Latvian-Born Investor James Richman Profits $1.8bn From His Biotechnology Investments!

The Latvian-born investor James Richman has been gaining a solid amount of popularity recently, with his major investments in health and technology. 

While others tend to spend money on exploring space and developing sustainable energy sources, Richman’s been keen on backing other types of revolutionizing scientific ideas, mainly in the fields of biotechnology and 3D-printing. 

Monaco-based investor, James Richman, who is thought to have started his firm in London, is one of the billionaires at the forefront of helping combat coronavirus as he reportedly pledged $18m in the efforts to develop coronavirus treatment and vaccine. He is also mobilizing his biotechnology investments to help produce 3D-printed equipment and PPEs needed by the frontliners. 

He is reportedly at the forefront of backing medical breakthroughs aimed at helping combat some of the world’s silent killers. In particular, his support for the project of a group of Israeli scientists for 3D-printed hearts printed out of human cells, being the most notable one.

Once the product reaches a commercial stage, it could change medicine forever and put an end to the struggles for many patients having tough luck finding donors.

3D-printing industry meeting the growing demands

James Richman is said to have gained more than a $1.8 billion profit from his biotechnology investments so far, considering the recent increased demand for 3D-printed medical equipment.  

To many industry insiders, the news did not come as a surprise, as some of his closest friends and colleagues have compared him to the financial industry’s icon Warren Buffet, because of his foresight and risk assessment skills. 

Just like in 2008, the Monaco-based investor was able to foresee the crisis and make a smooth move, while others go bankrupt. His investments in 3D-printing aren’t by accident. He is thought to have started his firm in London, is one of the billionaires at the forefront of helping combat coronavirus. He is also one of the global investors who is known to have long been bullish with Asia, particularly India and China. 

He reportedly also pledged $18m in the efforts to develop coronavirus treatment and vaccines. He is also understood to be mobilising his biotechnology investments to help produce 3D-printed equipment and PPEs needed by the frontliners. 

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The 3D-printed industry has be

Netherlands-based 3D-printing company Heijcon is understood to be in talks with James Richman and his camp. Sources close to the matter reveal that the progress of the deal is thought to be to beef up investments in the investor’s growing biotechnology portfolio. Heijcon’s “crown jewel” is the 3D-printed bionic hands, a product, able to revolutionize the life of patients, who have lost upper limbs. 

Making profit in times of crisis

Richman’s ability to sense events before they happen has earned him a place among the ranks of the world’s most successful investors. But he hasn’t been the only one, who has kept himself busy during the quarantine. 

Another hedge fund billionaire Bill Ackman made an almost 100-fold profit on his $27 million hedge. In February 2020, right before the fuss began Ackman believed that the coronavirus pandemic was about to devastate the United States’ economy and world trade markets. 

So he and his associates spent $27 million on all the portfolio protection they could get their hands on. In a matter of days, this investment turned into an astonishing $2.6 billion

In the meantime, the CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos has also been experiencing increased profits to the tune of additional $24 billion, as the stock price of the US-based giant in online sales has hit an all-time high, while the company is seeing unprecedented demand. 

If we one looks into the history books, one can see that every once and a while a recession strikes. That’s just how the world economy works. 

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However, one could also notice that what a crisis always does is to rearrange the status quo. And with this rearrangement, new opportunities arise. The key is to anticipate and be able to precisely understand the events and make the necessary bets. 

en drawing much attention to itself since the coronavirus crisis struck. The pandemic has caused a massive shortage of personal protective equipment around the globe, which could result in a health-care catastrophe in numerous countries. 

This is where 3D-printing comes in, as various companies, engaged in the business, have been using their technologies to manufacture different necessities for the health-care professionals, such as nasal swabs, filtering face masks, face shields, and others. 

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