Matthias Mende | One of the most influential entrepreneurs in Dubai talks about his new venture: Bonuz | A Revolutionary Celebrity and Brand Token Launchpad

When it comes to Dubai-based entrepreneurs, Matthias Mende is one of the most well-known names. Mende has a long history of being an entrepreneur. Mende started working at the age of nine and became an entrepreneur at a young age. His journey into the Blockchain and tokenization world began with Bitcoin in 2016, and he has been a passionate supporter of Blockchain and a firm believer in the long-term value that this technology will provide ever since.

Mende is currently advising the CEO of the Dubai Blockchain Center, the UAE’s highest government-related blockchain office, which educates and assists in the development of strategy for the UAE’s horizons of Blockchain and Technology implementations.

Mende’s Bonuz is a celebrity token ecosystem and platform that enables users to buy exclusive access to their favourite and most popular celebrity’s channel by purchasing blockchain-based tokens. The native platform token $BONUZ is used to support the entire Bonuz ecosystem. It works in a similar way to Binance’s BNB or FTX’s FTT. The Bonuz platform is funded by $BONUZ, which raises capital and sells the $BONUZ Token.

The Bonuz community has been growing extremely fast. They have become a big community as they have been getting huge companies as their partners. They have been partnered by Dubai Blockchain Center, Blockpass, Vista Group, Eco X Dubai, The Moon, Hacken, Pennfords, DavinciJ15, MEMMOS, MMCrypto, and others.

Bonuz has sold a few percent of tokens to reach a token valuation of $25 million, and the Bonuz team is working on a fantastic roadmap that includes an official token launch by the end of 2021. BSC and Solana are the foundations of the token ecosystem. There will be digital avatars of celebrities in a metaverse in the later stages of the roadmap. $BONUZ will be the native token on the Bonuz platform, similar to how $BNB is Binance’s native token and $FTT is the native token of the FTX Exchange.

Early subscribers reserved a limited number of $BONUZ Tokens on the Bonuz Marketplace in preparation for the public sale. Pictures, Videos, and audio content will be sent to fans that aren’t available on other social media platforms. Essentially, Bonuz will allow fans to get closer to their favourite celebrities than ever before, as well as gain exclusive access to features other than content. Even Metaverse access and NFT Mining where fans get free NFT’s is available.

Bonuz Advisory Board looks powerful with the German Celebrity Billionaire Saygin Yalcin, the King of fiat into crypto payments, Simplex boss Ari Last and the most powerful man of Davos Rich Stromback who also runs the NeoFlow Fund.

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