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Top 10 Best Environmental Services & Equipment Companies In USA 2023


In the United States in 2023, environmental services and equipment companies are becoming increasingly important for businesses that want to maintain a green and eco-friendly footprint. These companies offer a wide range of services from waste management and energy efficiency consulting to air pollution control and hazardous materials disposal. Their goal is to help businesses reduce their carbon emissions, waste output, and energy usage.

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One of the most popular environmental service companies in the US is Green America – a company which provides businesses with sustainable solutions to their environmental issues. They offer a variety of services such as energy audits and green building certification, as well as helping businesses create comprehensive sustainability plans.

Other environmental services companies include Resource Conservation Technologies and EcoTech Solutions, both of which specialize in energy and water conservation solutions. Both provide services such as solar panel installation, water and energy efficiency assessments, and assisting businesses in creating environmentally friendly practices.

Lastly, there are many environmental equipment companies available in the US today. These companies provide businesses with technological solutions to environmental issues such as renewable energy sources, air quality monitoring systems, and wastewater treatment plants. Companies like SunPower and Vestas Technology provide solar panels and wind turbines, while firms like EnviroAire specialize in air purification systems.

Overall, the US is making great strides towards sustainability, and environmental services and equipment companies are playing an important role in this journey. By providing businesses with the necessary solutions to their environmental issues, these companies are helping businesses reduce their carbon footprints, increase efficiency, and save money in the process.


The importance of environmental services and equipment companies in the USA in 2023 is huge. These companies are essential to ensuring that our environment is clean and healthy, as they provide vital services such as air pollution control, hazardous waste management, water and wastewater treatment, and stormwater management. By providing these services, the companies help reduce the amount of pollution released into the atmosphere and protect our natural resources.

They also help develop and implement regulations to ensure compliance with environmental standards. In addition, these companies create jobs, provide economic benefits to local communities, and work to maintain a safe and healthy environment.

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Therefore, the importance of environmental services and equipment companies in the USA in 2023 is extremely significant.

Here are the top 10 best Best environmental services & equipment companies in USA 2023.

TerraCycle – TerraCycle is a global leader in the collection and reuse of typically hard-to-recycle waste. Founded in 2001, TerraCycle repurposes items such as pens, batteries, plastic bags, and other difficult-to-recycle products into useful new objects. They partner with major brands like PepsiCo and Nestle to reduce their environmental impact by promoting waste reduction, reuse, and recycling initiatives.

TerraCycle also works with schools, charities, and companies to create closed-loop systems that track the life cycle of products, from production to disposal. Through their Zero Waste Box program, TerraCycle also recycles items that can’t go in traditional curbside recycling bins. All of these efforts have earned TerraCycle numerous awards, including the prestigious National Geographic 2020 Global Change Award for their commitment to sustainability.

TerraCycle's Loop now available across 48 US states

TerraCycle is committed to reducing pollution and creating a circular economy by providing businesses, communities and individuals with an effective way to reduce, reuse, and recycle their waste. Their goal is to eliminate the idea of waste altogether.

Suez Environment Company – Suez Environment Company is a global leader in environmental solutions and water management. Founded in 1858, the company has operations across four continents and serves over 100 million people worldwide. Suez is dedicated to helping governments, businesses, and communities address their most pressing environmental challenges.

They provide innovative solutions for water supply, wastewater treatment, waste management, and energy efficiency. They specialize in advanced technologies like digital water management, smart cities, and circular economy initiatives.

In addition to providing services, Suez also invests in sustainability research, education, and advocacy programs. Through their partnerships with universities, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies, they strive to create an environment that is healthier and more equitable for everyone.

Their goal is to be a catalyst for positive environmental change. They are working to build a more sustainable future by reducing emissions, conserving resources, and investing in green infrastructure.

Covanta – Covanta is a global leader in waste and energy solutions. Founded in the 1970s, the company provides comprehensive services for waste to energy, renewable energy, resource recovery and materials processing. With a presence in North America, Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa, Covanta’s experience spans over 40 countries and its facilities serve more than 20 million people worldwide.

Covanta And EQT Infrastructure To Create The Leading Sustainable Waste Solutions Provider, Driving Compelling Value For All Stakeholders - Nov 30, 2021

By transforming everyday waste into clean energy, Covanta helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions while creating sustainable value for communities. The company’s waste-to-energy technology takes non-recyclable municipal solid waste and converts it into environmentally friendly electricity and steam. This process also helps to reduce landfills and other environmental impacts.

Covanta’s renewable energy solutions provide clean, renewable power to homes and businesses, helping customers reduce their carbon footprints. As an innovator in sustainable energy, Covanta works with customers to develop custom solutions that meet their energy needs. In addition, the company operates a worldwide network of centers that provide materials recovery and recycling services.

Covanta is committed to providing safe and reliable service to its customers, while also protecting the environment.

Waste Connections – Waste Connections is a North American waste management company with over 20 years of experience. The company provides services including collection, transfer, disposal, recycling, and organics processing for residential, commercial, industrial and institutional customers. Waste Connections operates in 40 states and over 600 service locations across the United States and Canada.

The company’s primary business focus is on municipal solid waste (MSW), non-hazardous waste and hazardous waste. Waste Connections helps its customers reduce their environmental footprint by providing recycling, composting, and other innovative waste management solutions.

The company has an extensive fleet of trucks, landfills, transfer stations and recycling centers scattered throughout the U.S. and Canada. Waste Connections also provides consulting services to help its customers develop sustainable waste management plans. The company is committed to reducing the amount of waste going into landfills and helping its customers meet their environmental goals.

Waste Connections is constantly developing new technologies to increase diversion rates and reduce emissions from its operations. In addition, Waste Connections works closely with local governments to ensure regulatory compliance.

Veolia – Veolia is a global leader in environmental services, offering customized solutions to meet the needs of businesses, communities and individuals around the world. Founded in 1853, Veolia is an international company with operations in more than 40 countries. The company provides water, energy, waste and sanitation services, as well as sustainable development and urban renewal projects.

Veolia Environmental Exceeds Q3 Earnings Expectations | Waste360

Veolia has a strong commitment to sustainability, investing heavily in green technologies such as renewable energies, circular economy and low-carbon solutions. Over the years, the company has developed a suite of innovative technologies and services that help customers reduce their environmental footprint. These include carbon emission reduction, production efficiency, water reuse and recycling, waste management and energy efficiency.

Veolia’s social responsibility initiatives are focused on ensuring that everyone can benefit from its activities. This includes advancing access to clean water, improving waste management infrastructure and providing support for vulnerable communities around the world.

As one of the world’s leading environmental service providers, Veolia is committed to helping customers achieve their sustainability goals. By providing innovative solutions, reliable services and expertise, Veolia helps businesses, communities and individuals to reduce their environmental impact and create a better future.

Clean Harbors – Clean Harbors is a leading provider of environmental and industrial services with operations in North America, South America, Europe and Asia. The company provides disposal and recycling services for hazardous, universal and non-hazardous waste, as well as environmental remediation, field services and transportation services.

With over 4,000 employees, Clean Harbors operates more than 150 facilities across the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. The company safely and responsibly manages hazardous materials to protect communities, workers, and the environment from the hazardous effects of improper waste management.

Clean Harbors is committed to providing safe and responsible solutions that exceed customer expectations and compliance requirements. Clean Harbors values integrity, respect and trust, and works to provide excellent customer service and innovative solutions to meet the needs of its customers.

The company focuses on sustainability and is committed to preserving natural resources, promoting renewable energy initiatives, and working towards zero waste generation. Clean Harbors is dedicated to providing proactive solutions to help customers protect their employees, customers, and the environment.

Renewable Energy Group – Renewable Energy Group is a leading company in renewable energy, focused on providing innovative and sustainable solutions to the world’s energy needs. The company specializes in developing, constructing, operating, and managing renewable energy projects across a variety of sectors, including solar, wind, geothermal, and hydrothermal.

Renewables and Energy Solutions | Shell Global

Renewable Energy Group works with governments, businesses, communities, non-profits, and individuals to develop projects that positively impact our environment and promote economic growth. The company has a proven track record of successful project completion, with a particular focus on making investments in renewable energy technologies that are both economically viable and environmentally beneficial.

The company’s commitment to the environment extends beyond just the projects they manage, as they strive to continually reduce their carbon footprint and invest in other necessary projects to ensure their long-term sustainability. Renewable Energy Group is dedicated to promoting a clean energy future and making sure that all stakeholders benefit from these projects.

CleanEarth – CleanEarth is a global environmental services company that was founded in 2020. It specializes in providing innovative solutions to help businesses and individuals reduce their environmental impact, while minimizing their operating costs. CleanEarth operates in over 30 countries around the world, employing over 5,000 people. The company’s mission is to enable sustainable development and create a better future for all.

CleanEarth offers a wide range of services, from waste management to energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions. They have developed pioneering technologies to reduce carbon emissions and maximize resource efficiency. Their engineering team works on building energy efficient buildings and homes, transforming industrial sites into green spaces, and designing large-scale renewable energy projects. CleanEarth also focuses on providing education and training programs to promote sustainability and to equip communities with the skills needed to transition to a low-carbon economy.

The company has invested heavily in research and development, with over 200 patents registered in the last five years. CleanEarth has won several awards in recognition of their commitment to environmental protection, including the prestigious Green Business Award in 2020. Their products and services have been featured in several leading publications, such as The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal, and Forbes, to name a few.

CleanEarth is dedicated to creating a more sustainable future through innovation, collaboration, and a commitment to environmental stewardship. They are committed to helping businesses and individuals make a positive impact on the environment, while achieving long-term economic success.

GreenMountain Energy Company – GreenMountain Energy Company is a leading renewable energy provider offering clean, renewable electricity to residential and commercial customers in eight states across the United States. Founded in 1997, GreenMountain has grown to become one of the largest providers of renewable energy in the country. The company is committed to helping customers reduce their carbon footprint while also enabling them to save money on their monthly energy bills.

Green Mountain Solar | Vermont Solar Company

In 2020, GreenMountain achieved a major milestone by becoming the first US utility to receive the EPA’s Green Power Partner status for its commitment to providing 100% clean energy to more than 300,000 customers.

GreenMountain offers a variety of services to help customers take control of their energy costs. Its customer service staff are available 24/7 to assist with billing inquiries and account management. Additionally, customers can access an online portal where they can monitor their energy usage and make changes to their account settings. The company also provides energy efficiency tips and community outreach programs designed to empower customers to be more efficient.

GreenMountain also works hard to provide affordable, reliable renewable energy to customers. The company offers several different types of renewable energy plans that let customers choose the type of renewable energy they want to receive. Whether it’s solar, wind, geothermal, or other forms of renewable energy, GreenMountain has the plan to meet customers’ needs. Plus, the company guarantees the highest quality renewable energy from trusted sources.

Finally, GreenMountain is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen. The company invests in communities and supports local initiatives like education, homelessness prevention, and renewable energy development. Furthermore, GreenMountain’s employees volunteer their time to help create positive change in the world.

Overall, GreenMountain Energy Company is a leader in renewable energy technology, providing innovative solutions and helping customers save money while reducing their carbon footprint. The company is dedicated to being a responsible corporate citizen and actively engages in environmental initiatives. With its commitment to providing 100% clean energy to more than 300,000 customers, GreenMountain is helping to create a brighter future.

Ecolab – Ecolab is a global leader in water, hygiene and energy technologies and services. Founded in 1923, Ecolab has grown to become the largest global provider of cleaning, sanitizing and other mission-critical services. Ecolab’s products and services are used in commercial, industrial, healthcare and hospitality settings, among others. Through its technology-enabled solutions, Ecolab helps customers reduce their environmental impact and maintain safe and healthy work environments.

Its innovative solutions help customers drive operational efficiencies, increase employee and customer safety, reduce water and energy use, and improve their bottom line. Ecolab works with customers around the world to provide sustainable solutions that protect people and improve the planet.

From advanced data analytics to automated systems and chemical management, Ecolab helps customers operate more efficiently and sustainably. With over 48,000 employees in more than 170 countries, Ecolab is committed to helping make the world a safer, healthier, and better place to live.


In 2023, the environmental services and equipment companies in the USA are expected to remain strong. Companies providing air and water purification systems, waste management solutions, and other environmental services are likely to continue their growth due to increased demand from businesses and households alike. The use of green energy sources such as solar and wind power is also likely to increase which would benefit companies offering related services and equipment. Additionally, new technologies such as blockchain could provide more efficient ways for companies to manage their environmental plans. Overall, environmental services and equipment companies in the USA are likely to see further growth in 2023.



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