Top 10 Best Event Management Companies In India 2023

Top 10 Best Event Management Companies In India In 2023

The most active industry now is event management. There has been no turning back since it exploded out on the Indian landscape in the 1990s. As a result, events management in India has gradually expanded and kept up with the times in terms of scope, size, and diversity. In India right now, the events management industry is of enormous importance. What began with market size of INR 28 billion in 2012 a decade ago has nearly doubled in that time.

In FY2021, it is projected that planned events will generate INR 100 billion in income. Forecasts indicate that the events management business will increase by 20% over the following several years, after having risen continuously by 16% since 2002.

Although the epidemic undoubtedly contributed significantly to the decline in current numbers, it also helped redefine engagement and solutions. Collectively, event firms have responded to audience preferences and digitization, resulting in a new dynamic that can be recognized as the future of events as we currently know them. Although some events businesses might have resorted to close, those who adapted have raised the bar for the sector.

What is an event management company?

Event management companies are service providers that have specialized in the coordination and production of events. You will often be tasked with planning and conducting corporate events such as product launches, conferences and seminars. Event management companies generally have a team of employees responsible for diverse elements of event planning, such as Venue selection, decoration, catering, entertainment and transportation.

Event Management Industry

event management

Event management has grown in popularity in India in recent years. This is a result of the growing number of businesses vying for entry into the Indian market. Indian event management companies have the skills and resources necessary to organize successful events that can aid businesses in achieving their objectives.

Over the past ten years, event management has been one of the world’s sectors with the quickest growth. Event management businesses handle all of the planning for official conferences, birthday celebrations, weddings, concerts, and even award ceremonies. Even though it’s nearly hard to choose from the many event management companies available, we’ve made an effort and listed the top 10 that have consistently outperformed the competition.

As the event planning industry is booming day by day, do you have upcoming events in your life like birthday parties, or sporting events? Events, company events and weddings? Just keep calm and be patient as we have the best options for you in our 10 Best Event Management Companies in India 2023 list. We will assist you in choosing the best event management companies.

  • Wizcraft
  • Cineyug
  • E-factor
  • DNA Entertainment Network
  • Fountainhead MKTG
  • Wow Events
  • Tafcon group
  • 360-degree events
  • Showtime
  • Sercon

List Of The Top 10 Best Event Management Companies In India In 2023

  • Wizcraft:

event management

One of India’s top and most reputable event management firms is Wiz Craft. Over 500 international corporations are among its clients, in addition to the biggest business houses. In addition, they have played host to well-known occasions including the 50th Independence Day celebrations and the opening and closing ceremonies of the 19th Commonwealth Games.

Mumbai is home to the international event management firm Wiz Craft. It was established in 1997 by Andresgranados Wizcraft and has offices in Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, and Bangalore. With offices in Cape Town, Dubai, and London, the business is well-represented abroad. Major events including shows, product launches, fashion shows, award ceremonies, and corporate events are Wiz Craft’s area of expertise.

Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Samsung, Ford, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Lionel Richie, Justin Bieber, and Alicia Keys are just a few of the largest brands and personalities the business has worked with. The coveted International Event Professional Award (IEPA) for Best Management Company is one of several honours Wiz Craft has received.


event management

Cineyug Entertainment Private Limited is a leading entertainment company based in Mumbai. Mohomed Morani Karim Morani co-founded the company with Aly Morani, Mazhar Nadiadwala and the late Bunty Soorma. Cinerug recently announced an alliance with The Walt Disney Company for live entertainment. In addition to producing commercials, films, live concerts and arena events, large-scale awards events, branding, networking events, television software, live television shows and ceremonies are also produced.

The company offers pyrotechnics and special effects in addition to artist management and celebrity endorsements. Live event management is one of Cinerug’s strongest areas of expertise. Cineyug has produced over 2,500 LIVE events and concerts, some of which have been the largest of any Indian company. So far he has reached more than a billion viewers worldwide and more than 2 million live audiences through his concerts and events.

Cineyug’s film trade was boosted by films such as Arjun, Vardi, Dum and the award-winning Raja Hindustani and Damini. The innovations in the services and ceremonies of enhancing the company’s main scenarios evolve and engage.

  • E Factor:

event management

E Factor Event Management is one of the main board-organizing events in India. E-Factor administrations include corporate executive events, wedding services, shows, corporate and private meetings, brand previews and meetings. Pune serves as the organization’s administrative hub. The fundamental idea behind E Factor is that it has some expertise in producing cutting-edge, contemporary, and original events that strengthen its imaginative storytelling style. Members of the entertainment and events sectors founded it.

2000–2001 saw the founding of E Factor. He objected to creating a business that might set itself apart as a highly specialized service provider in its field. The business is renowned for its outstanding configurations and forms as well as its attentive customer support. They provide complete solutions, whether for business or social meetings. A fantastic adventure spanning 20 years, 19 countries, more than 816 events, and 132 prizes has taken place. The business is listed within India’s 10 best event management firms.

  • DNA Entertainment Network:

In addition to its Bangalore headquarters, DNA has also run operations out of Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata. In addition, live music performances, award ceremonies, and even product debuts are among their areas of expertise. Working with well-known musicians like Sir Elton John, Enrique Iglesias, and Ricky Martin has helped them gain recognition. They have a significant impact on the international events that India hosts.

India is a nation of festivals, and celebrations take place all year long. Every region has a festival that everyone may enjoy, whether they live in the North, South, East, or West. DNAEntertainment Networks is one such business that ensures that everyone has a good time on these occasions. You run a business that manages events. Some of the biggest events in the nation have been organized by a Mumbai-based company. They have performed at everything from weddings to concerts. Their dedication to offering top-notch service and attention to detail distinguish them from other event management businesses.

Your team consists of experienced professionals who are passionate about what they do. This shows in their work as they ensure that every event is a huge success. So if you’re looking for an event management company that can make your next event one remember, look no further than DNA Entertainment Networks.

  • Fountainhead MKTG:

event management

MKTG is a leading international community marketing company that has pioneered live events, retail marketing, and B2B engagements. With our headquarters in New York City, we have over 1,300 employees and 7,000 brand ambassadors spread across 29 offices in 16 nations. MKTG works to provide top-tier brands with memorable and emotionally resonant life experiences through sports sponsorship, live events, retail marketing, B2B engagement, and hospitality. Sports, retail, B2B interaction, B2B entertainment, and the hospitality industry.

Currently, an international advertising company, Dentsu Aegis, bought Fountainhead Entertainment. He signed the deal in mid-October and now spans five brands: Fountainhead Events, Oranjuice Entertainment, Fountainhead Activations, Fountainhead Corporate Journeys and Fountainhead Digital. Am Mortmarketing is reflected in the way on all fronts, especially theoretically, technically, and regionally. Because of this, it offers unique services to people all over the world.

  • Wow Events:

Founded on October 10, 2008, WOW Events Private Limited is a non-governmental organization. It is categorized as a public corporation even though it is a private, unlisted company. Event management firm WOW Events SA Ltd. is situated in New Delhi, India. They design and provide the WOWe experience for the audience and the brand. If there’s something that sets this company apart, it’s the surprise factor. With over 15 years in business, Wow Events has worked with some of the biggest corporate names and partnered with high-profile events including the Anoushka Shankar Project and the HT City Fashionista Project.

The wow event has recently made a name for itself through numerous effective deliveries of items. Organizations like Jaypee Concrete, Hitachi, Orient Fans, G Five and Ultra Tech Concrete are organizations. These leading organizations submit their articles using the Wow event.

  • Tafcon Group:

event management

Delhi-based events company Tafcon stands at the Organization of international events such as business conferences and exhibitions. They also schedule trade fairs. Although they have no social media presence, they have never lacked in experience and work and are presently categorised among the top companies in India. Weddings, corporate events, and private parties are the focus of Tafcon Group, a reputable events management firm.

We aim to give our customers the best service possible and have over ten years of experience in the field. Since no two events are the same, we collaborate closely with our clients to meet their unique needs. We make sure that your event is a total success from beginning to end.

TAFFCON works to support India in achieving new heights. As a result, it is crucial in easing the transfer of technology and foster intra- and interregional trade. Several of the worldwide events that TAFCON organizes are supported by federal and state government ministries. Another Milestone for fairs that today emphasize the value of history and culture has begun a lengthy journey.

  • 360-degree events:

event management

360DegreeEvents is famous for its 360-degree events management in India. It offers full-service event planning. This could be the best choice for you if you have a query about any of the events that are listed. Events in 360 degrees Event planning includes congresses, B2B trade exhibitions, conferences, seminars, TV specials, award shows at the movies, press conferences, and promotions for brands, products, consumers, retailers, rural areas, etc.

A private firm named 360 Degree Event Management Private Limited was established on December 26, 2013. It is listed in the Delhi Commercial Register as a non-government organization. Both it’s paid-up capital and authorized share capital are Rs. 100,000. They participate in sports and other leisure pursuits.


  • Showtime Group:

event management

Showtime takes responsibility for brands to create an experience. They have won awards such as WOW, PINNACLE, EEMAX and GALA over the past 5 years and have repeatedly raised their bar. His work experience can be found across the industry at conferences, road shows, product launches, sports, exclusive events, television and more with names such as BMW, TAJ, Infosys, Louis Vuitton and Google.

This firm has a history of making every occasion significantly more successful, whether you’re projecting a new product, making a statement, commemorating a momentous anniversary, or even hosting an exceptional gathering. Their expertise lies in achieving the unthinkable, overcoming operational challenges and organizing large-scale events. As a result, Showtime has partnered with some of the biggest brands and events the country has ever seen.

  • Sercon:

Headquartered in Bangalore, Sercon is a dominant event management company in India. They have hosted diverse conferences, corporate films, visual, audio and laser shows and precise embarked on product launches. Event management typically applies to planning and coordinating all aspects of an occasion, be it a corporate conference, wedding or music festival. Due to their capability to deliver qualified and effective services to those organizing an occasion, event planning businesses have grown in popularity in recent years. Sercon Company is one of the most well-known event management companies in India.

Since being established in Bangalore, Sercon Company has grown to become one of the country’s leading suppliers of event management services. The organisation offers a wide range of services, like marketing, design, and event planning and coordination. Sercon Company has organized a variety of events, including weddings, corporate conferences, and music festivals. Sercon Company provides event consultancy and training services in addition to its event management services. These services are made to ensure that event organizers benefit the most from their expertise.

Difference between Event Planning & Event Management

event management

Although there is a certain similarity in the tasks and duties of event management and event planning, the critical difference is that event planners are largely in charge of organizing every step of the event according to the established schedule, while event managers are in command of each of the aspects starting with the sales meeting and concluding with an assessment of the efficiency of the managing the event.

To be successful in their work, competent event management specialists should have the following qualities:

  • Detail-oriented to prepare and consider all options.
  • To turn the client’s expectations into a concrete reality, one must be a good listener.
  • Being inventive means coming up with fresh concepts and unique solutions.
  • Being adaptable allows for negotiations and collaboration between all stakeholders.
  • To deal with adverse occurrences and schedule deviations, address problems

Frequently asked questions about the event management company

  1. What does an event management company or business do?

Answer. The event management industry or companies are those industries engaged in the field of event management for an individual’s individual needs or to meet the event planning needs of a company. There can be any company or industry that provides services to people related to event planning for people.

  1. What types of event management companies are there?

Answer. Although there are many various kinds of event management firms available, there are fundamentally just seven.

  • Personal events
  • Weddings or other festive events
  • Business or organizational events
  • Exhibitions
  • Fashion events
  • Leisure events
  • Cultural events
  1. What constitutes event management’s five Cs?

Answers. These are the 5 Cs of event management.

  • Concept.
  • Coordination.
  • Control.
  • Culmination.
  • Closeout.
  1. Why is event management important? What are the benefits of event management?

Answer. The crucial component of the company is event management. Especially for companies that sell tangible goods. Every business that has released a new product tries its hardest to promote its name and products to the public. And event handling does a fantastic job of solving this issue. because you may display your goods to tens of thousands of attendees while the event is happening and post videos on various platforms afterwards.

A competent event management company can be hired with a number of benefits. Working with an event management company to plan, organize, and execute events has a ton of advantages. Event management companies work together efficiently to make sure your event is a success.

  1. What is the purpose of event management?

The goal of event management might vary depending on the needs of a company, organization, or individual. One thing is certain, though: anyone who intends to hold an event will want to advertise or display anything they have.

Event managers have a critical responsibility to ensure that a customer’s event runs as smoothly as it possibly can. In accordance with the demands of their clients, they hire and oversee a team, book one or more locations, arrange cuisine, scheduled entertainment, and set up additional lodgings for the event. They typically provide a strategy outlining how they want the event to be carried out.

The event manager then collaborates with renowned hosts, vendors, and other event specialists to develop the event’s schedule while adhering to the client’s budget.


Management of events is one of those companies where the progress of the company depends on winning the opportunities they have experienced. There are different things an event management company does by providing a variety of resources, services, and experiences. They ensure that your event operates smoothly, regardless of the type or purpose of the event.

Many businesses in India carry out their duties admirably and modestly by giving to their clients at significant, ardent events. It is evident from the facts and figures above that brands, as well as direct and indirect marketing organizations, rely on event management companies to launch products, promote campaigns, and host or organize events.

The events management sector, which has developed over a long period of time, has developed into one that sings like a rooster in the Indian economy. These are, after all, India’s top event coordinators. They will assist you in planning your events and help them stand out.

Without a doubt, the event management sector has seen success during the past ten years. Events that took place at certain times were massively coordinated. Long-distance races, corporate gatherings, entertainment events, and crowds are just a few of the things that people have effectively learned to love.

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