Top 10 Best and Most Reputed Startups in Faridabad 2022

Top 10 Best and Most Reputed Startups in Faridabad 2022

Sheikh Farid founded the city Faridabad in the year 1607. Currently, it has become one of the most populated cities in the Indian state of Haryana and forms a significant part of the Delhi NCR region. Now the city is counted in the towns for becoming one of the major cities in terms of startups. Faridabad is located in the Southeastern part of the state, and it is known to be one of the central industrial hubs of Haryana.

Faridabad is immensely popular for their henna production from their agricultural sector, which is considerable, where giant tractors, motorcycles, switch gears, refrigerators, shoes, tyres, and garments bring a significant part of the city.

Faridabad was decided to host the most critical event when The Ideaz Factory announced that the second edition of Startup Jalsa was held at their Manav Rachna International University located on the Delhi Surajkund Road Faridabad.

The 3 Most Well-Known Startups from Faridabad

This function was the opportunity given to the entrepreneurs. They got the chance to meet successful business leaders from the companies like Gionee, Escorts, YES Bank,, Indo-European Business Forum and many others.

Many reputed people attended this function, and even Minister of Industries and Commerce, Environment and Industrial Training, Government of Haryana, Vipul Goel, had stated, “After a successful edition in Chandigarh, we look forward to welcoming almost a thousand start-ups again this year at Startup Jalsa in Faridabad. The Haryana Government has taken several of the initiatives to motive the entrepreneurial spirit in the state and in the city. We are empowering industries through easy finance and investments.”

Vipul Goel, Industries and Commerce minister inaugurates Startup Jalsa in Faridabad - Ab Tak News

We have established 19 clusters dedicated to small and medium businesses and are in the process of creating an Rs1,000 crores fund for them. We also provide free loans up to Rs 1 crore to all the new emerging start-ups. The government is also setting up a 16-acre start-up warehouse in Gurgaon to have a partnership with NASSCOM.

We have also reduced the minimum land requirement for the township in the state from 100 acres to 25 acres, which will always boost the start-ups to grow more and more.

The industrial city of Haryana became home to a lot of refuge of hundreds of chit funds, based in Kerala, which affected their town of Faridabad, which also became the hub of Kerala -based chit funds as it already had a lot of people who were Malayalees.

There are countless start-ups in the city that are launched daily. Some have failed, while some have made a significant impact on the city’s people and are gaining tremendous popularity. It also has its SaaS start-ups which are around the number of 55. The city has the perfect learning environment where motivation and drive to work kind of workplace is always given importance.

All the start-ups or companies operating in the town significantly solve the students’ queries and people and understand the people’s concerns. Some companies or firms have the best-in-class services and products that are tailored according to the needs of the retail traders and different institutions.

Below are some well-known start-ups, which are fast-growing companies in the city that have impressed significant investors.

1. OKCredit

OKCredit Story- Solving Accounting Problems Of Indian MSMEs

OKCredit is the one platform that makes easy credit account management for store owners and customers. With their help, you can easily track all the receivables and payables and make the collections simpler and faster. Their website and application have multi-language support, which allows you to choose from multiple local languages to communicate with your customers quickly and then have the reminders for the collection.

Just save the hassle of manual groups on time through SMS and Whatsapp and use it later. It reports and makes the account statements, which allows their customers to all of their reports and the comments on any device anytime. It is completely 100% safe and secure with their online and local backup of the data, ensuring 100% od safety.

The team of OKCredit hire those people who have a broad set of technical skills and who are always ready to take on some of technology’s significant challenges and then impact it on the real world. The founders of this start-up are Gaurav Kumar, Harsh Pokharna and Aditya Prasad. It has the most innovative kind of staff management, and you quickly sell “Apni Dukan” with their help and guidance.

OKCredit comes free of any digital cost, and you can quickly provide access to all business owners. It is also called the cash book or the Ledger account book that helps manage your account digitally.

It was established in 2017, with its services in Finance, Finacial Exchanges, Finacial Services, FinTech and Personal Finance. The team works with many employees, around 101-250 and has to fetch great reviews.

Company Overview

            Legal Name Psi Phi Global Solutions Pvt Ltd. 
            Industries Financial Services, Personal Finance & Financial Exchanges
           Founder(s) Aditya Prasad, Gaurav Kumar & Harsh Pokharna
          Founded Date                2017
Total Funding Amount            $84.2 Million
             Investors Goggle for Startups & Lightspeed India Partners 

2. LenskartLenskart: Being discontent isn't a bad thing. Lenskart founder Peyush Bansal believes it makes people humble - The Economic Times

It is an online eyeglasses retail portal established in India and has been serving the best of its eyeglass services to the people. It has the most stylish glasses and eyewear with the best and most modern kinds of frames. Customers can get the eyeglass frame according to their face and choice and have even different colour options.

This start-up was founded in 2010 by an ex-Microsoft techie who had no money at that time but had a lot of passion and dedication to bring a big difference in the world. As a result, Lenskart has become one of the fastest-growing eyewear start-ups. It has been reaching to cover their 1,00,000 customers in just a month which was a unique combination of a robust online business through their website. Lenskart is very much revolutionizing the industry of eyewear in India.

The company’s mission is to provide the customers with the aim to every Indian access the most high-quality designer glasses without sheeling out their pocket too much. It is India’s first and the only brand to include the robotic technique that delivers almost accurate drinks to the three decimal places. All machines are imported from Germany to ensure perfection on all the front lines.

The team of Lenskart have zero tolerance for having any error, and their call centre even aims to give a delightful experience to every customer, solve their problems and work with them on their feedback. Lenskart was founded by Amit Chaudhary and Peyush Bansal with their services in the sectors of Delivery, e-commerce, eyewear, fashion, health care, internet and Shopping.

Company Overview

         Legal Name Lenskart Soliutions Pvt Ltd. 
          Industries Delivery,E-commerce.Eyewear & Fashion
          Founder(s) Amit Chaudhary, Peyush Bansal & Sumeet Kapahi
        Founded Date              2010
 Total Funding Amount            $774 Million
             Investors             Funding

3. Lybrate

Lybrate - YouTube

Lybrate is the one platform responsible for the cutting-edge web and a mobile platform that brings all the patients and clinicians together and makes complete coordination. You can find the best doctors in almost all diseases and provide the patients with the best treatment. You can even consult with the doctors online for any medical assistance.

The platform of Lybrate helps build the future of Healthcare delivery, and it is the best way to seek the best medical help, and Lybrate makes it very seamless and smooth and beats the best challenges. It helps in creating the environment everyone wants and delivers the kind of experience that is truly magical for both healthcare and experts with their users.

It is also known as India’s first mobile healthcare communication and even performs the delivery platform. It helps to make the most informed decisions about your health routine. Just talk to the doctors, ask your queries, and even get free interaction with the doctors to further process the payment. Just use your mobile phone and complete the whole process very easy.

Their health feed is given by the health experts who always aim to keep you healthy and fit. The platform ensures that the doctors always save their customers’ time and enhance the practice effortlessly.

Customers can grow their training through the help of the doctors who always outreach their patients across the country by interacting with them easily. It was started in 2014 with the idea of Saurabh Arora and working with the help of employees from 251 to 500.

Company Overview

         Legal Name Lybrate India Pvt Ltd.
          Industries Health care, Information Technology & Mobile
           Founder           Saurabh Arora
       Founded Date               2014
 Total Funding Amount          $14.4 Million
         Investors Ratan Tata & Tiger Global Management

4. BluePine Foods

BluePine Foods Pvt Ltd Careers and Current Employee Profiles | Find referrals | LinkedIn

Get the most convenient and authentic food handcrafted with BluePine foods with the utmost love and care. It is a complete young, innovative and sustainable food start-up that works with a mission to offer society the highest quality of authentic foods or cuisine based on the traditional recipes that are handed down from family to family.

The team of BluePine Foods cover a wide range of agro produce into tasty momos and dumplings with the best kind of taste and experience. It uses natural ingredients from the Himalayan region without adding any preservatives.

Just take your taste buds to the next level with their little pots of goodness. The company is wholly affianced in manufacturing a wide range of foods like frozen vegan, vegan, vegan, and frozen non-veg momos.

Their products are always cherished by their all-time clients due to certain factors like their herbs used, nutritious and good quality food, and best taste. They even have the service of customizing the products according to the choice of their customers. BluePine Foods Private Limited is a renowned business entity in the market industry that came into working in the year 2016.

It uses the latest kinds of methods and the quality ingredients supplied to its clients in just the promised time frame. It always maintains a long-term business relationship with its clients by giving them the best hygienic and healthy food items. All foods are at a very reasonable rate and fetch good reviews.

Company Overview

        Legal Name BluePine Foods Pvt Ltd.
          Industries        Food & Delivery
           Founder          Aditi B Madan
       Founded Date              2016
 Total Funding Amount                 NA
             Investors             Acquired 

5. NamoeWaste

An innovation to eliminate E-waste by NaMo E-waste | Planet Healers E3P2 | The Discovery Channel - YouTube

It is a start-up founded in Faridabad, called to be an e-waste recycling facility that quickly works towards sustainable disposal of all the e-waste to have the cleanest and healthy environment. Some of the significant factors have contributed to the issues of waste that has been collected across areas. Just get the unwanted waste our of your house in some easy steps.

Therefore, there is an utmost need for a platform that provides the e-waste cleaning of all the trash: consumers, collection centres, producer responsibility organizations, recyclers or dismantlers, and essential producers.

The services of NamoeWaste includes the PRO service, Reverse logistics and data destruction. It has been trying very hard to reach out to the 70% of India’s e-waste generation sources. You can easily schedule your e-waste to pick up by calling our call centre, and the company’s team ensures an on-time pickup of the waste.

Their reverse logistics is always managed by their fleet of vehicles and different channel partners from nationwide locations. It was founded by Akshay Jain, a mechanical engineer by his education. He was very much inspired by the process of sustainable recycling mechanism, which he witnessed when he travelled to the UK during his study time.

NamoeWaste has the scheduled pickup, onsite data destruction, material collection, secured transport, receipt of material, dismantling, refurbishment, repair, shredding and Segregation. It has even been awarded the “Best Recycling Company of the Year” at the Green India Awards organized in 2018.

Company Overview

         Legal Name NamoeWaste Management Ltd. 
         Industries Waste management & recycling 
           Founder          Akshay Jain
      Founded Date              2014
 Total Funding Amount               NA
             Investors              Acquired 

6. Softkey Technologies

Softkey Technologies | LinkedIn

It is a complete software and web development company that started in 2011 and served all domestic and offshore clients in various technical aspects. The company’s vision is to become a world leader in vertical IT solutions and services. It has been achieving its vision, and its team strives to deliver the most innovative, reliable and cost-effective solutions and benefits.

The company has specialized themselves with the training in industrial training, ERP solutions, and technical education. The company’s primary focus is to take every student through their programs of the complete lifecycle of the development of the projects and always understand the best practices in the company.

They have comprehensive services as they provide academic assignments and have their software development centre to create real-time projects. The team members always keep in mind to serve their level best services in delivering educational and student projects for the various branches of engineering. It has been great remarks in the people and trying to make more and more improvements to their company’s modules.

Company Overview

         Legal Name  Softkey Technologies Pvt Ltd.
         Industries   Hardware & Software
          Founder        Gaurav Kukreja 
      Founded Date               2003
 Total Funding Amount                 NA
             Investors               Acquired

7. Virohan

Virohan Institute of Healthcare & management in Nehru Ground, Faridabad-121001 | Sulekha Faridabad

Are you searching for a professional paramedical diploma course? Then you can easily enrol to become a successful healthcare professional. With the use of Virohan, you can take the classroom with you as the company provide you with the new-age learning experience at their centres through the future-ready classrooms and the fully automated content Delivery on their website.

You can get practical work experience, students bring the best of both worlds at Virohan. Their training is given by world-class industry experts, as it provides the opportunity to learn from industry leaders and medical experts. Get the best industry work done with this company and fetch your long term experience.

 Just get to know more because the platform trains their students in the employment skills that give a head start to their professional career and provides exposure to their students on the latest technology and even the machinery through their exclusive partnerships with the global organizations.

The Virohan Institute of Health and Management Science is affiliated with the Indian Medical Association and the National Skill Development Corporation located in Faridabad.

Company Overview

           Legal Name Virohan Pvt Ltd.
           Industries Education, Corporate Training & EdTech
          Founder(s) Archit Jayaswal, Kunaal Dudeja, Nalin Saluja & Paarul Dudeja 
       Founded Date              2018
 Total Funding Amount            $5.1 Million
             Investors Joydeep Bhattacharya & Artha Impact 

8. Weink Studio

Weink Studio | LinkedIn

It is the minimal clothing brand working in the city and being given the best of feedback from the people. Wink Studio is a clothing brand offering the best of designs, all inspired by minimalism. Their team members include Arpit Sharma, Chetna Chhabra and Abhishek Singh. Their investors also include Arpit Sharma and Abhishek Singh.

It brings their first-ever purely minimal unisex clothing brand, with their collection features t-shirts in minimal designs. It has nine years of experience in administrating all the technical and strategic assistance, which is always focused on the businesses based on technology, fashion, e-commerce, wellness, lifestyle and non-profit and blockchain.

You can just be authentic, be aesthetic and be minimal. You can design your t-shirts and get the best quality. It offers some of the great deals and vouchers. It has acquired more than 10000 plus customers, with 700 plus innovative designs. The company is called the love of our lives, which has just gotten better, as you can easily browse through the fantastic plans provided by their team.

Company Overview

          Legal Name         Weink Studio
           Industries  E-commerce & Fashion
           Founder          Arpit Sharma 
       Founded Date            2020
 Total Funding Amount                 NA
             Investors             Acquired 

9. Traya Tech

Home | Traya

This is a start-up involved in computers, electronics manufacturing, prototyping, and then disrupting society’s existing problems and processes. It is called the platform for your business and dealership and offers a network powered by Artificial Intelligence.

It was formerly called the APE Technologies, aiming to improve the quality of life and make the relevant technologies accessible to all of their customers. The company size varies from 1 to ten, with their headquarters located in Faridabad. It is something called beyond technology, and it presents a comprehensive suite of products on their industry-leading.

Traya Software Private Limited was started or established in 2020, classified as a non-government company and registered with the Registrar of Companies. You can get all your legal reports instantly once you get connected to the company.

It is a research company involved in solving problems and identifying them. Traya Tech is called the one platform which is called the one destination for all your requirements in terms of the latest technologies which are solved with great care and attention.

Company Overview

         Legal Name  Traya Software Pvt Ltd.
          Industries           Computer
          Founder(s) Shatrughan Baldev Singh & Hetal Umesh Shroff
       Founded Date             2020
 Total Funding Amount               NA
             Investors           Acquired 

10. Bidaal Solutions


It is a cloud-based suite of solutions for all kinds of mining industries, and its products are considered very ‘WISE’ for the process of surveying and planning. Their other product is ‘SMILE’, which is used for detection and signalling and then comes their another service of ‘PAWS’, which is for the blind spot coverage. It has the best kind of IoT platform for analyzing mining operations.

It has the best software tools to digitally collect, store, and manage data. The company was founded in 2020 and had been getting an excellent level of funding from the Startup Nexus.

It is called the next-generation Indian company providing cutting-edge technology solutions to the mining and the different allied companies. Their primary focus is to give the best digitalization of the number of mines through their most innovative industrial 4.0 tools.

The team of the Bidaal has believed that the mining industry is considered the foundation of the world as it is seen today, as the company is mainly emphasizing commercializing the power of technology through the use of robotics, IoT, industrial. The company has some of the most excellent and creative team members who work with their unique ideas and tries to convert their ideas into dreams.

Company Overview

         Legal Name Bidaal Technology Pvt Ltd. 
         Industries  Internet of Things & Mining Technology
          Founder         Kalash Nibjiya
      Founded Date                 2020
 Total Funding Amount                NA
             Investors             Acquired 

Faridabad is called the centre of excellence and has given us some great start-ups to date. The entrepreneurs in Faridabad have been managing their discussions and sharing their opinions. The Faridabad Startup Network(FSN) is known to be a platform for everyone who is always interested in the process of the start-up ecosystem, which makes them able to connect and create the best-suited synergy.

The group’s sole purpose in Faridabad is to fill the lack of facilities for start-ups in the city by creating an ambience and the culture for the best fostering innovation and creativity. FSN is called to be a non-profit community incubator for the new kind of entrepreneurs, as the angel investors by the pooling resources from the willing group participants and even offers the best cash lending support to members.

The 3 Most Well-Known Startups from Faridabad

 This group of entrepreneurs help the start-ups to find the best place where members can come together to share, generate, exchange and validate the existing and the new ideas. FSN has built a team of mentors from different backgrounds and experiences who always tend to share their learnings and even provide guidance from the entrepreneurs on a pro bono basis. Start-ups in recent years have acquired great place in most of the cities, just like Faridabad has done and which is now more welcoming to the more innovative people.  

edited and proofread by nikita sharma

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