1 million COVID-19 cases in 100 hours!!! Total reaches 14 million

Crossing another grim milestone, the total number of coronavirus infections worldwide passed 14 million on Friday, as indicated by a Reuters tally, denoting the first time ever when there has been a massive surge in the number of cases i.e. 1 million cases in less than 100 hours. With more than 602,757 fatalities, this additionally denoted the first occasion when the number of positive cases rose by 1 million in less than 100 hours. While it took more than a quarter of a year to cross the initial million, the cases skyrocketed from 13 million to 14 million in mere three days. 


The first-ever case to be recorded was accounted for in China towards the beginning of January and it took three months to arrive at 1 million cases. After 13 million cases were recorded on the 14th of July, it had only taken FOUR DAYS to cross another million cases. 

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In India.

India, the only other country than the US and Brazil, with more than 1 million cases, has been wrestling with a normal surge of right around 30,000 new cases every day since the past one week. India recorded its highest-most every day spike of 34,884 COVID-19 cases and 671 passings over the course of the past 24 hours, pushing the all-out count to 1038716. The loss of life is currently 26273, according to information discharged by the Union Health Ministry. The active number of cases in India remains at 358692 while 653751 have been relieved or released up until this point. 

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Among the states, Maharashtra has become the first to cross the 6k deaths mark. It has reported 292589 total cases with 160357 recovered, 11452 passings, and 120780 active cases. The western state is trailed by Delhi and Tamil Nadu. Delhi has recorded 120107 corona cases with 99301 recovered, 3571 passings, and 17235 active cases. Tamil Nadu has 160907 positive cases with 110807 recovered, 2315 passing, and 47785 active cases. Gujarat with 46430 positives, up until this point, has 32973 who have recovered, 2106 passings, while 11351 cases are still active. 

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In the USA.

The United States, with more than 3.6 million COVID-19 cases, is still in the first wave of COVID-19 infections yet observing tremendous everyday hops in its infection count. The United States posted a worldwide record of an excess of 77,000 new cases registered on a single day i.e. Thursday, while contrastingly Sweden has announced 77,281 complete cases since the pandemic started. 


Regardless of the rising cases, a cultural divide is developing in the nation over wearing facial coverings to slow the spread of the infection, a precautionary measure being routinely taken in numerous different countries. 

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U.S. President Donald Trump and his devotees have opposed a full-throated support of facial masks and have been calling for a return to typical financial movement and reopening schools for the fall semester, in spite of the flooding cases. 


Other hard-hit nations have “flattened the curve” and are lifting lockdowns set up to curb the transmission of the novel coronavirus while others, for example, the urban areas of Barcelona and Melbourne, are imposing a second round of local lockdowns. 


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As indicated by the World Health Organization, the number of cases worldwide is thrice that of extreme influenza diseases recorded every year. 


The pandemic has now killed over 590,000 individuals in a period of seven months, edging towards the upper scope of yearly flu passings announced around the world. The principal death was accounted for on Jan. 10 in Wuhan, China before contaminations and fatalities at that point flooded in Europe and later in the United States. 

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In Brazil.

The Reuters count, which depends on government reports, shows the malady is worsening the quickest in the Americas, which represent the greater part of the world’s total number of cases and more than half of its demises. 


In Latin America, the cases are flooding at a disturbing rate. Brazil, which is the second-worst influenced by the pandemic, has detailed in excess of 2 million individuals to have tested positive including President Jair Bolsonaro, while over 76,000 individuals have succumbed to the illness. 


The healthcare framework is overpowered. A few authorities revealed to AlJazeera that there are days when all the ICU beds are filled, constraining a few patients to sit tight for ten days for an “opportunity.” 


President Jair Bolsonaro, who garnered extreme criticism and backlash from the public for making light of the novel coronavirus, tested positive for a second time on Wednesday. 

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What about the vaccine?

In the midst of the troubling headlines, an improvement at Oxford University bolsters the hopes of people. The COVID-19 vaccine, being created in association with AstraZeneca, has produced a resistant reaction against the virus’ infection in people, reports said. 


Individuals up to date said the prospective vaccine works and offers “twofold protection” against the sickness.  In the event that things work out in a good way, the vaccine will be made accessible by September-end or October. 

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These nations have been the fundamental drivers behind the World Health Organization on Friday detailing a record one-day increment in worldwide coronavirus instances of 237,743. 


In nations like India, with constrained testing limits, case numbers reflect just an extent of absolute infections in the public. Specialists state official information likely under-speaks to both diseases and passings. 


This development comes as significant nations in Europe and the Pacific have flattened the curve and are currently reconnecting the borders through bilateral air bubbles. As of late, the roof of the famous French landmark Eiffel tower opened for parties giving another explanation for individuals to cheer in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Earlier France had shut the pinnacle in the middle of March owing to the pandemic. After positive cases in the nation plunged, it was reopened on June 25 to the public. 


The monument was opened on the condition that individuals visiting it would be wearing facial covers and follow social distancing measures. Notwithstanding, since its public reopening a week ago, just a couple of individuals have been following the given rules. In the interim, expounding on the experience, a French student allegedly said that it was the right chance to party outside including that she felt like individuals had forgotten about the coronavirus.


There seems to be no respite for the world in its battle against coronavirus, taking into account how rapidly the sickness is spreading. Going back to the pre-COVID normal seems like a far-fetched dream.

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