Congress Questioned “PM Narendra Modi” over Galwan Valley Clash! Has China Seized India’s land? Rahul said Modi must Tell the Truth!

Congress has been unwaveringly attacking the central government asking numerous questions about the skirmish between Indian and Chinese soldiers in the Galwan Valley. Congress President Sonia Gandhi and former President Rahul Gandhi also questioned the Center government on Friday.

 Sonia stated that if our land is not seized by China, then how are our warriors martyred?

“The Chinese army has acquired aloft the Indian territory in Ladakh, then How will the Modi government recover our lands? “, she asked.

Foreign Affairs Minister and Defence Minister talk about infiltration

Sonia Gandhi stated that the prime minister says over and over that China has not infiltrated. On the other hand, the Minister of Defense and the Minister of Foreign Affairs continually talk about the invasion of China. 

Today Congress runs ‘Salute to the Martyrs’ across the country to pay tribute to the Galwán martyrs.

Sonia Gandhi said Today, when we pay tribute to our martyrs, India wants to know how and why our 20 soldiers were martyred?

She further stated: If China has challenged our regional sovereignty in Ladakh, Will the Prime Minister assure the entire country about the border situation?

Prime Minister, you say the truth without fear, the whole country stays together with you- said, Rahul.

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Rahul tweeted the video: I salute to our Heroic Martyrs of India. The entire nation stands unitedly with the army and the government. I want to ask an important question on this occasion to PM.

 A Couple of days ago, the Prime Minister stated that no one can get an inch of land in India. No one has infiltrated our country. But we are getting to hear, people are saying, it is visible in the satellite photos, people in Ladakh say, army generals, all are saying that China has taken our land in one place and not three places.

Rahul further said: Prime Minister, you have to tell us the truth. Do not panic. If China has acquired aloft the land, it will be beneficial to India. You should tell the truth without fear that yes, China has taken our land and we will take action soon. The whole country is with you.

Rahul asked the Prime Minister one more question: Who sent our martyrs without weapons and why?

narendra modi 9

On 19 June, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated at a meeting of all parties about the Galvan incident that the sacrifice of our warriors will not be in vain. The sovereignty of my country is supreme. Nothing can deter us from protecting the country. Concerning our late martyred soldiers, the country will be proud that they are killed by striking.

Modi had also said: no one has entered our border, and no one has taken our place. Our country has such a capacity that not an inch can look at the ground.

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Since then, Congress has hinted that the prime minister’s statement amounted to a handover of Indian land to China and has projected Modi’s statement as virtual support for the Chinese claim to Galwan Valley.

Rahul Gandhi further questioned PM that why our soldiers die on striking? Where are the reports of our soldiers who fought on the border without weapons?

Priyanka Gandhi also strikes out the Center wondering why the Prime Minister “sent our unarmed soldiers to confront the Chinese soldiers. The land where they lost their lives is our land; we will not allow you to give our land to China. The country wants to know who has allowed China to come to our country.

Many questions arise from the Prime Minister’s statements. We have to raise these questions. Because the country should know that when the Prime Minister was having a friendship with the leaders of China. So how were the agreements, how were the talks that China could occupy our land?

Priyanka Gandhi also stated that doing politics on the martyrdom of soldiers is a sin. The Prime Minister will not let the soldiers sacrifice disrespect. Prime Minister Modi, you have to answer the questions asked from you. “

Congress further said that “India wants to know how our 20 soldiers were killed?”

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Will Modi able to give answers to all the questions of Congress party?

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