The Plankk launches mobile app providing fitness classes from influencers

the plankk launches mobile app providing fitness classes from influencers

Leveraging years of building out white-labeled fitness applications for the health and wellness spokesmodels made Instagram famous, wellness startup, Plankk,  is now launching a digital app called The Plankk Studio where fans can take lessons from their favorite Instagram stars.

The company spent years building apps for the Instagram set, putting up 37 white-labeled applications which contained the diet plans and exercise regimes of popular influencers like Whitney Johns, Christina Vargas, Kino MacGregor, James Ellis, and Ashley Kaltwasser.
The concept isn’t new. The Nike Training Club App is a free mobile app that offers workouts from Nike trainers, Freeletics, Pear or literally hundreds of other fitness apps that combine coaching and an exercise regime.
Indeed, many of these trainers on Plankk also have classes available on YouTube or on Instagram. What’s different according to chief executive Colin Szopa is the roster of fitness gurus that Plankk can offer, and the incentive to go live on the platform so users can be sure they’re getting time with their favorite Instagram influencer.
Plankk is launching with over 1,000 videos and is available online and on iOS and Android. the company said it will launch on Roku, Apple TV, and other OTT options in the next few weeks.
The on-demand workouts are available through a $14.99 monthly subscription and the company is creating a token-based payment system for live classes — ideally incentivizing the trainers with a better cut in the token-based economy.
Founded in 2016, the company claims that through its network of white-labeled apps and partnerships with influencers it reaches over 110 million people.
Plankk is also offering more than just fitness classes through its studio. The company is working with MacGregor, a yoga instructor to provide Ashtanga yoga lessions through its link to MacGregor’s Omstars channel.
Plankk Studio provides its influencer creators with an additional revenue stream in which they are paid on a per-user basis for on-demand workouts and live classes. In addition to familiarizing members with trainers’ personalities and content, the platform offers influencers additional monetization options by promoting their personal apps to users who stream their classes.
Source: TechCrunch

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