Apple has officially missed the boat on USB-C on New iPhones

apple has officially missed the boat on usb c on new iphones

Apple’s has now finally revealed three new iPhones that is, the XS and XR, and, now once again, Apple has made the incredibly frustrating choice which includes a USB Type-A Lightning cable and low-power 5W brick in the box apart from just that of a USB-C cable and charger.
Apple hasn’t given any of the explanation on why it insists on selling its latest, greatest, and, in most cases, $1,000-plus smartphones with the same legacy cable it’s been which includes since Lightning was introduced back in the year 2012. Maybe it is just a simple matter of cost. Maybe the company is afraid of alienating customers with a new, or is unfamilaring with the cable.
In the year 2015, when Apple made the switch on the 12-inch MacBook, and then further cemented that decision with pros of the 2016’s MacBook, it was predicated on the fact that doing so would drive the rest of the industry which is merely going to be forward by forcing people to use the new port. After some years, USB-C growth has still been agonizingly slow across the industry, and plenty of new products are refusing to put the port on their devices since just after the adoption “just isn’t there yet.”
Apple is part of that problem: which is not including USB-C to Lightning cables further cements the fact that USB-C isn’t a “real” port standard. Why should making an invest in accessory in USB-C if Apple won’t look at it as anything other than a side project?
Just simply image a time when the change with the iPhone 7 to not only nuke the headphone jack, but to switch to USB-C? Or maybe last year’s iPhone X, has also works as the shining future of the company’s mobile devices, would have been a good place to make the change, which should also consider all the other updates Apple was making.
It is just the kind of change that would almost certainly move the entire industry toward the universal port standard.
Apart from that some of the, rumors of a potential USB-C iPad only further question why there is no USB-C iPhone.
Source: Techstory

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