Indian Gaming Industry Displays Huge Market Potential

2020 is the year when eSports and interactive gaming are likely to hit the mainstream of entertainment in India. The country is already amongst the top five in the world for mobile gaming and it’s heading towards the top three. By 2023, it’s expected that the value of the mobile industry market in India will reach around $105 billion. 
This is not entirely surprising given the huge popularity of games such as PUBG mobile. Software developers like NetEnt are also developing new and original content and this content is being described more in marketing aimed at the gaming community. This high level of game development activity combines with the appetite of the average gamer to create an ideal environment for the growth of the Indian gaming industry. 

Average life of a gamer in India

Taking a look at the life of an average gamer in India, it’s clear to see just how much their appetite for games impacts the gaming market overall. 
For instance, in 2018, 24.42% of respondents to a Cint survey stated that they spent 1-3 hours each week playing video games. Research also suggests that 40% of men and 35% of women in India play mobile games at least five days every week. 
The majority of these gamers are in the age bracket 18-24 and their favored game is PUBG Mobile. It’s estimated that this game alone makes $7 million every month in India. Seeing this data, it’s clear that the life of the average gamer has a big impact on the wider industry when it’s combined with the life of fellow gamers.  

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The rise of Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence

A further factor that is helping to enhance the potential of the Indian gaming industry is the impact of new technology. For instance, there is now an increased emphasis on the development of AI, in an attempt to capture a slice of the $20.67 billion global market. 
Computer Vision is also likely to feature in the growth of the gaming market in India, and across the globe. The global Computer Vision market is expected to be worth $48.32 billion by 2023 and gaming developers are keen to acquire a sizable amount of this. 

In summary 

There are more than 300 million gamers in India at this time. Many of these gamers take part in gaming activities most days of the week. This in itself creates impressive potential for the Indian gaming industry. 
To understand the full potential that the industry has, it’s important to factor in other developments. This includes the rise of new technologies such as AI and Computer Vision. These technologies have established huge global markets in themselves. They are also starting to become a feature of game development, thereby having a significant impact on the gaming industry in India and internationally. 
Overall, the future of the Indian gaming industry is bright and the market seems certain to continue expanding. 
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