How do beginners invest in Decimal?

“Black Monday” on June, 12 will be long remembered by crypto investors, especially those who lost hundreds of millions of dollars on the day of the market collapse. Even the top popular stablecoins were affected by the decline wave. Fortunately, not all crypto assets were stormed so much. The amazing stability against the background of the general fall was demonstrated by the DEL coin on the Decimal blockchain. What is the uniqueness of this cryptocurrency, why newcomers make a choice in its favor and how to invest in it – we will tell you in this material.

What is Decimal?

The Decimal project was launched in 2020 and immediately declared itself as a new generation blockchain. The developers have fulfilled the main task by presenting the most secure, fast and cheap alternative to Bitcoin and ETH, a network for exchanging crypto values.

The Decimal blockchain is as easy to use as possible, and its main “feature” is to quickly create your own token without any special technical knowledge. The Decimal base coin is DEL decentralized cryptocurrency. It provides for fee payments, as well as the liquidity of new tokens generated on the basis of Decimal.

How to buy DEL?

To begin with, you need to create a wallet on the Decimal network. You can do this on the official website of the project. You can choose from mobile, desktop and console wallets. The latter is created in just a couple of clicks, but be sure to save the generated seed phrase in order to avoid losing funds. After registering on the network, you are assigned a unique wallet address for its further replenishment.

The BITTEAM partner platform is the easiest way to purchase DEL coins. This is a P2P platform that requires registration and identity verification. Users are offered more than 70 payment options, from which you can choose several at once. Now just need to use a seller from the proposed list and send him the money equivalent to the desired number of purchased DEL coins. The seller has 10 minutes to confirm the transaction, which is guaranteed by the BITTEAM platform itself. Pay attention to the minimum transaction amount that the seller offers!

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Alternative options for buying DEL are such crypto exchanges as CoinsBit and XT.COM . But in this case, you will need to purchase the USDT cryptocurrency in advance, which acts as the only asset for which DEL can be purchased.

Staking on the Decimal blockchain

Having received your first DEL coins to your wallet, you can simply store them in anticipation of an increase in the rate for further sale. However, the Decimal network offers its users a more effective way to make money on owning DEL. This is staking, or delegation. By sending your funds to a certain trusted person of the project, you have the opportunity to receive up to 100% of the annual passive income. This functionality is so popular that today more than 85% of all DEL coins are in staking.

In order to send your crypto assets to Decimal for staking, check out the list of validators. A validator is a network participant who stores a full copy of the Decimal blockchain on his server, investing his own money in equipment and other means of uninterrupted Internet connection, for which he receives remuneration from the project and shares part of it with users. 

When delegating DEL, pay attention to the strength of the vote (the validator’s rating), as well as the size of his fee. Having decided on the validator, copy its public address, and in the “Delegation” tab, paste it into the appropriate line, filling in the remaining fields, where you will need to specify the number of DEL coins required for investing (staking). Remember that you will be able to take your profit no earlier than 30 days from the date of submitting your application!

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The most active Decimal users, sooner or later tend to become validators themselves. But the income of such investors is associated with considerable initial investments, so it is still better for beginners at this stage to consider the option of delegating coins (staking).

NFT earnings

Let’s assume that you are not just an investor, but a creative person – an artist or a photographer. In this case, the Decimal project offers you the opportunity to get income selling your artworks in the virtual space. And if you are familiar with the concept of a non-interchangeable token (NFT) and the culture of this phenomenon, then you will certainly be interested in an additional way of making money in this field.

Register to the and link your wallet to it. You will not have to pay huge fees for adding works to the platform compared to the expensive Ethereum blockchain! For a newbie in this field, this is a great opportunity to join the NFT ecosystem and get the first money. The cost of the work starts from 10 DEL, and the network fee is only 0.4 DEL, with the current DEL rate at $0.10. The interface for adding (minting) your NFTs is simplified.

But even if you are not the creator of NFT, you can purchase ready-made works for the purpose of their further resale. Of course, in this case you should have a certain level of expertise. The potential of opportunities here is revealed on platforms such as Twitter or Discord.

Creating your own token

This method of investing in the Decimal blockchain is applicable for beginners who have never heard of this project until now, but still they have funds that they would like to multiply. If your business involves the possibility of going beyond the traditional scope of its application, you can create your own project token that will help you develop and declare yourself as a high-tech company.

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On the Decimal blockchain, more than ten projects have already attracted additional investments by issuing their own tokens. Each of them is provided with real money in DEL, which can always be converted into any Decimal network token, sent to a delegator, to a validator or withdrawn into fiat currency.

At the same time, it is very important that you, as the owner of a new token, do not need to understand the technical issues of its creation or hire third–party specialists, since the Decimal blockchain will do all this work for you. The whole process of creating new coins is recorded on the blockchain. And the greater the demand for your token, the higher its price will be. If you see the prospect of your project, be sure to consider Decimal in order not just to be in the trend, but also to receive income from your investments!

Prospects of Decimal

To date, the development team is fully engaged in the implementation of a parallel blockchain – Decimal Smart Chain. The goal is to implement the launch of smart contracts for all coins on Decimalchain.

It is already reliably known that there will be no issue of coins in the new blockchain. All validators` rewards and fees in the parallel network will be provided only with DEL coins, which is expected to benefit the project ecosystem. On the basis of Decimal Smart Chain, the first decentralized exchange is already being created, designed to ensure the influx of new customers and users.

Moreover, the site will have its own crowdfunding platform. Also decentralized, of course. Founders of any projects on Decimal will have the opportunity to attract funding through the initial token offering.

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