The Engagement Expert Gil Rabbi Reveals What Makes Storycards Unique

The Engagement Expert Gil Rabbi Reveals What Makes Storycards UniqueThe Future Is Now: Gil Rabbi Of Storycards On How Their Technological Innovation Will Shake Up The Tech Scene | by Fotis Georgiadis | Authority Magazine | Jan, 2022 | Medium

When it comes to engagement website building, the truth is most people get worried. The reason for the worry is simple as almost everyone believes you need knowledge of programming or coding to create a good website that will engage users.


However, Israeli tech guru Gil Rabbi has changed these notions and how. His brainchild Storycards has revolutionized the way people look at internet engagement.


Storycards is Internet’s first no-code engagement product, and it promises to deliver next-level engagement that will benefit companies and individuals. Speaking about idea, Gil said, “The biggest problem that common folks face when it comes to engagement products is they don’t know where to start and how.

Storycards Has Built a No-Code Platform For Engagement Products

This is the reason why I put all my heart and soul into Storycards because I wanted to remove that barrier. We started as Rabbi Interactive, a technology agency based in Tel Aviv in 2005 and eventually came Storycards.


i takes all the knowledge that I  accumulated over the years in my companies into creating a platform that allows anyone without any designing or development knowledge to produce digital products that creates engagement with its users. “

Storycards - Press Center

Gil also opened up on what makes the platform unique and said, “We allow the user to have freedom with their vision. It is their website; their dream and they should have the space to make the best of it. That’s all I wanted from the platform, and we managed to deliver this for sure.”


Today, Storycards has millions of users from all over the world, you can check out the site right here.

Storycards - Press Center


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