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Moral Policing Is Introduced In Police Training Schools of India. Delhi Police Trolled For Ranking The Highest

If you are an Indian, living in an orthodox society and moral policing isn’t an issue you need to deal with day in and day out. Are you even living? Yes, this is how common and normal moral policing has become these days. Strangers and weird, judgmental public commenting on each other’s private life is so normalized that questioning it becomes offensive. Recently, a post made by Delhi Police on their official Facebook page got massively called out by netizens.

This whole moral policing issue can be pretty offensive at times.

Imagine a stranger who has nothing to do with your life or livelihood comments on your character by looking at your outfit. How unacceptable and unfair is that supposed to be! From your daily life choices to the way you dress up, even the people you interact with, and how you choose to treat yourself, everything has a “definition” determined by the so-called socially woke and otherwise jobless people all around.

While we were kids, we all grew up with a particular set of beliefs and values. But, as we grew older with earning more and more experiences, we soon realized many things coming along our way are entirely new and, most of the time, conflict with our core values and belief systems. What we forgot to learn while we grew up was to accept and acknowledge. Whatever seems wrong for any of us might be suitable for someone else and vice versa, unless it is a criminal offense.Police Performance and Public Perception in Rajasthan, India | The Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab

Recently, a post made by Delhi Police on their official Facebook page got massively called out by netizens.

The post was meant to warn the active employers on social media platforms to avoid exploiting the employees looking for jobs by establishing any other relationship beyond the professional boundaries with an excuse or providing employment.

The image uploaded by Delhi Police on their social media page shows a screenshot of a WhatsApp chat between an employee seeking jobs with an employer. They posted it with the caption, “And you might end on a date with us,” with a threatening tone. The image also has a tagline that says, “Using resume for coffee dates, can open for you our gates.”

While the tagline is quite uncanny and pretty derogatory, the tone taken by Delhi Police via their post is noticeably offensive. On the other hand, the screenshot is probably just an image edited by photo editing or meme-making apps. It shows a conversation between an employer and an employee. It is seen that after approaching to offer a job, the employer asks the employee out for a coffee to take the discussion further.

Even though it is entirely unprofessional and declining such offers after thorough verification is the wisest thing one can do, the involvement of the police in this tiny little matter with such a robust enthusiasm is still questionable. Unless there is a severe criminal offense case such as violation of ethical conduct, legit exploitation, verified molestation, or severe harassment, it is never justified to seek legal help.

An allegation of exploitation, molestation, or harassment can cause lives. We have witnessed a lot of such cases where a false accusation not only just took away dignity, peace, and mental stability but has often led to the death of the victims. They should handle sensitive issues such as these with a lot of potentials and be thoroughly professional.Editorial in English | Editorial | Mahamediaonline

Before taking such allegations, the authorities with power should go for a thorough and detailed investigation. Dictating people whom to interact with and how to interact over a social media platform is not something the police should be concerned about. In cases of cyber-harassment or such exploitation cases, the people in power should have the ability to judge fairly and accordingly.

We often find innocent people scared of uniformed officials. It is because of such poor actions and unjust decisions that they take. Police and uninformed people in power are supposed to be our moral supports and not some random jobless public judging other people’s life choices.

Even though the post made by Delhi Police had absolute pure intentions, the poor choice of words, unprofessional mannerisms, and wrong tone of sarcasm, it led to a massive humiliation of the entire police department, through all the social media trolls and callouts:

“Be available when and where you are needed with all the enthusiasm and will as uniformed police officers abiding law and order with honest intentions instead of being an annoying judgemental nincompoop with a long nose and a swollen head….” A still from Aamir Khan-starrer ...Article Proof Read & Edited By Shreedatri Banerjee

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