Coronavirus Cases In India can Reach 111 Crore Till September!

An American institution has made a very frightening and terrifying prediction about Coronavirus cases in India. The institution named CDDEP estimates that there may be a total of 111 Crore Corona cases in India (111 Crore cases in India by September end) by the end of September, which means that about 85 percent of the population may be affected. Yes! You read it right.

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India is the second largest populated country in the world just after China with a total population of 135.26 crores. If the virus spreads, combating it can be extremely back- breaking. Already, keeping the country of such a large population in a lockdown state and providing essential commodities to everybody is a mammoth exercise. Imagine the level of panic and horror if cases in India escalate to such an extent.

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Despite the nationwide lockdown, cases of coronavirus infection in the country continues to increase, although their rate of doubling has slowed. However, right now as well cases are being reported in 4 digits each day.

Meanwhile, this prediction by the American Institution is a thunderbolt. It has sent shockwaves to India. According to the US-based Center for Disease Dynamics, Economic and Policy (CDDEP), cases of corona virus infection in India could go up to 111 crore by the end of September, even when the strict lockdown continues. This means that more than 85 percent of the country’s population will be vulnerable to this dangerous virus.

According to a report, CDDEP has made this dreadful and distressing prediction in its report released on April 20. The report said that even if strict lockdowns continue, social distancing and isolation standards continue to be followed in the same way, there may be 111 crore cases of corona virus infection in India by the end of September.

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More than the prediction, the statistics provided in the report is shocking.

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The report has estimated that at least 55 crores and more than 138 crores cases may come up in India. The strange and comic thing is that the total population of India is around 130 crores. So, if this prediction is to be believed, the entire population of the country will be vulnerable to Corona and some aliens can be add up too! 

It is also to be noted here that the 111 crore cases predicted are likely to include the total potential cases up to the end of September, ie total active cases + cured patients + total deaths. The CDDEP, in its latest report, has advocated that strict restrictions should be continued in India.

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The report said that this estimate is based on the latest available data but it still is dubious and can be misleading, i.e. the estimate may prove to be wrong. The report claimed that the evidence currently available is pointing out that a significant population of India may show cases of untreated or less severe infections.

The report also said that other countries such as China, Italy, America, Britain and Spain may also see a sudden explosion of corona virus cases after long intervals. Later, in these countries, many such cases can be revealed, which may not have been confirmed earlier.

All these statistics point out that lockdown is not the solution. It’s only a precautionary measure. The world is in dire need of a full fledged medicine or vaccine. Only that can make a headway to normalcy.

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Total cases in India is 24,506; death toll has reached 775

Coronavirus is rapidly spreading. Total cases in the world has crossed 28 lakhs, 1lakh 97thousand 859 people have died and 8 lakh 11 thousand 777 people have recovered. US tops the list. Cases in US are increasing swiftly. Presently, it has reached 9,25,758 with traumatic death toll.

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In India, the total cases has reached 24,506 with 775 deaths and 5,063 recoveries. In the last 24 hours over 1400 cases has been reported positive.

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