As devastated workers start migrating back to their native states from Delhi and Maharashtra, Rahul Gandhi asks PM Modi to provide some assistance: see what he has to say!

As workers start migrating back to their native states from Delhi and Maharashtra, Rahul Gandhi asks PM Modi to provide some assistance: see what he has to say!


As many of us are aware that recently India has been experiencing a huge surge in the Covid-19 cases after having months of no signs of any increase. It is evident that most parts of the country are affected but the states that have been reported to have been majorly affected are Maharashtra and Delhi. Maharashtra government Maha Aghadi led by Uddhav Thackeray and the Arvind Kejriwal government has already imposed many lockdowns and curfews in Maharashtra and Delhi respectively to control the ongoing situation.

Coronavirus scenario in the country:
On Tuesday, India recorded the highest single-day number of deaths witnessing about 1,761 deaths. The country was reported to have recorded a total of about new 2,59,170 cases of fresh infections. Seeing the numbers surge to such a large amount, the defense minister of the country, Rajnath Singh has requested all the retired army doctors, who have gotten themselves vaccinated, to identify and mobilize to help in covid duties.


There has been a huge panic that has been created in the country due to this deadly second wave of coronavirus. This sudden panic has compelled all the migrant workers to return to their respective native places. It is difficult for them since they had already experienced such a situation last year when the government announced a nationwide lockdown all of a sudden to tackle the situation. As a result of the current lockdown and curfews in Maharashtra and Delhi, many migrant workers have now started moving back to their native places. With this mass migration that is being taken place, it seems as though the government has remained nonchalant over the current issue.

This mass migration of the workers began when Uddhav Thackeray and Kejriwal announced lockdowns and curfews in their respective states and also because of the mismanagement of the crisis by the state government. With this state-imposed lockdown, Rahul Gandhi has reported having asked the Modi government to at least provide some financial help to the migrant laborers in a tweet.


He says that migrants of the states are moving and it is nothing but one of the many responsibilities of the central government to at least deposit some amount of money in their respective accounts. Does he then go on questioning by asking that will a government that is blaming the citizens of the country for the spread of this deadly pandemic take this step?

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It is known that the state government is responsible for taking care of the migrant workers’ needs and health but taking into consideration the current situation, it is evident that neither the state government nor the central government cares even a little bit about the citizens and their needs.

When it comes to tackling the covid situation, the main leaders of the country themselves, that is prime minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah, have been setting a bad example by not wearing masks, hence not following the covid-19 norms completely.

Allowing massive political rallies to be conducted instead of discussing the harmful effects of it, allowing a huge Hindu festival such as a Kumbh Mela to take place with millions of people accumulating at a place, and politicizing the distribution of vaccines were some of the things that were not necessary at a time like this when the whole country is facing such a crisis along with having such an alarming fatality rate. What India needs is a better medical facility and accountability, what India needs right now is legitimate governance, legitimate leadership.

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It had been so many days that the Modi government took any actions, forget actions, the government did not even bother to say anything opposing the current scenario of the mass accumulation of the people and the lack of medical facilities. However, when the media announced that the Prime Minister will address the nation on Tuesday night, people still had some hopes reinstalled in their minds that at least now the government will say anything, now the government will do anything and take a major step that will help India fight the covid-19.

But as it was observed, all that Modiji said was that we need to stay strong, help others and stay inside our houses. The major thing that he focussed on in his speech was that the youth needs to stay strong and that the lockdown should be the last option to resort to.

Now if we look at it, considering the current situation and the mentality of people, a nationwide lockdown is indeed crucial, contrary to what our prime minister believes. Apart from the thing considering the lockdown, all that our prime minister mentioned in his speech was already known to almost everyone. However, let’s see how the situation of the country turns out.

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