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The Merger Of Disparity Which Faced a Radical Deficit..!

aQuantive was a US based company which was primarily involved in the digitisation networking aiming with the marketing services and the technological dominance. When Microsoft purchased the Seattle originated company for about 6.3 billion USD in cash, it was appraised as the biggest acquisition of all time in the history of the giant software corporations but was subsequently listed to be a disaster of all times..!
Anecdote of the ill-fated collaboration
On May 18, 2007 Microsoft emerged with the headline of acquiring the digital marketing and advertisement company aQuantive for 6.2 billion USD Microsoft kept the enterprise close to its working domain and also exercised the best possible affairs to make this collaboration a success.
But just five years down to this acquisition it was written off by Microsoft claiming the acquisition to be drastic failure.It was being found that Microsoft has been insisting the enterprise to work on the search advertising despite of the displayable advertising feature the company owned. This was indeed a lesson to Microsoft from which indeed a lot could be inferred but again it was too late for the same.
No revenue in general was characterised for the same, post the acquisition. And even the online advertising portal of the Microsoft remained stagnant for a long period of time, and this was all indeed evident when in 2012 Microsoft wrote about 6.2 billion USD loses for the acquisition.
Plausible Rationale of the non-compliance
As the foremost objective which was ascertained with the acquisition Steve Ballmer wanted to maximise the opportunity of the digital advertise fell the overall development of the collaborated firms.
But as to what as actually planned to be accounted of the partnership did not certainly anticipated with the overall growth of the acquisition. And it also was brought into the able notice that the downfall of aQuantive was accompanied with varied several reasons. Foremost it was being the Microsoft wanted the display searching enterprise to deviate from their work of nature and wanted to invest more in of the search advertising.
Moreover it was not possible for aQuantive to operate on a standalone basis on to a high speed of software working. Even the top executive was brainstormed for the various aiming demands of Microsoft.
Of all the basic reason cited above the most crucial of all which played an impeccable role in the distress among the two organisations was the difference in the working culture of the two corporate. The engineered cumulative work culture of Microsoft could not fit to the best possible of its form to the advertising aimed mindset of aQuantive.
 The contradictory work interest
The very task which Microsoft rendered aQuantive with to lay more focus on the software part as compare to the advertising part drove the difference across them even ta a high rate. Even the employees of aQunative found the work culture of Microsoft to be more of windows obsessed as compared to their interest being led by something else. Even an ambient algorithm for the searching advance pertaining to the field of advertisement could not be pertained as of more with the joint alliance.
As of all the apprenticeship aiming to the acquisition the combination was quickly realised to be more of mitigation whose survival was indeed hard to be taken aback .Lack of a enable   strategic decisions were enough to realise the fact that the acquisition could have worked differently and would have allowed the them to invest wisely on all the notions of the acquisition and have tried to acknowledge the nature of working of the two enterprises in a notably nature.
The realm of acquisition was being now being accounted to the wrong leadership of the Microsoft because of the lack of the organisation to inculcate the technological and service initiatives into the other.
Microsoft was not actually in its form to reorganise the assets and eventually this up thrust lead to the downfall of sealed aQuantive fate. The collaboration was not successful to work in accordance even with the retaining talented pool of the employees of the two unified organisation.
The afflicted outcome
In actual terms aQunative was oversold of its actual potent abilities to do well in the advertising strategies. And the deal was though demonstrated with the serious content profiling but still the egocentric work culture that was perpetuating could not be stopped as often. The write off was being mentioned on the terms that the organisation was not doing at all well in all forums , and the acquisition was cited indeed as a complete loss.
Microsoft as an entirely technological based giant has rendered over dollar of monetary terms and has also is being found faulty of aligning the two collaborated firms under the one roof.



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