the year 2019 and all coming subsequent years.
The more and more our population is growing, more competition is being created in terms of land, food, water and ofcourse jobs and careers.
There was a time in around 1970-1980-1990 where even a normal graduate would fetch a good job for themself without much hurdle but in 2019 even a Phd holders are not able to secure good job and the proof is recent applications for jobs in government departments where the jobs of peons and cleaning people are required with education 8-10 paas and even Phd holders, post graduates are also applying to the jobs.
Coming to the concern, even our education system is also somewhat responsible for the issue.
We are still being taught what is of no use in today’s fast paced life.
Today we require much more job oriented courses so that more and more people can be employable.
Today the need and demand of such highly distinct, professional and more career and skill oriented courses are very high.
Keeping this in mind, today, we are presenting an exclusive interview of Safura Begum.S who is the CEO & Founder of INVENTATEQ
INVENTATEQ is a company based out of bangalore also known as the silicon valley of India. The company offers more than 100+ professionally created job oriented courses with latest and most modern teaching techniques in combination with highly reputed professionals who have invested thousands of hours to create such courses.
Let us have a detailed over-view of what INVENTATEQ has to offer through this exclusive interview of the founder and ceo of INVENTATEQ with Inventiva
1.What is the Name of Your Venture? Any specific reason for this name?
2.Who is your target Audience/clients?
College Students, Freshers, Job Seekers, Working Professionals, entrepreneur , business owners and others who all are looking to enhance there skills for better opportunities.
3.Where is your venture based (city, state, country) & What are your geographical target areas?
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Chennai, Tamilnadu, India
4.What problems does your venture resolve? What are your products or services?
please refer for list of all Job Oriented courses
Major: Digital Marketing, Data Science, Devops, AWS, Tableau, RPA tools, Software Testing, Java, .NET, salesforce, machine learning, artificial intelligence, BigData Hadoop, AutoCad, CCNA
5.Share the idea or story behind the venture. How did it come to existence? What motivated you to start your own venture?
choosing where to study and what course to enrol is a biggest challenge for a student in deciding their career. some times these hurdles may discourage them in such a way that they will abandon their choice altogether. so inventateq wants to encourage students by counselling and suggesting right Software course to do and get them succeed in there Life with Good JOB.
Milestone: Provided quality and project based training for 1000’s of students and support them to get there dream job with our placement program
6.Who are your biggest competitors and how do you differentiate yourself from them?
Competitors: Simplilearn, edureka, udemy, udacity
7.How did you identify your co-founder? Tell us some thing about your co-founder/s
Our company is solo propertorship and we have only 1 founder
8.How did you hired your first team members? What skills do you want in your employees/team?
We got our first employee through a Reference, and the skills we look in to is Good Communication and Convincing ability .
9.What expansion plans are you looking for the next 2 years, next 5 years?
Currently having 6 branches in bangalore & Chennai and in future Planning to expand more centres across all cities to provide Quality Education for all
10.Where do you want to see yourself in next 10 years?
Want to become No.1 Institute in field of Training Industry.
11.What are your immediate goals over the next 1, 3, 6 and 12 months?
approaching colleges in Bangalore and doing branding to pull out more crowd.
12.Have you raised any funding? Or have any plans for the funding?
Till now we haven’t seek for any funding but yes in future may be I will be interested.
13.What were the problems you faced during the starting days and how did you resolve them?
Finding Real Time Industry Professional Trainers who can provide actual project work flow to students is the Biggest challenge we faced initially and slowly we got the best mentors.
14.What was the most challenging part of your journey till now? How did you overcome those challenges?
Quality, Hands on Training with Industry Projects and Placement support has made us unique in the education industry.
15.What are your hobbies? What do you do in your non-work time?
Learning new things is my passion, so I always read blogs to get updated myself with new technologies coming in.
16.Whom do you consider your idol or biggest motivator?
My Family & Friends
17.What do you feel is the major difference between entrepreneurs and those who work for someone else?
entrepreneurs has a free hand to implement new ideas but for employees its difficult.
18.If you had the chance to start your career over again, what would you do differently?
if I’ve to start all over again, I’d like to use all my learning to accomplish the freshly started career objectives. Every day is a new day, with yesterdays learning decide tomorrows prediction and cope with the predicament. Both are inextricably linked.
19.How has being an entrepreneur affected your family & Social life?
Not much, I spend my time for work and family separately, and I don’t mixup the things and get affected.
20.Anything, you would like to say to our readers or upcoming entrepreneurs?
Innovative Ideas and Best Resources always are the Key for business success.
21.Tell us something about your education & family background.
I did my BSC and we are middle class family, our father worked hard to make his 3 children’s life settle down.
22. What do you think is the biggest threat to the success of small businesses & Start-ups today?
Investing more money with out proper planning and execution will push in to troubles, which has to be addressed in right way.
23. Do you consider yourself successful and by what means do you measure success?
I am not successful yet, when my company becomes NO.1 Institute in Training Era and stands by in that position for long time then i am successful.
24.Please share complete name, address, phone number, email id & website of Your Business & Contact Person
CEO: Safura Begum, Young & Talented Lady with good Technology Experience
Course(s) offered
Total Number of Trainers
42 trainers
Average teaching experience of trainers
avg 8 years
Average industry experience of trainers
avg 5 years
Placement details (last 3 years)
1000’s of students got jobs in small, mid and MNC Companies
Percentage of placement:
Highest Salary Offered:
14 Lacs per Annum
Average Salary:
6 Lacs per Annum
Number of companies visited the campus:
100’s of companies conducted Placement drives in our campus
Names of Prominent Recruiters:
Company Name: INVENTATEQ
Adress: #687, 1st Floor, 29th Main, 3rd Cross, Near AXA Company Signal, BTM Layout 2nd Stage, BTM Lake Road, Bangalore- , Karnataka
More Branches: Jayanagar, Marathahalli, Rajaji Nagar, Kalyan Nagar, Chennai – Velachery
Phone Number: 08042108236 , 9840021877
CEO: Safura Begum.S

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