Equipping your team with the right tools for a more collaborative and productive remote working experience

The benefits of good Employee Experience (EX) are well documented by extensive research over the past few years. For instance, a recent Forrester report showed that enhanced employee experience leads to many benefits such as better work performance, higher discretionary effort, lower employee turnover and improved customer experience.

The research also shows the revenue of Customer Experience (CX) leaders outgrew that of their CX laggard competitors by more than five to one, and the delivery of CX is heavily dependent on EX. To reshape the future of business success, SMB buyers need to relook at workforce technology to improve employee productivity and employee experience.
Contextualised in the current dynamic where the ability to work remotely is taking centerstage, it is even more important that companies invest in mobile working technology infrastructure that can not only help employees working remotely be more productive, but also ensure effective security outside the company network while working outside the office.

Addressing the gap in employee dissatisfaction

The Forrester study that gathered responses from over 800 employees across 14 global markets including India, Singapore, UK and US, found that nearly 40 percent of employees working in SMBs across the globe were dissatisfied with their work environments. A key contributing factor to the dissatisfaction was the mismatch in the employees’ expectations w.r.t. access to technology. It revealed that 71 percent of the participants were compelled to use desktops and a staggering 74 percent of SMB employee respondents did not have access to cloud-based tools, nor have the flexibility to choose technologies that are most suited for their tasks.
Among the employees who replaced their work devices, only one-third (32 percent) are initiated by companies based on device replacement policies. The rest are due to device problems, such as insufficient features (29 percent), frequent malfunctions (21 percent), and device end of life (16 percent). When asked about the reasons for dissatisfaction with devices, employees said long loading times and slow file transfers (41 percent), outdated software and systems (32 percent), and device freezing and crashing (29 percent) were the main causes.
Employees at smaller organisations are also less likely to have a dedicated IT department to address their device issues. This adds to their frustration, and as a result, they are not satisfied with device customer support.

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Investing in devices for the future workforce

The Forrester survey uncovered that 38 percent of employees claim they are often not in an environment optimised for productivity, with distractions ranging from noise, personal messages, to all kinds of technology issues. To understand these pain points better and find out their root causes, the report recommends segregating employees using personas based on work needs — such as mobility, flexibility, and collaboration, and mapping their daily work journeys along with relevant EX partners — typically HR, operations, facilities, and so on. Once these journeys have been mapped, a list of key themes or focus areas will emerge.
To help employees become more productive at work, companies also need to enable them with the right tools and technology. The best everyday technology options for employees should be mobile, flexible, and inclusive. This means giving them: 1) technology that is not limited to a physical space; 2) multiple types of devices; and 3) technology that can accommodate diverse job requirements.
Finally, the report recommends that SMBs not let a short-term, cost-saving strategy hamper long-term employee productivity, advising organisations to choose device vendors that not only demonstrate flexible and strong SMB support, but those that can enable great employee experience.

Lenovo ThinkBook: designed to empower workforces in the new dynamic

Designed around the needs of the modern workforce that needs to be able to collaborate while travelling or working remotely, the Lenovo ThinkBook is stylishly designed to enhance user experience while incorporating business-grade performance and security features.
The Lenovo ThinkBook is the ultimate collaboration and productivity tool for the modern workforce with its seamless collaboration features. Its Modern Standby feature wakes your laptop in less than 0.5 seconds and lets you download emails and listen to music even while your laptop’s sleeping. A fingerprint reader logs in and turns on the screen in a single touch—just like a phone. Available rapid-charging technology keeps you unplugged when you’re on the go. ThinkBook laptops deliver efficiencies that work smarter for you.

Built for modern businesses, designed for the modern workforce

Launched in November 2019 in India, these business-grade laptops come with some winning features that include:

  • Up to 10th Gen Intel Core i7 6-core processors
  • AMD Radeon 620 graphics
  • Dual drive support within SSD-only model size
  • Hotkeys for Skype for Business
  • Smart Power On (optional)
  • ThinkShutter
  • RapidCharge,
  • Battery life of up to 12 hours
  • Full-function Type-C port (Gen 2),
  • Hidden USB port
  • Wi-Fi6
  • Aluminium and magnesium metal bodies in a mineral grey finish
  • Anti-spill protection for up to 60cc of water, and the ability to withstand extreme temperatures and vibrations, and
  • Zinc-alloy hinges that can endure 25,000 open-and-close cycles while also making it resistant to corrosion.
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To help you meet your service needs, Lenovo’s Premier Support programme comes with advanced-level tech assistance. end-to-end case management and faster, first-time resolution, among others.

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