Gamification For Corporate Training- A Powerful Tool For Leadership Development

A rising number of organizations are moving beyond traditional training for their highly-skilled and leadership-ready workforce. Among the most innovative learning solutions in consideration is gamification. Today, gamified e-learning has a huge uptake on the motivating learners, and a system of points and badges are efficient tools to ensure a complete learning experience.
You might think whether gamification can impart a perfect solution to address ample challenges of leadership development. The answer is yes, it can. When game mechanics is applied to e-learning, it helps combining different modalities and enables learners to take the hands-on experience of being a leader. Let us discuss the four reasons why gamified learning is an effective tool for leadership training:

  • Business context

For a successful leadership program, it is crucial to align training with the business context that a future leader is prepared for. It should be associated with organizational strategy, values and norms. Gamification reinforces the business context through storytelling, by putting learners in another environment, which is unfamiliar yet aligned to the actual workplace principles.

  • Learner engagement

By allowing employees to interact and collaborate with peers provides significant benefits through generation of new ideas, discussions and feedbacks. It enables learners to boost their knowledge competency and gain insights in return. Gamification boosts collaboration between learners when play as a team and earn points. The overall performance matrix proved to be a great source of motivation for the entire organization.

  • Practice

Undoubtedly, learning and skill competence improves with practice. Gamified learning improves the application of knowledge. It is structured in a way that learners are rewarded for accessing courses again and replaying.

  • Knowledge retention
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Incorporating games into e-learning leaves a tremendous impact on learner retention. An emotionally connected learner retains more information and develop more skills. The more memorable is the experience, the more learners connect and retain.
So, the bottom line is that embedding all of the above discussed factors can lead an influential leadership program. Developing these solutions need the correct expertise and understanding of different triggers to empower a learner’s experience. Gamification impacts both intrinsic and extrinsic aspects for motivating and engaging learners during an online training program. Leadership requires high degrees of learner engagement and collaboration, and gamification can prove to be a catalyst to deliver an experience full of fun and excitement. Through games, enterprises ensure that learning caters to the business needs of their future leaders and translates into real business outcomes.

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