Job Crisis Amidst Coronavirus? Get To Know Demands for Which Sectors Will Increase After Coronavirus

Can demand for certain jobs increase after lockdown? Yes!

In the time of Corona epidemic, even though there is a crisis due to recession on jobs in all the areas, but in this time there are some areas where the demand for jobs is not only intact but it is expected to increase. Yes, while various sectors may face job crisis and increasing unemployment, there are some sectors that will boom with employment and might become an attractive profession.

 According to experts, the demand for professionals related to cyber security, data privacy and counselling, along with the work related to health services in times of epidemics, will increase significantly in the coming days.

Job opportunities for these sectors will increase :

Job consultants believe that experts related to medical, pharmacy, network engineer, cyber security and data privacy will be more needed in the coming days. The reason behind this is that due to the great depression in all offices in the country, the cost cutting will be done in full swing, as well as the scope of work from home is also expected to increase. In such a situation, the demand of people working in the field of cyber and networking will also increase. At the same time, the need of counselling is also increasing for the employees who are not able to adjust mentally with the changed nature of work as the coronavirus will adversely affect people’s mental, physical, emotional and personal growth, states to a report.

Mental health professionals will also become a priority :

According to information received by a source, many institutions have also appointed doctors to deal with the mental health of the people facing stress or anxieties due to the lockdown. Such people are being appointed for 6 months. 

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Sunil Goyal, managing director of Global Hunt, believes that the job opportunities in the data and cyber sector are likely to increase and their demand will be consistent. He told that 5G technology is also coming in the country, in which demand for these professionals will increase. Because there will be new experiments in technology, the workforce will also be needed accordingly.

Cases in India rise to 9,373; death toll rises to 334

According to the latest data from the Ministry of Health, there have been 9,373 positive cases of corona in the country so far. Apart from this, 334 people have died. In the last 12 hours, 705 patients of corona virus have been found. 1104 people in India have recovered or discharged from the hospital. Total number of active cases in the country are 7,935.  Earlier on Sunday, the number of corona victims in the country had crossed eight thousand.

 At the same time, 18 lakh 52 thousand 652 people are infected with coronavirus worldwide. One lakh 14 thousand 208 people have died. Four lakh 23 thousand 400 have been cured in these.

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