By The End Of June 2021, India Will Surpass United States In Number Of Covid Cases, Already On Number two Ahead Of Brazil, Russia, Italy & UK

India is on it’s way to cross the US in terms of covid cases by june. The second wave of COVID-19 has brought many uncertainties and challenges along it. Now that the virus has mutated twice, as the experts suggested, it is now much more deadly and severe, causing many people to get admitted to ICUs and stuck in hospitals.

Daily we are now witnessing thousands of people literally begging for vacant hospital beds and oxygen cylinders as their loved ones continue to suffer from the deadly virus. The first wave of COVID was nothing compared to what it has turned now, and if the government keeps avoiding facing the reality of it, we might see India going on the top with most cases in the world.

coronavirus data for june 12, 2020 | coronavirus

PM Modi addressed the situation yesterday evening and mentioned how well the country is handling the situation. The vaccines like Sputnik V will arrive from Russia in the meantime. But in reality, the situation does not seem to be improving if we do not impose lockdowns or restrict the movements of non-essential workers. Also, even after the arrival of the vaccines, it might take several days to produce them on a large scale before dispersing them for the Indian citizens to use. The state governments have imposed lockdowns in several states like Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Chattisgarh, Maharashtra, and Delhi.

eOther states are running smoothly even though India is receiving more than 2 lakh cases every day as if the virus does not affect there. This unseriousness towards the deadly virus may turn into a disastrous result, and India may have to suffer more than it could have ever imagined!

India receives more than 2 lakh cases every day, no strict measures taken

Since mid-March 2021, India’s daily COVID-19 cases started to shoot up and touched record-breaking heights. Every day, the previous daily record of COVID-19 cases is being broken, which clearly depicts that the situation is not being handled well. On January 2, 2021, the USA recorded 299,087 cases in a single day that roughly means three lakhs!

This was the highest single-day case ever in any country, and the USA top the list until now. But with a fast vaccination drive and proper implementation of rules, they quickly gained control over the situation, and since then, the cases have been going down. But in India, on the other hand, the case is totally opposite. Even though the cases are rising daily, touching the 2.5 lakh COVID cases mark, there haven’t been any strict measures.

coronavirus india lockdown 2021 highlights: maharashtra imposes night curfew from march 28 amid rise in covid-19 cases - the financial express

Despite the increase in infections, politicians have continued to hold numerous rallies across state elections. Criticism has escalated into how Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s administration handled India’s second epidemic, with religious ceremonies and election rallies being attended by thousands. Leaders, including Home Affairs Minister Amit Shah, are expected to hold more road campaigns and community meetings on Monday.

In recent weeks, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, who has also spoken at election rallies, said he had suspended all his public rallies in West Bengal in the central voting district on Sunday. Indian media reports have said Modi will chair “an important meeting” on Monday “on the COVID-related situation” as Maharashtra’s ruling party Shiv Sena called for a special session of India’s parliament to discuss the coronavirus crisis.

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Experts warning the situation might become worse; by June 2021, India will receive 3 lakh cases daily

The current situation of COVID-19 in India is not good. There is a shortage in the supply of vaccines, and the vaccination drive is running so slow that not even 3% of people have been vaccinated yet. India being the top producer of vaccines globally, should have prepared a better plan and blueprint for the distribution of vaccines to its citizens.

With the sudden implementation of lockdowns by the state government, the migrant workers have no option but to leave the cities in a hurry paying ten times more money to the bus and trains. A migrant worker from Delhi said that “it is better to die near my family members rather than dying 1000kms away.” The situation is horrific!

Hospital beds are running short. People with money are paying huge amounts of money for the medical supplies that actually price very nominal due to the increase in demand and decrease in supply. This imbalance of both the medical supplies and the proper arrangements for the patients has caused a problem for people at every level. Meanwhile, India is busy fighting corona, but the government is busy fighting elections.

The situation is saddening, and people are feeling helpless. Even in West Bengal and Assam, the real-time corona cases are not being shown anywhere. With allowing 500 people in election rallies and merely 20 people for the funeral, the imbalance has made it clear that the government only cares about votes rather than someone’s life. In no time, India will cross 3 lakh COVID-19 cases. With this unpreparedness and lack of attention towards the hazardous virus, India will see a downfall in not only its economy but also every aspect.


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