Forbes List Released – Mukesh Ambani On 17th Position, Radhakishan Damani, Uday Kotak, Shiv Nadar Too Gets Listed; Jeff Bezos Remains The Richest

Forbes has released the list of the world’s billionaires. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is the world’s richest person for the third consecutive year with $ 113 billion in assets. Microsoft founder Bill Gates is at number two, while LVMH CEO and chairman Bénard Arnault has moved up to number three, leaving Warren Buffett behind. 

Mukesh Ambani, Chairman of Reliance Industries Limited, is the richest person in Asia along with India. He is ranked number 17 in the world. His net worth is said to be $ 44.3 billion (about Rs 3 lakh 38 thousand crore). Mukesh Ambani’s company RIL is one of the most valuable companies in India. 

Mukesh Ambani has left behind Chinese industrialist Alibaba founder Jack Ma. Jack Ma has assets of $ 40.7 billion.

Radhakishan Damani on the 65th number
Other Indian in the list is Radhakishan Damani of Mumbai who is also known as Retail King of India. His supermarket chain DeMart owns $ 16.6 billion in assets. He ranks at 65th number in the list. Damani started his business in 2002 with a store in Mumbai. 

Shiv Nadar’s position 114
Shiv Nadar, the founder of HCL Technologies ranks at number 114, with a net worth of $ 12.4 billion. He is one of the biggest philanthropists in India. He has donated $ 66.2 million to the Shiv Nadar Foundation.

Hinduja Brothers and Uday Kotak :
at number 116, Hinduja Brothers, with a net worth of $ 12.2 billion aslo rank in the list. Uday Kotak who is the owner of Kotak Bank is also named in this list of the rich. He has assets of $ 10.7 billion. His bank is one of the largest private banks in India. 

These Indians are also the in the world’s richest list :
Sunil Mittal, owner of Bharti Airtel, ranked 154th in the world with a net worth of $ 9.5 billion. His telecom company has 41.8 crore users. Cyrus Poonawalla is ranked 161st, Gautam Adani 162nd, Steel King Lakshmi Niwas Mittal is 170th. 

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