India, You Are Doing A Brilliant Job!

CORONAVIRUS – today, this word is sufficient to send shockwaves and chills to people all over the world. People are so afraid that they tremble at the slightest thought of being infected by it.

Originated in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province, the speed and rapidity of its spread has broken all bounds of time and space.

Situation of the world

Today, 201 countries and territories are plagued with death and destruction due to this devil. Worldwide, the cases have reached 26,39,243 with death toll reaching 1,83,820. The people who have audaciously won the battle against corona are 7,15,734.

Business, schools, colleges, cafes, restaurants are all shut. Economy is declining drastically. World economists believe this setback to be more grave than the 2008-2009 global financial crisis. The world economy will experience the worst recession since 1930’s.

People are confined at their homes, poor are dying due to no source of income and rampant poverty, hospitals are overflowing with ill patients, cremation grounds are running out of space and families are grieving for their dead ones or for the ones fighting in hospitals. It feels like a dark cloud is hovering above the world.

However, what is surprising is that China to a very large extent has curbed the spread of the virus. Wuhan is open for business and the lockdown has ended. Even news like government authorities in Wuhan has made it optional and not compulsory for people to wear mask is flourishing on social media today. How is this possible? God knows.

To talk of other countries, cases are on a spree and death toll extremely traumatic.

Here is the cases : population ratio of the countries currently affected

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1) India



2) USA



3) Russia



4) Turkey



5) Iran



6) Germany



7) UK



8) Italy



9) France



10) Spain







These figures clearly indicate that there is one country who has effectively and efficiently controlled the spread of the virus and is continuing to do so – INDIA.

How did India do this?

  • The major factor behind India’s controlled spread is the timely lockdown. India imposed a 21 day lockdown on 24th March when the cases were 564. Metro, buses, private business, cafes, malls were all shut down. Only essential services were operational. Schools, colleges, cinema halls were closed way before on 15th
  • India’s “cluster containment” strategy helped early detection of cases. This helped to break the chain and prevent the spread.
  • India is successful in educating its citizens about the spread of the virus and ways to prevent it. The steps to prevent the virus has become the new callertune. Also advertisements, helpline numbers and apps like AarogyaSetu is playing a pivotal role to alert people.
  • Large scale donations in the PM Cares Fund is helping to increase the testing and treatment facilities. Isolation centres are also increasing.
  • India has tested more than 3 lakh people till date. India is testing 24 samples for each 1 positive case. 

How each state is fighting the virus?

1) Kerala

Kerala has already defeated the Nipah virus in 2018 and it is using that experience to fight this pandemic. Kerala reported the maximum number of cases in the beginning, however it has successfully flattened its curve.

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Kerala has excellent inter department co ordinations, people are being kept under check through deployment of police officals and drones. They have launched an app which checks the spread of fake news. Morever, people are voluntarily following the lockdown. Besides this, Kerala has great medical facilities.

Kerala also has a “walk – in” facility where people can come and get safely tested.

2) Odisha

Odisha was the first state to impose a lockdown way before the entire India went into a lockdown. It is the first state to set up exclusive corona hospitals where only patients infected with coronavirus are being treated. Thousands of people are being fed daily and counselling are being provided to them.

3) Bhilwara

The Bhilwara district of Rajasthan was worst hit by coronavirus. However its bounce back is mind boggling.

The district went into an entire lockdown backed by curfew after 27 positive cases were reported. Each and every person undergone health screening. Each and every person were shut inside their houses.

The authorities played a vital role in ensuring that essential commodities reach all people. Average milk consumed by each household was calculated and then delivered. Basic ration was also given to people who ran short of it.

4) Uttar Pradesh

India’s largely populated state is also turning victorious in its prevention of spread. A lot of people are being tested daily, information regarding the daily updates is reaching people. 160 hotspots have been identified in UP and all of them are sealed. Police, heath care professionals are on their toes to ensure safety of their citizens.

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However, there still lies scope of improvement

  • In India, more than 50 doctors and health care professionals are infected with coronavirus. This is because of lack of proper health care kits to these professionals.
  • Recently, 5 police men in Maharashtra were tested positive. Lack of N-95 masks and protection kits were the sole reason. India needs to invest for the safety of these warriors else our protectors will become infectors.
  • Further, India has less testing facility. The number of people tested each day is comparatively less than other countries.
  • Moreover, stringent measures for the ones who are breaking the lockdown are lacking.

India’s efforts praised :

  • World Health Organisation praised India’s efforts for its timely control of the virus. There has been no community spread of the virus since the country went into a lockdown and growth factor of cases have declined 40%.
  • The United Nations Social and Economic Commission for Asia and Pacific has also praised the steps taken by India in the wake of the corona virus.
  • The UN has also praised India’s efforts calling the lockdown a “comprehensive and robust” response to the Covid-19 crisis.

Still a long journey

The intensity and seriousness of the disease cannot recede into the background despite India’s effective efforts. India needs to continue to work in the right direction and initiate more stringent measures against rule breakers.

Sunshine isn’t far but commitment and perseverance are the only means to achieve it.

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