Social Activist Harpreet Singh Gives A New Meaning To Public Service

Harpreet Singh is a well recognized social worker, political activist, youth leader and entrepreneur in the city of Delhi in India. He is the youngest Secretary General of the Delhi Pradesh Youth Congress. He has completed his higher education from London and returned to India with the objective of dedicating himself to social work and service.

Harpreet Singh has undertaken various projects in the fields of child education. After partnering with local help groups and societies, Harpreet and his team went to remote villages and slums around Delhi and initiated dialogue with parents and made them aware of the importance of sending their children to school. Harpreet Singh enrolled hundreds of village children in Government schools near their locality and also provided them with uniforms, stationery, books and notebooks. Additionally, he looked into the infrastructural problems that the schools were facing and took them forward to the appropriate authorities.

Harpreet Singh is also the founder of the India Together Foundation. It is a Non Government Organization that was actively engaged in extending all kinds of help to people during the COVID-19 pandemic in the country. Harpreet Singh and his team shortlisted households of hand-to-mouth labourers and supplied them with food grains and vegetables during the entire course of the lockdowns. Harpreet Singh also gave out free masks, sanitizers and basic medicines to people in need. During the second wave, he connected a lot of affected people to hospitals and health centers.

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Harpreet Singh is also an established entrepreneur and businessman. He is the Director of the firm GSR Holdings. Recently, he pumped in Rupees 150 crores towards numerous projects near Noida and Ghaziabad that were unfinished for a lot of years.

Harpreet Singh has emerged as a passionate and hardworking individual who has undertaken social and public service that has positively had far-reaching and long-term effects.

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