30 thousand people died around the world; Princess Maria Teresa of Spain dies in Paris, this was the first death in the royal family

  • Princess Maria of Spain was 86 years old, died on 26 March, she was a member of the family cadet branch, the house of Bourne-Parma
  • Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s wife Sophie Gregoire recovers from coronavirus, has been in isolation for 17 days
  • US President Trump said – Travel advisory will be issued for New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, no quarantine needed here

All 195 countries of the world are vulnerable to coronavirus. By Sunday morning 6 lakh 63 thousand 541 infected were confirmed. 30,873 people have lost their lives. During this period, one lakh 42 thousand 175 were also recovered from the disease.

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The death toll in Europe has exceeded 20 thousand. Meanwhile, Princess Maria Teresa of Spain died in Paris on 26 March. She was 86 years old. Maria’s death was reported on Facebook by her brother Sixtus Henry of Bourbon-Parma. This is the first death of a member of any royal family worldwide. Princess Maria was a member of the family cadet branch, Bourne-Parma’s household.

At the same time, Sophie Gregoire, wife of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, has recovered from Coronavirus. He gave information about this on Saturday. Trudeau’s office had confirmed her corona positive on March 12. She was infected after returning from London. Subsequently, the Prime Minister, his wife and the entire family were asked to remain in isolation. So far, 5,655 people have been infected in Canada, while 60 have died.

America: New York and its neighboring states will not be quarantined
The number of infected in the US has exceeded one lakh 23 thousand. 2,221 people have died. New York has reported the highest number of infections in the country. There are more than 53 thousand infected, while 782 people have died. US President Donald Trump said late Saturday that New York and its neighboring states would not be quarantined. Travel advisories will be issued for New York, New Jersey and Connecticut amidst the proliferation of coronaviruses. They had been considering quarantining these states for a short time. After the recommendation of the Coronavirus Task Force of the White House and talks with the governors of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, I have asked for a few days to issue strict travel advisories in these places. “

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Italy: Lockdown ending on April 3
The most affected country in Europe by Corona is Italy. 889 people died here on Saturday. So far, more than ten thousand people have died. 92,472 people are infected. The government imposed a lockdown here from 9 March to 3 April. About 60 million people in the country are imprisoned in their homes. Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte may extend the lockdown deadline.

Spain: Around 6 thousand people died so far
Spain is the second most affected country in Europe. So far 5982 people have died here, while 73,235 persons are infected. Here too, the government has imposed a lockdown till April 11. China has given 1.2 million masks to Spain on Saturday.

Boris Johnson appealed to people to stay in their homes


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who has been self-isolated, has appealed to the people to stay in their homes. On March 27, he was reported to be Corona positive. Johnson said to the three crore people of the country posting on Instagram – We know that things will get worse before they get better, but we are preparing to deal with it. If we follow the rules, then the loss of lives of the people will also be reduced and soon life will be normal. There are 17,089 cases of corona in the country, while 1019 people have died.

France: Lockdown extended until 15 April
According to John Hopkins University, so far 2314 people have died in France. 38 thousand 105 citizens are infected. Health Minister Olivier Veran said on Saturday that France has ordered more than one billion face masks. Recently 40 million masks are being used in the country every week. He said that masks will be sourced from China as well.

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New Zealand: First Death from Coronavirus
A 70-year-old woman infected with coronavirus died in New Zealand on Saturday. This is the first death due to an epidemic in the country. 63 new cases were reported here on Sunday. The total number of infected patients here is 514. Prime Minister Jensida Ardern expressed her anguish over the woman’s death and said that we all have to fight together. The lockdown has been announced for four weeks from midnight Wednesday.

Turkey: 7,402 cases, 108 deaths
Turkish health minister Fahrtin Koka tweeted Saturday night – a total of 7,402 confirmed cases of infection from coronavirus in Turkey, according to Xinhua. As of now, a total of 7,641 tests have been conducted till Saturday. 108 people have died. The first case of covid-19 infection in Turkey was reported on 11 March.

Egypt: President Sisi and Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi discussed

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President Sisi wrote in a post on his official Facebook that he had a phone conversation with Al Nahyan. During this time, ways to increase mutual cooperation to prevent and fight the spread of the virus were discussed. 576 people are infected in Egypt, while 36 people have died.

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