Indian Tiktok “Reposo” viral; 500,000 new users every hour

In late June, when India restricted 59 Chinese applications, including worldwide sensation TikTok, the short-video app quit working for its 200 million clients in the neighboring country. A torrential cascade of fresh sign-ups forced one of its Bangalore-based competitors, Roposo,’s domains to temporarily close within a couple of hours. 

Fourteen days later, Roposo, which likewise offers short recordings, says it’s cresting at 500,000 new clients an hour and hopes to have added a 100 million by the end of the month. That is practically twofold the 55 million it had before the boycott and it puts Roposo amongst a new crop of Indian companies to profit through TikTok’s ban in the nation. 

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The restriction from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s administration encompassed other enormous Chinese names, for example, Alibaba Group Holding Ltd’s. UC Web, a versatile mobile browser, and Tencent Holdings Ltd’s. WeChat a messaging application and all this came in the midst of a severe face-off between the two neighboring countries that left 20 Indian army men dead. 

While India invoked protection and security concerns for the restrictions, the ban will significantly modify the competitive scene in the country’s virtual economy. They give neighborhood, as well as local firms a battling chance at winning a bigger piece of pie i.e. access to over half-a-billion netizens. Also, this could go a long way in preparing some Indian firms to contend all the more forcefully with global digital mammoths, for example, Inc. and Facebook Inc., who are additionally trying to benefit from one of the world’s biggest digital boom. 

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“It was a rocket-ship moment for the nation’s new app businesses,” said Naveen Tewari, founder of the startup that has ownership claims on Roposo, munching nuts against the scenery of his red-brick walled office in his Bangalore home on an ongoing Zoom call.

“We have a feasible opportunity to turn into the world’s fourth innovation hub after the U.S., China, and Russia.” 

His decade-old digital advertising brand InMobi, Roposo’s parent company, has in prior years drawn investments from worldwide names, for example, SoftBank Group. A year earlier, the co-founder of PayPal and the billionaire venture capitalist, Peter Thiel funded its company, Glance, which was purchased by Roposo in November. 

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Roposo highlights recordings displaying moves set to Bollywood music, humorous without the lewdness, pranks, style, and even jokes about the coronavirus pandemic. Roposo, as Tewari put it, is the application you won’t be humiliated to show your mother. 

TikTok has risked castigation from courts, women’s commissions, clients, and governments for the content seen as indecently sexual or for the portrayal of occasions like acid assaults on women. Then again, Roposo and many other Indian TikTok copycats exemplify their content as fun, further in keeping with the mildly orthodox culture of India.

tiktok accused of violating child protection laws

In a June 30 explanation, Tiktok stated it had been invited to meet government shareholders to give explanations and has and will keep on following security and data protection protocols under the Indian law. The Chinese application has in the past accentuated its endeavors to moderate content and said its strategies don’t allow recordings that hazard individuals’ security, encourage physical damage or praise violence against women. Not long ago, it suspended a famous content maker’s account for staging a mock acid assault video. 

Numerous Indian applications start off pretty late, and most come up short on the advanced and easy to use interfaces, like that of TikTok. Nor do they have the investment streak and the deep pockets in any semblance matching that of TikTok’s parent company Bytedance Ltd., which is the world’s most valued startup and was esteemed at more than $100 billion in May. 

In any case, the Indian government’s boycott opens up different, billion client plans of action, said Manjunath Bhat, a ranking executive examiner at Gartner Inc. “India’s business people aren’t lacking in talent or ability, they are simply short on ambition,” Bhat said.

“The consolidated impact of the coronavirus lockdown and the application boycott presents a never before, never-again opportunity.” 


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With Indian names like Chingari (Hindi for flash), Mitron (which means companions), and Bolo Indya (Tell me, India), a string of small Indian TikTok rivals, have been indenting up titanic client numbers since the prohibition on the Chinese applications. Some like the Moj application are scarcely weeks old. 

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Battlers in different classes have likewise received a godsend as other Chinese names like extremely downloaded picture scanner, CamScanner were additionally blocked. The new competitors from an assortment of classes share three subjects for all intents and purposes. Their applications are made in India. Their information is stored in India. Their content, for the most part in colloquial dialects, is receptive to local and national sensibilities. 

The devotees of an Indian spiritual master, Sri Ravishankar, made Elyments, an across-the-board adversary for WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. Asia’s most extravagant man Mukesh Ambani, of the Reliance conglomerate, propelled JioMeet, a video conferencing adversary to the well known San Jose-based Zoom. 

Sumit Ghosh, one of the co-founders of Chingari, says a significant number of the China short video applications have grown-up content intended to catch the eye and guarantee they turn into an online sensation.

“Interestingly, our calculations are worked to guarantee trash will never trend on Chingari,” said Ghosh.

Its recordings are moderately trickled to clients to check for hostile content. On the off chance that various clients complain about a video, it will be taken down. 

Ghosh and his fellow co-founder started assembling the application a little more than a year back when data consumption began detonating at the speed of a bomb. It took into account Indians in small towns who craved relatable, Indian language content. In the months that followed, the founders firmly coordinated with TikTok, to include everything from live streaming to AR filters, the PC produced special effects that users can layer over genuine videos and pictures. 

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Bangalore-based Chingari, which had 3.5 million users upon the announcement of the boycott, says it has crossed 17.5 million. Its dazed founders are currently creating an organisation, Chingari Media Pvt. They are drawing up a corporate and value structure, testing income procedures, and developing their eight-engineer team. TikTok influencers or stars with a colossal amount of followers who advertise items and services – are springing up by the thousands on Ghosh’s Twitter requesting to be on Chingari as confirmed clients. He says his startup is in “late funding talks”. 

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In New Delhi, Trisha Girdhar’s influencer management organization could predict what’s to come. Until a month ago, TikTok represented the main part of her income. Presently, the 22-year-old is currently stressing to move her star customers – influencers from small towns like Akola, Nabha, Katni, and Birati – to Roposo and some other different platforms.

“Brands are taking a gander at our influencers,” said Girdhar who herself is trained in belly dancing and has a fan following on Roposo. 

Roposo itself is getting a storm of influencer management agencies and some big names wanting to get on their platform. It’s examining contracts with VIP clients and content makers. It’s putting resources into camera filters and Indian topics. “This isn’t an opportunity only for budding entrepreneurs,” said Tewari. “Investors should be rushing over to get a piece of the pie.”

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