Smart Player Choices That Will Help Secure Your Online Poker Bankroll

Online poker games are perhaps one of the most thrilling and nerve-wrecking card games that constantly tests a player’s core skills such as crucial decision making, switching gears real quick, patience, and outright discipline in every aspect of the game at all times. However, if you wish to exercise these skills fearlessly, every player must attend to online poker bankroll management diligently.

 Without an up and running bankroll, your game might just fall apart and you will be forced to chicken out even before you got a fighting chance!

So, stressing on this point further, we are here to discuss some easy peasy changes in your game strategy that could help keep your online poker bankroll rolling and even boost your win rate in the game.

Choose your Game Carefully

The first step towards protecting your online poker bankroll is to understand if the variant you are playing is working for you. Is it favoring your inherent as well as acquired skills? To find the answer, you need to explore more than one variant of poker and see which resonates better not just with your skills but whether your online poker bankroll can support your game in the long run.

If you are new to online poker games and tournaments, we suggest you explore both Texas Hold’em and Omaha poker and discover which variant of poker, you have a better flair for. An open piece of suggestion to newcomers would be to hone your skills in Hold’em poker games if poker bankroll is a concern for you at this stage.

Unlike Omaha poker where the variance is literally stunning due to the presence of four hole cards and could steal away your bankroll entirely at one go, they may not be a variant switch early on in your career. Stick to Hold’em games to get a gradual grip on the game and until you are rock solid, don’t push your luck with Omaha poker lest you want your online poker bankroll to face the wrath.

Pick a Table Where You Could be Dominant

It doesn’t hurt to be a little smart during the beginning of your run and find ways that could offer you the extra edge over your opponents and thereby not just protect but boost your online poker bankroll.  

A very easy way to find this edge is by sitting on a table that has a couple of weaklings that you could put pressure on with an aggressive game. A couple of limpers or even a calling station will give you space to value bet and collect those extra bucks that will work as a definite plus in terms of online poker bankroll management.

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Stay Disciplined & Build Your Table Image

If you do not wish to go broke playing poker online, you have to practice discipline in your game. Avoid playing loose and aggressive poker to show dominance, it always backs fire sooner than you think. You need to profile your opponents one by one every time you sit on a new table and play player specific poker online if you do want to wash away your hard-earned money from your online poker bankroll.

Avoid bluffing at the early stages in any cash game or tournament. Be patient, figure out your opponents, work on building a credible table image, and then bluff when in position to keep your bankroll going upwards. 

Start off with the Lowest Stakes

Never start playing online poker games with the sole intent to earn quick money. You should rather focus on building your game, work on your strategies, build your table image, and attempt to play with your opponent’s psyche to beat them in their own game. All this can be done only if you start at the lowest stakes.

Great things take time. So, be patient and switch to real money online poker games at micro stakes where you can play with minimum pressure and focus solely on your game. Unless you are equipped with the necessary weapons to slay your opponents with your skills, you won’t last long. Luck only favors those who make the maximum effort on their game. Playing high stakes tournaments early on will smash your online poker bankroll and discourage you from pursuing the game in the long run.

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So, make smart & professional choices from the start and you can expect favorable results sooner than most. All said and done, let’s take you to an online poker room where you can play tournaments and cash games for the lowest stakes possible and yet gain bigger returns. 

Play PokerBaazi’s Latest Value Bomb 50LAC GTD

PokerBaazi, an online poker room in India is popular for hosting online poker tournaments that are player-driven and poker bankroll friendly allowing even new players to claim a decent share of the pie for their skills.

The latest example has been its brand new offering for new players, Value Bomb 50LAC GTD that gives away 2000x value against your buy-ins. Here’s how can win real cash from this 50LAC prize pool.

  • Tournament goes live between 18th-22nd November, 20204 starting flights that offer multiple opportunities to players with limited online poker bankroll to enter this mega event for fraction of the buy-ins and enter The Money!
  • Play satellites every evening at 9 PM for just INR 250+25 to win tickets to the bigger event for free

Keep looking for such opportunities and do your due research to find the right games at the right places so that online poker bankroll management becomes an effortless game and you can play more open-minded and confident poker online and stay connected to the game for the longest time.



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