List of Automated Answering Systems in 2023

List of Automated Answering Systems in 2023

Your office can get a lot of calls from customers and potential customers if you work after regular business hours. If the number of calls surpasses a specific threshold, even if a receptionist is on duty, it might not be sufficient. But not all businesses need a receptionist.

An automated answering service can be tailored to meet the unique demands and specifications of your company and can efficiently route calls to the appropriate operator. Second chances are uncommon in the corporate world. Missing a call could cost you a valuable client, lead, or business opportunity.

However, you may make sure that you don’t miss any possibilities by using the automated response services that are available. You don’t require a technical professional to set up any answering service portals because they are all user-friendly.

Consider your company’s present needs and match them with your vision when selecting the finest answering service. Making the best decision possible will be made easier with this information.

What is an Automated Answering Service?

While some businesses utilise live operators to answer the phone and take messages from customers, they also use automated answering services to handle calls while the operators are preoccupied with other responsibilities. People who receive critical calls but are unable to answer each one themselves can also benefit from automated answering services.

An automated answering service is a form of virtual receptionist that responds to customer requests and enquiries without placing them on hold, to put it simply. It’s crucial to remember that an automated answering service differs from an automated calling service in that it focuses more on managing incoming than outgoing calls.

A self-service option that leverages cutting-edge AI technology to respond to consumer questions is also frequently included in an automated answering service.

An automated answering service obtains the caller’s information and directs them to the proper department. To deal with the high call volume, call deflection is another option.

The advantages of automated answering systems

Automated Answering System

In addition to reducing your exposure to exorbitant customer service charges, The advantages of using an automatic answering service include

Imaging Expertise

Your answering service can be tailored to your company’s requirements so that all responses are prompt and improve the organization’s professional image.

Individualized Answering Service

An automated answering service can be utilised for many things, including accepting payments, setting up appointments, logging customer requests and complaints, answering questions, and more.

Decreases operating costs

In the role of a digital receptionist, an automated answering service gathers all customer data on your behalf, doing away with the need for a middleman or agent and eventually lowering consumer prices.

No less than one missed call each minute

An agent does not have to be there for every call. Prioritizing important calls and saving time are two ways that an automated answering service might help.

Queue management and anticipated wait times

Customers in a queue need to know how long it will take for their request to be fulfilled. For more effective queue management, an automated response service can convey wait time expectations.

Clarity And Accuracy

By posing a few straightforward questions to the caller, an automated answering service can guide them to the proper agent or department.

Numerous Router Options

Numerous routing choices are available with many contemporary answering systems, which shorten wait times for clients. As a result, clients can skip the line and chat with a specific agent immediately to resolve their problems.

Continuous Customer Support

With the help of an automatic answering service, your company may be open round-the-clock, giving clients access to customer support in all time zones.

New opportunity for sales

Both small business owners and major corporations can improve and boost sales by using automated answering devices. Customers can receive the most recent discounts and product updates every time they call thanks to the creation of personalised answering messages.

Factors to Take into Account When Selecting an Automated Answering System

When choosing an automated answering system, there are more factors to consider in addition to the information provided regarding the top automated answering systems for 2023. You may make a better educated and effective selection by considering these criteria.

Call Attending at Various Levels

By directing the caller through a short menu, automated answering systems direct the client’s call to the designated operators. However, this service takes it up a step in the event of multi-level call attending by developing unique paths that support numerous callers.

For instance, one route might only be for accounting, while another might be for technical assistance.

Monitoring of Accounts and Calls

It’s crucial to take call analytics into account when selecting an automated response service. Every time a customer calls, a feature on the dashboard that many organisations use to measure customer interactions is active. Thus, it is crucial to guarantee that the dashboard is user-friendly, and current, and enables simple control of users, permissions, and other features of phone conversations.

Call Answering Live Feature

Even though live call answering is sometimes preferable to automated answering services, both options can be advantageous. Some customers would rather converse with a live person as opposed to a machine when they have a question. Customers may be more satisfied if there is a live person on the other end of the line since they have immediate access to someone who can address their questions or concerns.

A useful addition to a phone plan is a live call answering option. Check to see if this option is offered by the automatic answering service you are considering.

Adaptable Hours

Since many businesses are open 24/7, they need answering services that can run nonstop. Some businesses, on the other hand, simply need automated answering services during regular business hours. As a result, it’s crucial to pick a business that offers flexible operation schedules that suit your needs and business hours.

Here are some more aspects to take into account when selecting an automated answering service in addition to the previously listed criteria:

  • Call recording; Conference calling; Voicemail transcription; Post-call surveys; Web/Mobile chat; CRM integration; IVR

List of Best Automatic Answering Systems

For companies of all sizes, choosing an automated response system is a major adjustment. It’s crucial to think about how the system will enhance and streamline processes for your company while making this choice.

Having the best-automated response system is necessary in order to make the right decision. Making a selection might be difficult when there are numerous possibilities available. As a result, we’ve created a list of the top 10 automatic answering systems for the year.



Designed for enterprises, Nextiva is a full-featured VOIP phone system that also works well as an automated answering service. You can personalise the greeting and establish replying guidelines based on your business hours thanks to a number of options that are included.

With the use of these tools, you may route calls depending on variables that affect how you handle calls, such as area code and time zone. A physical receptionist is not required to accept calls before, during, or after business hours thanks to Nextiva’s role as a virtual receptionist.

Nextiva’s small business-friendly administrative portal, which can be accessed from a computer or the company’s mobile app and allows you to control the complete admin site, makes it a great choice. Along with scalable features, Nextiva delivers advanced customer interaction capabilities, VoIP, video chat services, virtual voicemail, and more. For more complicated call routing, it also has plans that come with a multi-level auto-attendant.

AnswerFirst By granting access to capabilities like message taking and response, appointment scheduling, and help with purchasing and ordering, Answer First gives businesses a professional online presence that is available around the clock. The business offers a specialised and qualified customer care team made up of experts that have been helping consumers find solutions since 1998.

When you register with Answer First, you can use some of the features listed below: Systems and Security Management, Live Transfer, Message Taking, Scheduling and Reservations, Virtual Receptionist, and Voice Mail Services. 24/7 Dispatching.

Advanced automated answering service Answer First provides all customers with great customer care. It offers a variety of third-party connectors and configurable pricing plans made to meet your individual demands. By using Answer First, you can make sure that you never lose a possible lead, client, or business opportunity and that you consistently leave a good impression on your clients.

Your ability to be reached at all times and deliver effective customer care is guaranteed by the service’s round-the-clock accessibility, live transfer and message-taking function, scheduling and reservation tools, virtual receptionist, and voicemail service.



As a business owner, you are always looking for solutions that will satisfy all of your company’s requirements, including 24/7 coverage. Digital receptionists from PATlive offer skilled customer support round-the-clock, which can greatly enhance your interactions with customers and solidify your bonds with repeat customers. With their assistance, you can guarantee that your clients always have a great experience dealing with your business—even if you aren’t around.

A further benefit of the digital receptionist service is that it ensures you never miss a lead or business opportunity that could aid in the expansion of your company. PATlive provides a 14-day free trial option so that you can fully comprehend the product before making a choice. You can efficiently converse with persons who speak languages other than your own thanks to the multilingual service function.

The web-based calendaring solution provided by PATlive’s digital agents makes it simple to schedule, manage, and keep track of your appointments. You can view upcoming appointments in a calendar format and use this functionality to plan, reschedule, and cancel appointments. You can use this functionality to manage your time more effectively and productively.

Vox Nation

Voice Nation provides premium automated answering services that are accessible round-the-clock for your convenience. By becoming a member of Voice Nation, you get access to a bilingual virtual receptionist who can take your calls and reply to your texts for you. With the help of this function, you’ll never miss a crucial call or message and can give your customers prompt, courteous service.

With Voice Nation, you also get access to extra services like order processing, message delivery, in-depth reporting, and a personal account manager that are all included in each package. You won’t ever have to leave voicemails for a customer again thanks to our automated answering service because you can personally respond to each one at any time of the day. By doing this, you may enhance your client relationships and provide better customer service.

You can adjust your call script with Voice Nation to fit the nature of your company and your clientele. Additionally, the service includes a mobile application that works with iOS and Android devices, giving you freedom and convenience.


Grasshopper Automated answering systems

Every company has a differentiating feature that makes it stand out from the competition, and it’s crucial to tell clients about that feature. You can use pre-recorded scripts from the software’s database with the auto-attendant capability included in Grasshopper.

To assist you to handle incoming calls more professionally, you can designate several scripts for certain client pathways. The software also offers a professional voice studio for an additional cost. Grasshopper’s software gives you the freedom to pick who answers your calls by letting you switch between live operators and digital receptionists based on your preferences.

A virtual phone system can be integrated with your smartphone using Grasshopper’s simple 4-step method, ensuring that you never miss a call and projecting a professional image to your clients.


Ooma Automated answering systems

When creating an account with Ooma, auto-attendant is a function that is included exclusively for small businesses. Callers are always greeted by a virtual assistant, it has a text-to-speech capability. A computer-generated voice can be selected and assigned to read a personalised greeting to the caller. In addition, the software’s dashboard has a control panel where you may record audio recordings, which is a helpful feature if you’re thinking about using a virtual receptionist.

Ooma has a tonne of features, including free local phone numbers, affordable international calling rates, a virtual fax system, mobile app integration, and HD Audio. These features are designed to raise productivity, enhance customer service, and enhance general corporate communication.

You may check voicemails on your phone whenever and whenever you like with this automated answering service’s mobile application, which is available for both Android and iOS. Cost-efficiency is important to me as a small business owner, and Ooma has affordable plans for all of its customers. Ooma can make sure that your phone bill stays cheap as your company expands. As a result, not only does your business grow, but there is also a chance for you to significantly reduce your phone bill. Automated answering systems is an automated answering service created especially for companies with smaller or variable call volumes if you’re seeking for a way to manage your metered subscriptions. Both metered and non-metered subscription plans for the programme are available.

As a result, you can modify and incorporate your designs to meet your unique goals and requirements. Furthermore, offers access to a number of extra functions like live receptionist, international numbering, and dialling.

For companies running several marketing campaigns, the worldwide numbers and international dialling capabilities will be especially helpful. Furthermore, provides a vast array of services, including audio, video, text, call management, and other collaboration tools typically seen in business phone systems.

The switching between computer and phone is also quite simple with this answering service. Numerous choices are available, including vanity, toll-free, and local numbers.


Vonage Automated answering systems

No matter what kind of business you run or how big it is, you should have a flexible, budget-friendly strategy in place that will enable you to expand without having to pay exorbitant phone costs. You should have the appropriate communication tools and low prices under a perfect design.

Features like virtual phone numbers, call forwarding, voicemail, and auto-attendant are a few examples of features that can help you provide better customer service and work more efficiently. Additionally, many business communication solutions include flexible price packages with a range of capabilities, allowing you to select the one that best suits your demands and financial constraints.

Vonage provides several versatile options, including over 50 phone features with the option to add more advanced capabilities for a fee. There are 18 standard services included in the base package, including call recording, internet faxing, conference bridges, virtual numbers, and more.

You may also deploy third-party apps without the help of experts thanks to a self-service mobile application that is available for both Android and iOS. Wide-ranging services from Vonage include contact centres, client interaction, mobility, remote work, and more.


8*8 Automated answering systems

8×8 is an automated phone attendant service that works in more than 48 nations and is excellent for businesses with a significant number of foreign customers. The programme also offers a reasonable subscription plan that enables you to save money on international calls.

Your company can theoretically expand in regions where you do not have a physical presence thanks to the auto-attendant software’s phone number support flexibility in over 100 countries. The software’s collaborative capabilities are currently restricted to file sharing and video conferences.

Additionally, the platform makes use of AI to help you manage and track your voice conversations, assisting your managers and team leaders. You can access all of your business communications, including chat, video messages, audio calls, and more, via the software’s app, which is available for iOS and Android.


Aircall Automated answering systems

Cloud-based auto-attendant software called Aircall makes it possible for e-commerce businesses to run their call centres more effectively and remotely. The sales and marketing teams will benefit greatly from this cloud-based, IT-approved solution.

You may communicate with anyone, anywhere in the globe, with this software, which is extremely simple to set up. Additionally, Aircall is outfitted with CRM capabilities, helpdesk programmes, and other critical tools that give customers all the information they require when they call.

In order to manage and monitor your work, analyse calls, and track call metrics, you can do so with Aircall. It also has features like an IVR menu that is cloud-based, skill-based routing options, and more.

Various Industries That Utilize Automated Answering Services

No matter if you own a little business or a major corporation, having an automatic answering service will help your company expand and thrive, as we said earlier in the article.

To save time and reduce operating expenses, businesses of all shapes and sizes can benefit from automated answering services. Additionally, these services are ideal for companies with a 24/7 operation, limited resources, or clientele from other countries.

Additionally, the kind of services that companies provide has a big impact on automatic answering services. The following areas are where you can locate automated answering services used most frequently based on the services offered.

The finest companies that favour automated answering services are Medium Small and Micro Enterprises (MSME). They can nevertheless profit from an answering service despite the possibility that the number of calls is lower.

A/C Services: Outside of regular business hours, HVAC providers and plumbers frequently receive calls. A functioning service can be useful in this situation. A robotic answering service can record important messages and questions.

Business Growth/Transition: Businesses that are about to shift or update frequently use answering services that are adaptable and can meet their expanding business needs.

Real estate deals are typically made on the sidelines and in the field. Real estate agents currently require a staff member to answer client calls and enquiries. A customised automatic answering service is useful in this situation.

Doctor’s and dentist’s offices: Medical and dental service providers are subject to stringent HIPAA standards, which they must follow while collecting consumer information over the phone. Here, you can modify an answering service in accordance with HIPAA regulations to guarantee that client information is safe and secure.

Financial Institutions: In order to better accommodate their clients’ schedules, insurance and real estate professionals frequently put in strange hours. Therefore, even calls made after hours are crucial in these circumstances. It will be easier to handle those calls and provide interested parties with the information they need by setting up an automated call answering service.

Spas and Hair Salons Modern spas and salons demand that you book an appointment in advance, in contrast to the good old days. Customers will find it easier to book that appointment if you set up and personalise an answering machine.

In conclusion, having an automated response service is a fantastic choice for companies with numerous operational divisions. Therefore, if your company has multiple locations, having an answering service is crucial to the expansion of your company.

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