Top Startups In Chennai – Tamil Nadu



Poshmark is the largest community marketplace for fashion where any woman can buy, sell and share her personal style. With millions of shoppers and over 700,000 sellers, Poshmark brings together a vibrant community of women everyday to express themselves and share their love of fashion. The company has made it so simple to sell your style that the Poshmark community uploads over two million dollars worth of inventory into the marketplace every day – right from their phones.


Memorang is building a higher education learning platform and exam marketplace to help students advance across hundreds of career paths. Students begin by generating their own study notes for free, browsing the crowdsourced community, or purchasing premium content. Memorang then generates a dynamic study roadmap of practice questions, study games, videos, and external resources to review each day. Our algorithms act like a personal digital tutor by optimizing for each student’s knowledge, behavior, long-term memory/retention patterns, and time until exam.

The core of the platform is our data model that supports complex content, from art history to engineering certifications (think Google Knowledge Graph). By merging the crowdsourced community and premium content within a single learning experience we aim to turn Memorang into a lifelong learning platform.


FourKites is reinventing the complex and labor intensive communication systems in the Logistics and Transportation Industry by providing a cost-effective, real-time and easy-to-use cloud based software solution.

In the current but outdated system, shippers and freight brokers have no up-to-date information of the current location of their freight and arrival times. They rely on multiple phone calls to drivers and dispatchers to get accurate information. Systems like Email, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Fax are all initiated after the fact, making the decision process very reactive. You have now wasted time and effort for data that could be days old. FourKites solves this problem.


Punchh creates the consistent, modern experiences consumers expect by bringing the power of identity resolution into physical retail. Punchh is the leader in delivering one-to-one customer engagement and loyalty beyond mobile devices for a consistent brand experience through every channel. The Punchh Loyalty and Engagement Platform, powered through artificial intelligence, guides consumers through their lifecycle from first-time customer to superfan, building meaningful relationships and dramatically increasing lifetime customer value. Nearly 200 global enterprise brands rely on Punchh to grow revenue by building customer relationships. The company is based in Silicon Valley, California with a second US office in Austin, TX and global offices across Canada, India, the United Kingdom, and Singapore.


MINTLY- Online place for Sales professionals, looking for Job, reading more content and connecting with other Sales guys in Retail, FMCG and Finance Industries in Tier2 and 3 cities in India.

We have our 24 hr HOT LINE for anyone going for Interview to get last minute paid help from our Mentors.

We are the Pioneers in using BlockChain to do Employee Reference Check. Currently, the product is in Beta Mode and going through testing with our existing clients.
This will help Companies (aka Employers)
1)Save Time
2)Save Cost
3) Reduce Attrition Rate significantly

Our clear goal is to be the best in Customer Service in Career/Recruiting Space supported by heavy automation/technology stack.


Ontro app is the product. It does the following things

Customer : Non pro and pro sport players

PROFILE MAINTENANCE: Maintain a personal profile to keep track of all your activities and achievements.

EXPLORE: Explore other players based on their profile and get ready to play a match with them.

CREATE TEAMS: You can create a team for the sport you liked and chosen. You can also do this for a sport that you have not chosen.

SCHEDULE A MATCH: If some profile or team has caught your attention, you can immediately schedule a match with them.

UPDATING SCORE: This has never been so easy. Simply enter your scores after the match is over and wait for your opponent’s approval of your score. Once approved, your scores shall be updated.

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