Top 10 Analytics Companies in India 2023

Top 10 Analytics Companies in India 2023

Today, nearly all organizations use digitization and data analytics in their decision-making and operational processes. Digital platforms analyze all of this received data and assist you in making a conclusion that will benefit you for any important decision that calls for in-depth research and data collection.

Businesses are turning to big data and data science to increase their productivity through business analytics solutions as digitalization sweeps the world. The need for business analytics in the sector has grown as a result.

In India, big data analytics is spreading its wings and is here to stay. For your association to achieve the greatest outcomes, it is essential to choose the top big data analytics businesses in India to act as the link in that process. After conducting thorough research, we have included all the big data consultants in our listings who have a thorough understanding of the market and audience in India and around the world.

The big data service companies in India underwent a rigorous churning process. Therefore, without further ado, get in touch with the top Big Data Development companies in India and launch your company into high gear.

Numerous business analytics firms in India focus on delivering high-quality reporting solutions at competitive pricing that are simple to use, put into practice, and organised. Additionally, these business analytics capabilities are becoming more well-liked in the sector due to how simple they are to use.

Top business advantages of Analytics include:

  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Quicker and better decision-making
  • Better financial results
  • Finding and developing new sources of income
  • Enhanced client acquisition and retention

One of the industries for enterprise software that is expanding the quickest is enterprise analytics. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, which has driven many companies to discover new methods to make money, reduce costs, and deal with the chaotic “next normal,” this expansion has recently accelerated even more.

The most prevalent use cases being expedited as a result of the epidemic, according to Gartner1, are analytics, business intelligence (BI), and data science, completely dominating the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud applications.

Organizations are using the problem-solving and predictive powers of analytics to address crucial pandemic-related concerns like properly estimating demand, protecting vulnerable workers, and spotting possible supply chain disruptions.

The typical elements of Business Analytics

The study of business analytics encompasses a wide range of techniques and resources. The following are some of the most typical:

  • Data aggregation is the process of gathering, organizing, and cleaning up data so it can be evaluated. Analytics requires a strong data management strategy and a current data warehouse.
  • Data mining: Data mining sifts through sizable databases, analyzes data from various perspectives, and discovers trends, patterns, and linkages that were not before recognized.
  • Big Data analytics: To analyze enormous amounts of structured and unstructured data in databases, data warehouses, and Hadoop systems, big data analytics uses cutting-edge techniques, including data mining, predictive analytics, and machine learning.
  • Text mining: For both qualitative and quantitative research, text mining examines unstructured text data sets like documents, emails, social media posts, blog comments, call centre scripts, and other text-based sources.
  • Forecasting and predictive analytics: Forecasting makes predictions about future events using historical data, while predictive analytics calculates the possibility that these predictions will come true using cutting-edge methods.
  • Once projections and predictions have been made, what-if analysis and simulation can test out various situations and improve prospective judgments before they are made.
  • Data storytelling and visualization: Data visualizations, such as charts and graphs, offer a simple means of comprehending and expressing trends, outliers, and patterns in data. These visualizations can be connected to give a more comprehensive data story and assist in making decisions.

Leading Indian Business Analytics Companies

Companies that provide data analytics are increasingly focused on employing software and computational tools to study and understand data. Data analysts’ insights from massive data set to fuel the growth of business analytics organizations.

A business analyst is necessary for a corporation with data analyst employment, and vice versa. A business cannot properly be classified as a business analytics company or a data analytics company.

Business analytics and data analytics are related but distinct fields. Here, we are examining businesses that have a stronger emphasis on one of these. For instance, Convergytics has fantastic roles for business analysts, yet the company primarily focuses on data analytics. After that, let’s examine the best business analytics employers in India.

The Top 10 Analytics companies in India 2023

1. Accenture Analytics

Accenture Analytics

Accenture Analytics, a division of the multinational technology company Accenture, offers business analytics and business intelligence solutions. Due to its excellent support of machine learning and artificial intelligence, it enjoys considerable market fame.

They rank among the largest businesses in the global tech sector. They have also made an effort to rank among the top analytics businesses. They have a data analytics solution to assist organizations using machine learning and artificial intelligence.

They have collaborated on more than 250 projects during their more than 15-year association with SAS. You can collaborate with more than 1800 data scientists who are a part of it. One should choose it as one of the greatest data analytics firms.

You get the opportunity to study and work on data-driven solutions from data analysts, data sensors, and third-party searches in this environment. The opportunity to work in Accenture Labs and Innovations Centers and join a network of more than 1800 data scientists and analysts makes it a terrific place to work as well.

The company offers several significant services, and delivers AI solutions to your company, Helps hasten the use of cloud data, and provides services for analytics and natural language processing.

2. Gramener


One of the most promising startups of 2013 is the well-known Gramener. The business is currently ranked among India’s top data analytics firms.

The way that Gramener works is by transforming the data into simplified dashboards that encourage company problem-solving visually. The system can easily identify essential messages and notifications because the main design inspires cognitive science.

The top services offered by Gramener are data into clear dashboards that make your company’s issues and solutions seem obvious. You may submit CSR materials 86% faster than normal with the help of its AI-driven anonymization technology; utilizing its Smart AI solutions helps to maximize the time spent on reviewing legal documents.

3. Fractals Analytics

Fractal Analytics

A company called Fractal Analytics focuses on more than 40 specialized services for various markets, including healthcare, BFSI, hotel, technology, and retail. It offers business analytics decisions and solutions that are rapid, clever, accurate, and inventive.

The business is situated in the USA and was established in the year 2000. Fractal analysis currently has offices in both the UK and India. Business analytics and artificial intelligence are the main services they provide.

Their analytical services are useful for a variety of industries, including healthcare, hospitality, and technology. The brand’s two subsidiaries, and, use AI to offer a range of services. The company currently employs more than 300 people.

Among their key offerings are; Image and video analytics, text analytics, forecasting tools, and advanced artificial intelligence solutions. In addition to this, the business also provides services in behavioural science, supply chain, and customer experience.

4. Tiger Analytics

Tiger Analytics

One of the top data analytics firms in the globe is Tiger Analytics. They provide the organization with a variety of data analysis options. Their analysis services are useful for customers, operations, risk, strategy, and market analytics.

They work with companies including Cisco, Intel, Paypal, American Express, and more. Although the business is new, it already has a lot of significant clients. The business was established in 2011 and is based in the USA.

The following in line is Tiger Analytics, which has provided its promising data science and engineering services to over 500 businesses. The business focuses on; Analytics for marketing, Risk assessment, Analytics for operations and planning, and client analytics.

Additionally, they assist in setting up the dashboard and KPI reporting that are required for alerting and monitoring predetermined performance metrics. Tiger Analytics supports insight discovery by using frameworks and an iterative process to assist find key interest patterns in the data through tabular and visual analysis.

Tiger Analytics is also regarded as one of the greatest business analytics firms due to its favourable workplace and compensation plans.

5. HyperLink Information System

Hyperlink Infosystem

Hyperlink InfoSystem is a well-known brand in data analytics and enables businesses to execute and develop a comprehensive data program. The business offers clients promising business analytics solutions thanks to its amazing team of data scientists, developers, and analysts, as well as a great collection of tools and infrastructure.

The top services offered by Hyperlink InfoSystem are; using big data analytical services to transform complex data into ordered reports, dashboards, and visualization aids in expanding one’s understanding of the organizations.

6. Mu Sigma Analytics

Mu Sigma

Data analytics and management consulting are the two main services provided by Mu Sigma, a corporation established in the USA. It currently has more than 3500 employees. Customers can analyze data with the aid of tools from Mu Sigma.

They offer services and solutions that equally demand human skill for Data Analysis, allowing users to organize and analyze data rather than relying on Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning techniques to assist firms in managing their data.

Mu Sigma Analytics, one of the leading providers of business analytics and data science services, helps organizations make better decisions by offering precise data analytics solutions. They are experts in offering; demand analytics, Marketing analytics, Optimization and risk analytics, and Network planning.

Additionally, Mu Sigma Analytics makes use of the ‘Art of Program Solving’ tools to improve SaaS performance. The business stands out for its services that assist businesses in operationalizing, mapping and scaling data analytics solutions.

7. Absolutdata


By combining technology, complicated data, and advanced analytics with a diagnostic methodology, Absolut Data is changing the conventional analytical approach. For marketing, sales, and analytics professionals, their brand NAVIK offers a portfolio of potent products that let them tap into the potential of AI.

AbsoluData offers top-tier analytics services, such as marketing analytics and customer analytics, in addition to its artificial intelligence solutions. For the marketing vertical, it offers comprehensive and specialized services to understand clients better, forecast the most successful marketing campaigns, and choose what will give a competitive advantage.

They offer a 360-degree perspective of the customer under customer analytics, combined with micro-segmentation and behavioural analytics. Among other excellent services, they offer to assist with client engagement strategies, customer acquisition analytics, and customer lifetime value modelling.

Big names from a variety of industries are among AbsolutData’s clients. Adidas, Apollo Munich Health Insurance, Epson, Emirates NBD, Hershey’s, Hyundai, Janssen, Kellogg’s, KIA Motors, Levi’s, LG, Loreal, Petronas, Standard Chartered, Uber, and several other companies are just a few among them.

8. Cartesian Consulting


In India, Cartesian Consulting was established in 2009. Presently, it employs 150 people who work for more than 50 businesses in ten nations out of offices in India, Singapore, and North America. Cartesian Consulting has grown to be a well-known international brand in just ten years.

Their capacity to quickly integrate advanced data into a business setting and make a difference from it sets them apart. They offer services in Customer Analytics, Marketing Analytics, Business Analytics, and Digital Analytics, among other areas.

One of the most clever CRM applications available is their “Solus” solution. The brains behind hyper-personalized marketing are responsible for this.

Across industries, Cartesian Consulting has assisted brands in increasing toplines by 5–10% and margins by 6–12%. Retail, quick service restaurants, financial services, telecommunications, e-commerce, and hospitality are the sectors they have so far mostly served.

9. SIBIA Analytics

SIBIA Analytics is renowned for offering forward-thinking analytics solutions by utilizing cutting-edge technology and cutting-edge prediction models. The firm offers a range of services, including; the generation of analytics insights, expert analytics service and advice, Real-time data management and analysis, predictive dashboards, and web-hosted analytics reports.

SIBIA Analytics offers analytics-driven marketing investment consulting, social media marketing consulting, and many more services as an analytics service and consulting firm.

10. LatentView Analytics

Latent View Analytics

LatentView Analytics was established in 2006 and has offices in San Jose, New Jersey. It has offices in Mumbai and Chennai in India. In 2015, Frost and Sullivan recognized LatentView Analytics as the Analytical Solutions Provider of the Year. Considering the ongoing technical advancements IdeaLabs is the name of Latent View’s internal research and development facility.

The business can provide Big Data and Predictive Analytics Solutions with the help of its R&D lab. Retail, consumer goods, technology, and financial services are just a few of the businesses that benefit from its cutting-edge goods and services.

Latent View’s major services include the following; Services for Business Analytics Consulting, Digital Data Engineering Solutions, and technological advances in analytics.

The era of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning has been here thanks to almost infinite data storage and blazing-fast computing rates. These innovations are “augmenting” analytics, making them far more potent than they have ever been.

Patterns, outliers, and correlations may be found in Big Data considerably more quickly and accurately thanks to AI and machine learning analytics. Through the cloud, they may access more data from more sources, like social media and sensors from the Internet of Things, and uncover insights, opportunities, and threats that would otherwise go unnoticed.

In addition to automating some of the most difficult tasks in the analytics process, machine learning algorithms enable non-data scientists and business users to access advanced and predictive analytics.

A form of artificial intelligence called natural language processing (NLP) advances self-service by enabling consumers to ask business questions about their data (and receive responses) in an easy, conversational manner, much like typing a search into Google or speaking to Siri.

Naturally, all of this is accessible via mobile devices, allowing users to find solutions to ad hoc questions wherever they are.

Future in an Analytics Career

A wide range of duties outside of technology is being added to the business analyst’s function, which is continually changing. To land work as a business analyst at these prestigious firms, familiarize yourself with the cutting-edge business analytics ecosystem.

Enrol in classes to learn about cutting-edge technology and how it may be used in business. Develop your skills to use big data technologies for more intelligent decision-making and better business solutions. Follow the user design and develop a solid understanding of UX. Participate in stakeholder engagements to create better outcomes and solutions.

Continually upgrade your knowledge of new technology and business analytics trends. The key is continuous progress.


We can conclude that there is a great need for data analytics solutions and business decision-enabling processes nowadays. As a result, businesses that provide data analytics are expanding significantly.

These aid in the decision-making process of businesses and the resolution of all business analytics issues with the aid of big data collected from the company. These businesses are among the top data analytics firms in the world, as noted above.

These were some of the top data analytics firms one could hope to work for to have a fruitful career in business analytics. According to the record books, the best data analysis software is offered to consumers by these data analyst organizations.

Additionally, these data analytics firms want to assist organizations in organizing their data, gaining insightful information, and making ground-breaking business decisions.

Edited by Prakriti Arora

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