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Toshiba’s Future Secured: JIp-Led Group To Acquire Company for $15 Billion.

Toshiba’s Future Secured: JIp-Led Group to Acquire Company for $15 Billion.

Following a challenging period in its more than 140-year history, the historic Company Toshiba has decided to put an end to the chapter by accepting a takeover bid from a Japanese consortium. On Friday, Tokyo’s stock market experienced a strong increase.

On Thursday, the board of directors of the Tokyo-based Company gave their approval for a consortium that will be led by the domestic private equity firm Japan Industrial Partners Inc. This consortium will contribute approximately 2 trillion yen ($15.3 billion), which is equivalent to 4,620 days per share. Yuan.

When compared to Toshiba‘s pricing at the end of trading on Thursday, the offer implies a premium of approximately 9.7 per cent. At 9:09 in the morning local time, its shares had gained 6.1% and were trading at 4,471 yen.


Background on Toshiba

Toshiba is a renowned multinational conglomerate that was founded in 1875 and headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. The business has grown over time to become a major electronics producer of semiconductors, and home appliances, among other things.

Toshiba has also been involved in various business ventures, including nuclear energy, which has been a significant source of controversy for the Company in recent years.

Acceptance of the Buyout Offer

Toshiba’s acceptance of the buyout offer from a consortium led by Japan Industrial Partners Inc marks the end of a troubled chapter for the iconic conglomerate. The consortium is expected to contribute 2 trillion yen ($15.3 billion), or 4,620 yen per share, which represents a premium of about 9.7% to Toshiba’s closing price on Thursday.

The offer was approved by Toshiba’s board on Thursday, and stocks in Tokyo rose sharply on Friday. According to Toshiba, the acquisition would involve 17 Japanese corporations and six domestic financial institutions.

Before the statement, Nikkei claimed that organizations like Orix, Rohm, and Chubu Electric Power were among those engaged, matching a previous report by Bloomberg News.

After a slew of scandals debilitated the illustrious Japanese corporation and set it on the road to a sale, the move may put an end to years of upheaval for the organization.

The future of Toshiba has been a source of contention between its management, the Japanese government, and many of its vocal foreign shareholders, with activist investors looking to maximize returns. The nation prioritizes keeping vital businesses and technology out of foreign hands at the same time.

Mio Kato, an analyst at LightStream Research, stated, “It would be good to address here as one of Toshiba’s challenges is the lack of a consistent plan owing to repeated changes in direction.” To fully realize the potential of certain growing enterprises, more effort needs to be made.

Since a number of well-known activist investors spotted an opportunity and purchased stock in the Company, the tale has evolved into a test case for corporate governance in Japan.

The biggest private equity firms in the world, such as Bain Capital, CVC Capital Partners, and KKR & Co., are thinking about making an offer.

The nuclear power division of Toshiba is regarded as crucial to national security. The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station, destroyed by the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear leak in 2011, was decommissioned. Because of this, it is challenging for the government to approve the transfer of ownership to foreign corporations.

Prior to the weak demand for hard drives and memory chips, Toshiba said the consortium offered up to 5,500 yen per share. JIP, however, claimed that because of deteriorating market conditions, funding challenges, and Toshiba’s revised profit forecast, it had reduced its proposal many times since then.

Given the decline in deal volume this year, if the deal closes, it will be one of the largest in Asia. It would also rank among the biggest purchases led by private equity in Japan.


Acceptance by the board has not been an easy journey. Bloomberg claims that the procedure has seen numerous delays. Due to banks’ increased reluctance to finance sizable deals in an unfavourable economic climate, the JIP-led consortium has had difficulties in obtaining financing.

During the past eight years, Toshiba has gone from one catastrophe to another, beginning with an accounting scandal in 2015 that destroyed profitability and prompted a corporate-wide restructure.

The expensive nuclear power industry in the US eventually collapsed, leading to an asset write-down of $6.3 billion and a near-certain delisting. The memory chip unit, its crown jewel, had to be sold in order to make room for shares that were quickly purchased by foreign investors.

Since then, disputes over the Company’s future have arisen between shareholders and executives. In an effort to add one of its co-founders and other potential candidates to Toshiba’s board of directors in 2020, Effissimo made a proposal to shareholders, which the latter rejected.

Sceptical of the way the vote was handled, Effissimo proposed the appointment of an independent investigator to look into it and succeeded in winning a historic shareholder vote in 2021. According to the investigative report, Toshiba management influenced the vote by collaborating with government allies.

Early last year, as a countermeasure to investor demands that the Company be sold to private equity, shareholders rejected management’s proposal to divide the Company in two. Due to the failure of the plan, Toshiba is now considering its strategic options for the future, including a potential sale. The qualifying proposal was submitted by JIP in October.

Hidemi Moue, the current Head of a buyout firm based in Tokyo, established JIP in 2002. Industrial Bank of Japan Ltd., one of the businesses that combined to establish Mizuho Financial Group Ltd. in 2000, was where he began his professional career.

JIP is renowned for purchasing PC manufacturer Vaio Corp from Sony Group Inc. in 2014 and has been involved in pioneering businesses viewed as peripheral by its parent corporation.


The Next Step

The next step for Toshiba is expected to be a tender offer in late July, with a specific timetable to be announced later. The Company will also be working with the consortium to finalize the details of the deal. Toshiba’s acceptance of the buyout offer from a consortium led by Japan Industrial Partners Inc marks the end of a troubled chapter for the Company.

The offer represents a significant premium to the Company’s closing price on Thursday and has been well-received by investors, as seen by the sharp rise in stocks in Tokyo on Friday. It remains to be seen how the deal will play out, but for now, it seems like a positive step forward for the iconic Japanese conglomerate.

Edited by Prakriti Arora



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