RTI To CGHS for Removing Hospitals From CGHS Empanelment & Payment To Hospitals

Application for seeking information under section 6(1) of The Right to Information Act, 2005

Following up to date & duly typed information is required regarding the following
Particulars of information:

How many private hospitals are empanelled under CGHS till date 16-06-2022.
How many private hospitals were under empanelment in the following financial years:


How many private hospitals were removed from empanelment in the last 5 financial years.
Reasons for such removal.
How many people have taken CGHS subscription pre and post retirement in the last 5 financial years and what are their monthly and annually subscription charges. (please mention each year separately).
Is there any payment due on the government that is to be paid to the CGHS empanelled private hospitals, if yes, then what amount is due and to what hospital.
Reasons for such delay in the payment.

सीजीएचएस क्या है, कैसे काम करता है - What is CGHS in Hindi

Kindly furnish relevant supporting documents in favor of your responses.
If the above sought information is not available in your office, kindly forward my application to the concerned public authority, as per section 6(3) of the RTI Act.
I state that all the information sought does not fall within the restrictions contained under the act and to the best of my knowledge it pertains to your office. Kindly provide the asked information in typed format.
I assure that I will not allow/ cause to use/ pass/share/ circulate/ display the information in any manner which would be detrimental to the unity and sovereignty of India.  

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