Released in 2004 by Blizzard Entertainment, World of Warcraft – fondly known as WoW – is a massively multiplayer role-playing game (MMORPG), and is the fourth release in Blizzard’s Warcraft fantasy universe. The events of WoW take place in the fantastic kingdom of Azeroth, and is set four years later from Blizzard’s previous Warcraft title release’s conclusion, Warcraft III. Albeit the game was announced in 2001, it was released in memoriam the franchise’s ten-year anniversary.

Often claimed to be the world’s largest MMORPG, World of Warcraft has amassed nearly 100 million registered accounts to its name, and grossed USD 9.23 billion by 2017, making it one of the most financially successful games ever released. Since launch, the game has had eight major expansion packs added to its name, along with a vanilla Classic version of the game that was showcased in BlizzCon 2017. Grabbing the attention of millions of fans again, World of Warcraft Classic was released in August 2019, and can now be played in tandem with World of Warcraft.

More than just gameplay:

In World of Warcraft, you – as a player – get to control an avatar of your creation. The game is a culmination of various genres, and was considered a huge achievement back in 2004. Not only does it include hack-and-slashing dragons, adventure and exploration plays a huge part in WoW. Progression can be achieved by completing in-game quests and interacting with non-player characters, or NPCs. Depending upon the kind of realm that exists in your server, the game is either played in normal mode, where the quests and story progression take priority, or is played in Roleplay mode, where roleplaying as your character takes importance over story progression.

Roleplay servers are the personal favorite of a large part of the player base. With no plot descending upon you simply because you logged into existence, a huge part of your time in Roleplay servers is spent co-existing. Almost like a second life of sorts, every decision you make in a Roleplay server affects real people behind real avatars, thereby acting as a simulated world of sorts. Quite enjoyable, really.

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Just like real life, your avatars progress in terms of skill and gains the longer you play with them. This further results in the refinement of your character, leading to you carving a specific niche within the realm. There are two main professions your avatar can be a part of – production, involving tailoring, blacksmithing, and jewel-crafting, or gathering, including skinning and mining. Expect a large part of your time in World of Warcraft to be spent completing quests, which in return grants you with skill points, loot items, and in-game currency.

With art direction resembling its predecessors, World of Warcraft is set in the same real-time strategic fantasy universe as the previous games, Warcraft. The game consists a 3D interactive universe that the characters are a part of, and contain a wide variety of interesting institutions and amenities, both within the universe and gameplay-wise. The only major difference between Warcraft and our universe is, apart from the very fantastic elements, is the ability to be resurrected. Players that die are turned into ghosts are the nearest graveyard, and can either be resurrected by other characters, or self-resurrect if they possess the skill to.

Spending more than time:

One of the more interesting mechanics in World of Warcraft is its interaction with real-world money. Most titles, be it from the long-gone past or the recent present, are paid for once or require a subscription. And … that is it – you get to enjoy the game as long as you do not violate the Terms of Service of the game or the license agreement. World of Warcraft follows the subscription pattern, allowing your BattleNet account to hold on to the WoW license as long as the monthly pay is accounted for. Interrupted payments can be restarted, and your WoW profile is not affected by interruption of payment.

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Apart from this, there are various interactions that you can be a part of, which allows your in-game activity to be accounted for in real money! WoW, unlike various other popular titles, has an active economy set around its universe that you can be a part of. The only reason that the game is still popular, a decade and a half later, is because of its active economy. You can gain various items and sell them using “gold”, a form of translated money within the game. While real money is used to buy wow gold, wow gold can be exchanged for real money as well. This is more than just a game – it is a long-standing business that has been ragingly successful for both the developers and the players.

While the universe may be fantastic, WoW’s economy and financial investment rules do not differ much from ours; an implication that for you to achieve gold caps (currently held at 100 million gold), you need to invest in the economy first. This is where Loot WoW Gold comes in.

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