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Idea of Investment Concentrating More On India and Indian Communities

The options to invest more in Indian communities

China is known for its cheap manufacturing that gives high profits. The country is so much populated that you cannot call it emerging. China is already an emerged country by now. The technological advancements of China are at an extremely high level. But, India is no less than China. The country is still emerging and its economy has already overtaken that of the UK. India has a younger generation than China because of the latter country’s one-child policy. The benefits of wealth seem to be more widely shared in India. But, which country to invest in is yet a tricky question. There can be the following reasons of why to invest in India rather than China.

India possesses a strong hand over Demographics

The one-child policy is undoubtedly a strong measure for population control. But, what if this leads to the major cause of disturbed population ratio in the future? According to studies, by the end of 2050, there will be twice the number of dependants as that of working-age men. On the other hand, India remains the highest owner of the young population. By 2050, there will be a margin of 40 billion people of the working population. This is one of the reasons why investors should prefer India. This massive working-age population in India makes it a better choice. 

China has already emerged while India is still emerging

China is rich in infrastructure, investment, and manufacturing. China started to advance itself long back. Hence, it has already emerged. This is why investment rates in China are high. Whereas, India started to develop after 10 years of China’s start. This made India lag behind China in terms of development. But this is a hidden opportunity for investors. They can invest in infrastructure and manufacturing in India. It is a still-emerging country. This is why investors should opt for India rather than China. 

The high political differences between the two countries

China remains to be a one-party state whereas, India is ruled by democracy. In China, it is just a one-party decision. The involvement of every level representative seems a bit difficult in the country. Whereas, in India, there is a democratic rule. There is decision-making involved in every level representative. Also, the Indian government shows a keen interest in investing in the manufacturing sector. The governing body is taking every measure to generate revenue from GST. The government is aiming at loosening-up Indian industrial relations. It is aiming to bring more investors in India. All these plans and strategies prove to be friendly for investing institutions. 

All the above-mentioned reasons are strongly convincing to invest in China. The high availability of raw material and cheap labor attract every investor to invest in India. India is rich with all kinds of resources. No doubt, the growth rates of the industry in India will be high. China is right now the largest market. Undoubtedly, the availability of resources is high in the country. But, India is no low choice than China.


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