A new Samsung-Apple enmity in the Nation can be initiated due to disappointing features of iPhone 14

After the official launch of another model of the iPhone by Apple, Samsung has again taken the chance to troll iPhone 14. Samsung mimicked Apple’s lack of innovation right after it entered the market. one of the longest-running rivalries in the mobile industry is about to resurface with the arrival of the new iPhone.

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They also flashed a billboard highlighting features that are already present in Samsung’s own, comparably price devise just like the Galaxy S22 Ultra and Galaxy Z Flip, thus they’re “not coming to an iPhone near you,” because the tagline claims. It occurs before the September 7th release of the iPhone 14. The ad, entitled “Buckle Up”, isn’t shy at taking pot shots at Apple.

It emphasizes several of Samsung’s breakthroughs, like the highest quality cell phone cameras, the introduction of zoom lenses, and therefore the cutting-edge folding gadget form factors. It also makes fun of the very fact that you won’t be seeing these stunning features in the iPhone anytime soon. They also said that the identical design from iPhone 12 is anticipated to be used again with the iPhone 14.

It is not the first time the revelry between Apple and Samsung is of ages 

The criticisms from Samsung aren’t wholly unjust. While Apple likes a far slower, more iterative pace of development, the firm is undoubtedly more hospitable in experimenting with novel features and form factors. Particularly within the design can this be seen. Samsung has introduced four iterations of folding phones, but it’s now believed that the iPhone will do away with its infamous notch. Although the strategy occasionally backfires, Samsung has decided to ridicule the iPhone repeatedly before. The business ran Facebook advertisements in 2020 mocking Apple for removing the charger from the iPhone packaging.

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Apple's 'Far out' iPhone 14 event is happening September 7th - The Verge

The charger was later abandoned by Samsung also, it so quietly removed them, as The Verger pointed out. The two businesses’ conflicts date back to 2011 when Apple accused Samsung of violating patents with some of its early devices, notably the Galaxy S. In 2018, the dispute was ultimately resolved.

But the needle keeps going. In an interview honoring the 15th anniversary of the iPhone earlier this year, Apple’s marketing chief Greg Joswiak bemoaned Samsung, oblivious to the fact that the iPhone has since incorporated many features first introduced on Android phones, such as larger screens, multi-camera setups, and home screen widgets.


Samsung has officially started trolling iPhone 14. The Buckle Up teaser is just an example of it. So most of the digs that Samsung has taken are pretty valid starting with the galaxy z flip which is the problem child for Apple iPhones. Because Apple is the only company in the world that is selling phones with a 60hz display in 2022 at nearly 900 dollars.

Of course, the new iPhone is with the same chip and the same notch design as last year’s models while Samsung is offering the galaxy z4 at around the same price and offers a 120 Hz folding flip or display with a much cleaner implementation of punch hole, incredible performance, solid cameras, great battery life and claims to be the best folding flip phone in the world right now.

It’s a solid win over the non-pro iPhone 14 models. Samsung also mentions the long-range zoom which is once again something that is not coming to the iPhone 14 pro. However, you are getting a new ultra-wide-angle lens, a new selfie sensor as well as the main camera sensor. So, it’s still a pretty good upgrade. But it’s just not going to offer that long-range zoom performance of the galaxy s22 ultra. Now, regarding the highest resolution on any phone, I mean Samsung did you forget about the 200-megapixel sensor on the moto x30 pro which takes the sharpest photos on any smartphone out there? This is something that experts personally have tested out.

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Also, most people already know that higher megapixels don’t equate to better camera sensor performance. So, the iPhone 14 pro’s 48-megapixel sensor is looking pretty strong and very promising. Apple’s strong camera ISP and their a16 chip are going to be a low light base especially when it comes to low light video recording where even the iPhone 13 pro max edges out the s22 ultra. So, we are really where we have to be. You can hate on Apple’s design but their camera is going to be amazing.

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Though the roasting has officially begun, we are going to see a lot more digs at apple especially when apple will also join it. Apple’s iPhone 13 photographic camera arrangement was already competitive with the flagship Galaxy S22 line. Even the Galaxy Fold and Flip have the best of Samsung’s camera ability, the iPhone 14 series may cover them too.

But these photographic cameras will not be histrionically improved than those of the iPhone 12, don’t even talk of the iPhone 13. The iPhone 14 appears similar, it is motorized by a similar mainframe as the iPhone 13. Its satellite mobile characteristic is also pending in India. Apple has introduced its photonic appliance that converts its low-light abilities. Makers and specialists will love these features.

Let the Fact be expressed, Apple’s strength is the iPhone being attractive as an object of desire beyond its functional magnetism. But bearing in mind Samsung’s folding phones and reiterative apprises, the attraction of the iPhone will now be tested.

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