International flights might start from mid-June to July.

Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puri went live on his official Facebook page on Saturday. During this, he answered the questions of many citizens. In response to a question, he said that they might start international flight services before August-September. The situation of Coronavirus will be assessed before starting the flights. However, this statement was reversed shortly after by the aviation minister as he said  ‘If the conditions are better and with this transition, we find a way to live and we are in a position to manage something, then why not start international flights in mid-June or July.’
He said that airport authorities and airline companies are fully prepared to start international flight services.
50 thousand Indians will be brought back by May’, Puri announces.
He informed that so far 25 thousand 465 Indians have been brought back through Vande Bharat Mission. By the end of May, this figure will be closer to 50 thousand. During the lockdown, 8 thousand people have transported abroad from India. These people used to work abroad. More people wanted to go abroad than this, but many countries are currently taking their citizens. He said that I do not understand any need to quarantine the passengers whose status is green on the Arogya Setu app.
33% of flights will start from May 25, good booking done
Puri reported that 33% of domestic flights are starting from May 25th. According to the figures which have just arrived, many people have taken tickets on the first day of booking. Flight service is in great demand. The lifeline flight was launched by the ministry amid the lockdown. Through this, one thousand tons of medical equipment and other essential services were supplied all over the country.
‘Will increase the number of flights if demand is more’ Puri comments.
The Union Minister said that the detailed SOP has been issued for the domestic flight. One has to arrive at the airport two hours in advance and wear a mask. Everyone has to follow ‘social distancing.’ The self-declaration has to be given that there is no symptom in them, only then a boarding pass will be obtained. He said that if the demand is good and the coordination with the states is good then the number of domestic flights will be increased soon.
Refund question averted.
A large number of people asked questions about the flights canceled due to the lockdown. Some people told that airline companies are not giving refunds. Despite complaining many times, people are not listening to anything. To this, Puri said that guidelines have already been issued for refunds. Everyone has been asked to refund the full fare of the flights canceled due to the lockdown to the passengers. It cannot be told repeatedly. This is a commercial matter. Only the airline companies will see it.
Announced to start domestic flights on May 20th
Union Minister Hardeep Singh Puri had tweeted on May 20th that domestic flights will start from May 25th. Detail Guidelines for this were also released on 21 May. 8 airlines have been approved for this. Since Friday, many companies have started the process of booking online air tickets.

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