Fake Remdesivir: The Strange Tale Of Placebo Effect: 90% People Administered With Fake Medicine In Madhya Pradesh Have Recovered From COVID-19

People Administered With Fake Remdesivir Recover

The world is a strange place, and there are numerous peculiar things that we humans experience. What you see and perceive can be entirely different for some other person depending on their experiences.

For instance, who knew the possibility of the COVID-19 pandemic? We were all having our everyday lives, going to work or college, coming back, and hustling every day. But suddenly, one day, some strange news hit up our screens that a new virus is unfurling in the world, infecting thousands of people, which originated from Wuhan. Nobody took it seriously for months, joking about it, or simply ignoring it.

india bans export of remdesivir drug, injection till covid situation improves

But later the virus outspread in the whole world and stopped everything, from our work and education to business. Coming to the strange theories, let me introduce you to the Placebo effect. Placebo or Placere is a Latin word, which means anything that seems real, but is not. It can be anything, from a pill to a shot or any type of fake treatment. What bizarre thing placebos is have is that they don’t contain anything. Definitely, not any active ingredient or chemical to treat the disease directly. 

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After all, it’s all in the mind! Researchers used placebos during the study to help them understand how a new drug or other treatment might affect a particular condition. For example, some people in a study may be given a new cholesterol-lowering drug. Some will receive a placebo. No one in the study will know if you have received a real treatment or a placebo. Researchers then compared the effects of the drug and placebo on the people in the study. That way, they can evaluate the effectiveness of the new drug and evaluate its effects.

It’s all in the mind? Fake Remdesivir injections were administered to the patients in MP, but 90% of them recovered!

Let’s get back to our primary concern- due to the COVID-19 pandemic many people lost their lives while several lost their jobs. The pandemic was a bane to many and a boon for some. Pharmaceutical sectors experienced limitless profits wherein several companies had to shut down due to the virus’s deadly influence. Similarly, some uncanny things also happened in the country. When thousands of people were losing their lives, some barbarous people sold medical supplies like medicines and oxygen at extremely high rates to the needy people.

Out of their compulsion, these people had no option but to pay them. Madhya Pradesh, one of the most popular states in India, has witnessed a similar situation. Reportedly, glucose mixed with water and salt is used instead of Remdesivir and supplied to the people at high rates. But it’s all fun and games until you get to know another strange and bizarre incident that happened with those patients. 

As per the reports by TOI, the police investigations conducted in the MP revealed that more than 90% of the COVID-19 patients who were given the ‘fake’ Remdesivir injections, recovered. The astonishing data also revealed the survival rates of patients administered with the fake Remdesivir injections were more than those who received the original injections. “The doctors should look into this matter as soon as possible because we are not any experts. This data has shocked us too!” said an officer.

The fake injections contained glucose and salt compounds mixed with the water. The central government has ordered the states to use Remdesivir injections in moderation as it has the potential to decrease the chances of hospitalization of critical patients. The all-out clamor for Remdesivir injections has been triggered by the surge in cases due to the second wave of the virus. “More ten patients, based in Indore, who brought their Remdesivir injections from the Gujrat-based gang have died.

Whereas, the other 100 patients survived the COVID-19 infections irrespective of consuming the fake Remdesivir containing glucose-salt compounds. Since the bodies of the critical patients have been cremated, it would be difficult for us to carry further the investigation,” said an officer in the condition of anonymity.


Soaring scam cases during the time of COVID-19 crisis: Fake Remdesivir seller busted in MP

Call it Remdesivir or the holy grail in today’s time, but the drug has proven to save the lives of critical COVID patients. Remdesivir is being sold all across the country at exceptionally high rates. The distressed family members have no other option, but to pay such high rates to the scammers. A group of two countries gave at least 1,200 fake injections, which contained sugar water and salt, in Madhya Pradesh last month, police said on Sunday.

These injections have been marketed as real Remdesivir, which is in great demand for the treatment of COVID-19 patients, at high prices, the investigation is under investigation. Gujarat police recently removed the weapon from Surat and arrested six people, Vijay Nagar police station Indore Tahjib Kaji told PTI. “Investigations have revealed that a gang with the help of one Sunil Mishra has delivered a counterfeit 1 200 Remdesivir vaccine in Madhya Pradesh last month,” he said. Kaji said Kaushal Vora, who was one of six people arrested in Gujarat, had delivered 700 bags of counterfeit syringes to Mishra in Indore. 

They charged the customers with huge amounts, somewhere between Rs. 35,000 to Rs. 40,000 per injection. The team later brought a consignment of another 5000 injections to scam the people. Mishra was arrested in the state later when MP police came to know about their scam. The gang used to approach needy people via various social media platforms. Seven such injections with the same batch number as that of Gujrat, have been seized by the police in Indore. The accused will be taken from the Gujrat police’s custody to MP for further propagation.


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