Top 10 Best Grooming Brands For Men In India In 2023

Top 10 Best Grooming Brands For Men In India In 2023

The word “grooming” has been used in various contexts for many years. Although not a novel idea, men’s grooming was previously uncommon until today, thanks to the market’s recent expansion of the skincare and grooming sector. The demand for men’s grooming products has been rising steadily thanks to the thousands of new options available and the entry of new international enterprises.

Every modern man needs a few grooming staples, whether he prefers quick and simple items to fit his busy schedule or splurges on a more involved skin and hair care routine. But with a growing number of items available, it can be extremely confusing. We have created a list of the top grooming brands available in order to remove the element of guesswork from grooming. You will soon be looking, feeling, and smelling your best because to commonalities like scientifically-backed natural ingredients, benefits that have been clinically verified, and a lack of dangerous additives.

In the last several years, the men’s grooming market has grown to be worth many crores of rupees. Numerous domestic and foreign firms have entered India’s hitherto untapped men’s grooming market. The demand for men’s grooming products has surged as Indian men become more aware of their personal hygiene and care. As a result, there are several brands of grooming products catered to Indian guys.

Indian Men’s Grooming Brands Throughout History

Initially, Gillette, Nivea, Old Spice, and other well-known brands dominated the Indian market for men’s grooming products. Shaving creams, aftershaves, and hair oils were the only items available for men to use in their grooming.

However, there are now a variety of products available for guys, from beard growth oils to moustache wax, from men’s fairness creams to peel-off face masks. Who would have imagined that there would be hundreds of goods on the market that are only marketed to guys, and that businesses would spend billions of dollars on advertising and RND for products for men’s grooming?

How the epidemic fueled the growth of men’s grooming companies

The male personal care and grooming market has expanded over the past few years thanks in part to Mooch products like beard growth oil, serum, crème, and wash. The days of only a few shaving products from companies like Gillette and P&G’s Old Spice are long gone. Men’s personal care products are more in demand and more varied than ever thanks to urbanization, the rise of the “Metrosexual” male, and the awareness of the need to seem presentable and well-groomed.

Men’s holistic skincare and personal hygiene products, including scrubs, moisturizers, masks, body washes, serums, and a carefully chosen selection of hair care products, are available from brands including The Man Company, Ustra, Whiskers, Bombay Shaving Company, Beardo, Nykaa Man, and many others. Even aftercare items for tattoos are available!

The beauty business is actively courting guys with cutting-edge goods and services made especially for them. These companies are giving the established competitors a tough battle, forcing them to expand their product offerings beyond simple shaving aids.

“There are many factors contributing to a man’s attractiveness now, not only grooming his beard and wearing cologne. There are so many companies making things that are important to guys. Whiskers takes its role as a powerful brand very seriously. In order to increase customer happiness, we have developed a plan to educate consumers through informative live streams about skincare, hair care, and the art of grooming. Aakash Goswami, a co-founder of Whiskers, spoke to Indian Television.

The market for male grooming in India was valued at $643 million in 2018 and is expected to reach $1.2 billion by 2024, growing at a CAGR of nearly 11%.

DIY (do it yourself) haircuts and personal grooming became necessary and fashionable as the epidemic and ensuing travel restrictions kept us inside our homes. The demand for goods like razors, trimmers, and epilators increased. Nowadays, the majority of consumers choose at-home grooming than going to salons and spas.

According to Binodan KD Sharma, vice president and head of digital at Dentsu Impact, “Industry organisations like ASSOCHAM forecast a 45 percent CAGR to reach a market size of about 35,000 crores by the end of 2021. This is not unwarranted as the popularity of male grooming among urban customers is now slowly spreading to Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities where the aspirations and ambitions of the TG have skyrocketed with the development of mobile technology and the internet.

Grooming brands

Speaking of how most of these firms attempt to connect with their customers, Binodan claims: “The players in the urban and niche markets put a lot of emphasis on digital, publishing a variety of content across social media, YouTube, influencer engagement, and e-commerce strategy. The major players still rely on print and television, with YouTube and OTT services making up the majority of their digital usage. An intriguing case study is Ustraa, which largely relied on Instagram to develop their brand equity. With digital being adopted more fervently in the next months, more mass players will likewise decide to concentrate on the medium for part of their items.”

E-commerce has been one of the most significant development factors, according to Shantanu Deshpande, founder and CEO of the Bombay Shaving Company. “Our ability to innovate faster across brands, goods, and technology is thanks to Consumer adoption of digital technology is at an all-time high. Since then, we have been expanding, and our monthly run rate has increased by 150% above the pre-covid level, he told ET.

Men are exposed to international fashion trends through increased usage of social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, which increases demand for men’s grooming products. Grooming goods like beard oils, hair gels, face washes, deodorants, fragrances, and electronic trimmers and clippers saw a surge in sales during the lockdown.

The Indian market for male grooming, which had a 2018 value of $643 million, is anticipated to rise at a CAGR of more than 11% to reach $1.2 billion by 2024. The growth of the industry is being positively impacted by the rise of ecommerce. Companies like Nykaa created the men’s site NykaaMan in an effort to capture market share in the growing men’s market.

International cosmetics brands like The Body Shop increased their selection of male products from one to twelve. Instead of settling for by-products from the women’s line, males started looking for things that were made particularly for them. Consequently, the barbershop tradition is increasingly spreading to India.

Men’s grooming startups now focus more on feeling secure and looking respectable rather than on looking appealing and luring the opposing gender. Ayushmann Khurana participated in The Man Company’s #GentlemanInYou campaign, which challenged gender norms through a moving poem, and other creative marketing initiatives in recent years. Hrithik Roshan describes himself as a beardo on his social media accounts.

All of the new Indian male grooming start-ups are investing in trying to establish strong brand associations through content marketing and influencer marketing in order to reach a broader audience. A recent Mintel Reports study found that while just 23% of Gen Z males were affected by celebrities, 19% were by promotional offers, and 17% were influenced by bloggers, 45 percent of Gen Z men were urged to use items by their male friends.

Therefore, social circles have started to take over as an influential force, even while celebrity and influencer endorsements help with brand exposure and investment in memorable content helps with brand recall. In order to turn consumers into brand advocates, brands are turning their attention to community development and storytelling.

We’ve observed that a lot more people are experimenting with looks they wouldn’t have before COVID-19 when the store reopened. Longer hairstyles like top knots and man buns are being tried out by males who previously only wore deep fades and crew cuts.

Following the COVID-19 lockout, more of our consumers are interested in learning more about the products they use and are shifting away from styling goods in favour of nourishing items.

The pandemic has given our industry the chance—albeit an undesirable one—to explore further and concentrate on the reasons why we are even here.

To get to the point of our essay, we want to highlight comparable businesses and brands that are building a name for themselves in India’s men’s grooming market. The Top 10 Best Men’s Grooming Brands in India are listed below:

List of the top ten men’s grooming brands in India for 2023

  • The Man Company:

Grooming brands

The Man Company is the first name that comes to mind when discussing men’s grooming products in India. It is a locally produced company with a focus on men’s grooming goods. The goods’ ingredients are all-natural and organic. To look at the products, one can use filters like shop by collection. The brand has quickly dominated the market thanks to excellent products, all-natural components, and competitive prices.

the guy business that Ludwig Sander founded in 2015. It is a renowned manufacturer of consumer goods that offers things for men. The product line contains quality essential oils and hand-selected natural components but no hazardous chemicals.

The Man Company is an Indian manufacturer of consumer goods. The company’s main office is in Gurgaon, Haryana, India. It is the greatest comprehensive manual on how to act like a gentleman. The creation of the purest, best skin, hair, and body care products has always been the aim.

  • Bombay Shaving Company:

Grooming brands

Indian men’s shaving practices have been revolutionized by the founders of the Bombay Shaving Company. With the aid of their products, you may transform a routine shave into a luxurious spa experience. For a better and healthier shaving experience, one might switch from regular shaving cream to Bombay Shaving Company’s Charcoal Shaving Foam.

In addition, you can use Fitkari aftershave gel to replace your old aftershave. Despite only being founded in 2015, the business has already established itself and acquired many devoted clients. The portal provides a wide range of grooming categories, including kits, trimmers, perfumes, skincare, haircare, and beard care.

Bombay Shaving Company is an Indian self-grooming company that Shantanu Deshpande founded in October 2015. Deshpande’s conversation with a coworker who worked for the American grooming business Harry’s led to the creation of the business. Deshpande came to the conclusion that there was a demand for a comparable brand in India as a result.

The business claimed to have over 12,000 customers as of August 2017 and was chosen by Amazon for a global launch. Bombay Shaving Company appointed renowned cricketer R Ashwin as a brand ambassador in July 2021. Ashwin will be highlighted in the “Shave to Shine” omnichannel marketing campaign, which will also include influencers, influencer marketing, new goods, and social media initiatives.

  • Beardo:

Grooming brands

Despite what the brand’s name might imply, the site offers far more than just things for beards. Men’s hold hair spray and perfume are among the available goods. Beardo has quickly established itself as one of India’s top 10 men’s grooming companies by providing its clients with high-quality goods.

The 2015-founded direct-to-consumer brand started off by offering beard care products before expanding into a full-service men’s grooming business. Its rapid expansion attracted notice and eventually led to Marico purchasing it.

Beardo, a company located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, was created in response to the dearth of options available to affluent urban men who like growing and maintaining their beards but have little choice except to use cheap oils or unsuitable products.

Beardo offers the goods a bearded man needs to keep his face mane groomed, soft, shining, and smelling impeccable. They employ the finest ingredients and quality-controlled manufacturing procedures. In response to the dearth of men’s grooming products on the market, Beardo set out to change the grooming landscape by developing unique products made with high-quality components and under strict quality control.

  • Spruce Shave Club:

Grooming brands

Men can choose from a variety of products, many of which are designed for wet shaving. Their premium line products are designed with natural components, making them soothing on the skin. Their goods are distinctive and intriguing, and they are making the morning ritual of shaving enjoyable and simple.

With the launch of Spruce Shave Club, men around the nation may now reimagine how they take care of themselves. They produce a brand-new, authentic, and all-natural grooming experience by fusing western technology with eastern expertise of herbs and plants.

It is a company committed to giving guys all over the nation more honest, luxurious, and all-natural grooming experiences. For a more pure, sincere, and genuine experience, all of their products are made with the best ingredients and enhanced with pure essential oils and natural extracts.

While their grooming products are all enhanced with genuine essential oils & natural extracts to provide the most premium, secure, and pleasurable grooming experience, all of their shaving razors are manufactured utilizing cutting-edge technology in the USA & Germany for the closest shave.

  • Ustraa:

Grooming brands

Ustraa is a D2C men’s grooming business that sells items for the beard, hair growth, dandruff care, anti-acne, scents, face serum, and de-tan. The company mostly caters to Indian customers. The business is headquartered in Delhi, India, and was established in 2015.

USTRAA, which stands for “a shaving razor” in its name, is making waves in the Indian market for men’s grooming products. Despite the fact that the website claims that its items are for “happy single” guys, this is in no way the truth. Whether a man is married or single, the platform can meet his needs. As soon as you start utilizing their items, you’ll realize how useful they are.

For men who desire to appear their best, Ustraa is a brand of grooming products. Its products are created in-house in a lab and are totally free of hazardous ingredients like SLS and PARABENS. They make our brothers feel fantastic, smell great, and look nice.

  • LetsShave:

Grooming brands

Let’s Shave offers a variety of tools to turn your next shave into a work of art because shaving is not a game for children. This is one of your finest options if you want a close, pain-free shave that doesn’t damage your face. The razors are produced using Korean technology to provide you with the closest shave possible each and every time.

An Indian startup called LetsShave sells razors, various personal care items, and grooming supplies. It was established in 2015 and sells upscale goods for both men and women. The business is based in Ambala, India.

LetsShave collaborated with Dorco, one of the inventive forefathers of the razor business. Since 1955, Dorco has produced the finest blades in the world. In more than 130 countries today, they assist over 100 million people in getting a comfortable shave and looking their best.

The brand aims to become India’s one-stop shop for grooming and shaving for both men and women by focusing on innovation and a “Let’s do it” approach. Let’s Shave was the first company to use a cutting-edge manufacturing technique to introduce the world’s first 6-blade razor. made history by introducing the first V-shaped balls and groyne trimmer and single serrated blade Pro Styler in India, which revolutionized the under-the-belt grooming category.

  • Forest Essentials:

Grooming brands

One of the few companies that successfully combines traditional Ayurvedic practices with contemporary design, Forest Essentials is unquestionably among the greatest men’s grooming companies in India. The company sells a wide selection of high-quality skincare items that are crafted utilising traditional Ayurvedic methods and components.

Although the name could cause some confusion because it offers a variety of skincare items for ladies. The brand’s appeal extends beyond that, though. Shaving creams, after shave, and other skin care items for men are available there.

An Indian company called Forest Essentials specializes in Ayurvedic preparations for its cosmetics, skincare, and fragrance goods. Mira Kulkarni established it in New Delhi, India, in the year 2000. The first luxury Indian skincare company to launch in the UK is Forest Essentials.

Ancient beauty rituals based on holistic healing techniques and modern technology provide a potent combination that Forest Essentials has successfully tapped into. The luxurious beauty and wellness brand has devoted its efforts since it was founded more than 20 years ago to promoting the benefits and profound powers of the Ayurvedic way of life, with its sumptuous, all-natural formulations and close-to-miracle treatments.

  • Nivea Men:

Grooming brands

Worldwide, the parent firm Nivea is renowned for its incredibly fantastic products. The company has now entered the top 10 list of men’s grooming brands. Nivea Men offers a variety of products in India that are appropriate for Indian men’s skin types. The company is renowned for its long history of producing superior grooming products that are gentle on the skin.

Customers had a very high level of trust in the NIVEA brand, according to studies conducted in the 1980s. Beiersdorf released a variety of new NIVEA skin care products in the usual high quality after realising the business possibilities linked with this discovery. NIVEA MEN After Shave Balsam for Sensitive Men’s Skin was one of them.

In the 1990s, NIVEA grew to become a recognised global brand with standardised names for its goods and packaging. At this time, the Visage, deodorant, soft, Vital, and NIVEA Bath Care families were created. NIVEA became Beiersdorf’s largest brand by a wide margin after sales doubled in just 10 years.

  • Garnier Men:

Grooming brands

A prominent face cleanser manufacturer for men in India, Garnier Men is another well-known name in male grooming products. The preferred brand for men’s face washes in India is Garnier Men, which has access to millions of homes there. The brand has become well-known among most men because to its brand advocates, Tiger Shroff and John Abraham. Numerous things that are appropriate for Indian males are available from the company.

Garnier has recently taken significant steps to transform into a more natural and ecological company. With formulae that contain more than 90% natural ingredients, certified organic product lines, and vegan recipes, Garnier has altered many of its goods. Garnier has also made some of their packaging lighter while still using recycled plastic and making it more recyclable.

Garnier pledges to Green Beauty, a comprehensive strategy for sustainability. Garnier is about to undergo a transformation thanks to Green Beauty, which will lessen the brand’s environmental effect along every link in its value chain. As part of the Leaping Bunny initiative, Cruelty Free International has now officially authorised all Garnier products globally.

  • Man Matters:

Man Matters focuses only on the requirements of men in a world where every product is created with the wants of a woman in mind. It is the first holistic website in India that sells products for men’s wellness and hygiene while also meeting their demands. Here, topics including hair growth, weight gain, intimate hygiene, and performance are covered. You can also get expert assistance from the platform if you need it; you only need to provide certain information.

Man Matters is a digital health clinic for men run by an Indian startup. The headquarters of the business are in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Man Matters, a tele-health platform established in 2019, offers access to professionals for consultations and customised treatments for hair, skin, weight, hygiene, sleep, and sexual health.

The platform is run by a group of health professionals that are committed to changing men’s behaviours in order to help them lead physically and mentally healthier lives. They offer shampoo, hair growth gummies, pills, tonics, face serums, anti-aging oils, face washes, and more in their product line. All of their products are devoid of sugar, mineral oil, toxins, and parabens.

Indian Men Grooming Industry

Due to rising disposable income, ongoing product development and market introduction, expanding media exposure, and growing knowledge of grooming products among the country’s male population, the Indian men’s grooming market is an emerging one with significant growth potential.

The market has grown as a result of important causes including an increase in organised retail, the influence of western culture, the demand for natural products, the arrival of international firms, penetration in Tier II and III cities, and an increase in mergers and acquisitions. In addition, consumers’ perceptions of their own good self-image are strongly correlated with the grooming items they use.

Due to Indian men’s growing desire to seem physically beautiful, the market for men’s grooming goods is booming. It is also projected that increasing western influence and marketing initiatives showcasing male role models, such as Bollywood actors or athletes, will propel market expansion. Even in smaller towns and rural India, grooming is no longer viewed as a feminine duty.

Male spending on grooming and personal hygiene needs has increased recently. A young man from the hamlet has widened his selection of products by adding name-brand face cleansers, moisturizers, hair gels, and fairness creams.

The popularity of TV reality shows, the need for male models in high-profile fashion shows, and male-only beauty pageants all contribute to the rise in male grooming consciousness. Thus, there is a greater demand in top-tier cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, and New Delhi as well as in lower-tier communities with a high level of fashion consciousness like Chandigarh and Goa.


In recent times, males in India have begun to care about and pay attention to their appearance. As men began to think that maintaining one’s personality is more essential than justice in India, the grooming patterns of males unexpectedly established the pattern against racism. Being neat and tidy and maintaining a clean yet worn-out appearance simultaneously are no longer considered girlie. Thus, we have mentioned above the best grooming brands for men.

edited and proofread by nikita sharma

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