The Trump Card: How to Use it in Online Rummy Games

Joker is the most awaited card in all online rummy games and tournaments. It is also the most decisive card that can make or break your game, so learning how to use it right is key to winning when you play rummy online.

In this blog, we will share with you some insider tips that will notch up your game in many ways and help you secure maximum wins. We hope you are excited because following these tips might dazzle your opponents and help you beat them in their own game. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Refrain it from using in a Pure Sequence

Jokers are wild cards in online rummy games and their main job is to fill the missing pieces in the puzzle and fast track your progress in the game. Now, we know pure sequence is mandatory to make a valid declaration when you play rummy online for real money which is why they should be your first priority. However, if you receive a joker in the original hand, you must refrain from using it to form your pure sequence unless truly necessary.

It is better to form the pure sequence with original cards so that you can keep the joker for an emergency finish. If you receive a nearly gutter hand, do not throw away the face cards. Just wait for a couple of moves and your opponents will throw theirs and voila, you have your pure sequence!

Most of the opponents are too afraid to keep them around. They will immediately try to get rid of them so you can pick them from the open pile quickly and be done with your pure sequence sooner than you’d think!

Use to form a Bigger Sequence

This is a secret tip that no one will tell you but will help you make a quick finish when you play rummy online for real money. When you have 4 serial cards with one missing in the middle to complete a sequence, use the joker here to form a bigger sequence and reduce a good number of cards immediately.

For instance, if you have 8,9,J and Q of any suit, use the joker to substitute number 10. This way, you use up 5 cards at once! So, put together your pure sequence and this relay sequence, you finished 8 cards already, you can easily combine the remaining 5 cards to form quick sets!

Use the random joker as it is

Not every hand can be a winning hand when you play rummy online for real money. Sometimes, you might receive a gutter hand and maybe just one random joker if luck permits. So, what do you do? Not ready to drop yet and get penalty points?

Then, maybe you make best use of what you already have. However, you got to make sure you have your pure sequence in place. If that seems a remote possibility in the first three moves, we say drop out.

However, if you do manage to form your pure sequence and still have a numbered joker, why not use it for the value it carries and head to the finish line?

Well, these are few joker tricks that you can use when you play rummy online for real money and catalyze your game when things seem bleak or confusing. Now, let’s head straight to an online rummy site where you can enjoy countless games and promotions related to online rummy games.

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All the best!

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