Top 2 Most Valuable Unicorns in Russia 2022.

Top 2 Most Valuable Unicorns in Russia 2022.

When it relates to Russia‘s economic standing, it ranks high in its peers. Russia’s economy is the world’s largest and ranks 11th. The service sector accounts for 62.3 percent of the country’s economy, or $1.63 trillion. For the best form of the labor force, it works with about 63 percent of its total personnel. On the other hand, as Europe’s greatest trading partner, Russia enjoys strong backing.

Putin's actions in Ukraine bring shame on Russia, says G7 | Russia | The Guardian

If we speak about the country’s startup culture or entrepreneur ecosystem, we can say that it’s highly vibrant and unique. It has the support of major factors such as the best sea routes, which can easily gain different places, it gives people great access to the country’s plentiful natural resources, and then there are their European markets, which have served the Russian people for many years and have provided them with great benefits.

When it came to startups, Russia has a large number of them that have gained considerable attention from the public and have shown to be highly successful in terms of their procedures or activities There are many startups in various Russian cities. This nation is known as.

As the epicenter of Eurasian startup culture. There are about 3.8 thousand digital businesses in Russia, with nine of them falling under public ownership. Russia has two well-known and successful unicorns, both of whom have outperformed their market value and received widespread acclaim for their services. The country is home to the world’s largest bank and internet corporation, making it even more distinctive. Sberbank is Russia’s largest bank, a Goliath state-owned enterprise with a quarter of the country’s bank total.

Russia will stop 'in a moment' if Ukraine meets terms - Kremlin - The Economic Times

Sberbank is used by over 70% of Russians. Xandex, on the other hand, is the country’s largest internet startup, combining Russia’s hard computer scientific history with Silicon Valley’s hip element. Russian Big Tech has an important role in developing the country’s markets, although it is sometimes disregarded. Though Sberbank and Xandex may not meet your needs or please you, they do provide a fewer share of the market for startups and unicorns.

Russia’s internet ecosystem is unique in that the country’s big tech companies have monopolized the majority of the positions, causing startups to struggle to establish themselves and gain market share.

In the world’s largest digital hotspots, from Silicon Valley to West Europe and Southeast Asia, Russian-speaking entrepreneurs are making a lot of money and thriving. There are some windows on the world’s finest accelerators that have earned a lot of praise and admiration. Russia, the dominating country in the former Soviet empire, has taken modest steps toward an open society and marketplace to have the best economy. The country’s course shifted during the 2000s when this was led by Vladimir Putin.

The Russian state regulates all energy sources, resulting in massive profits for the country’s oligarchs. A partnership of state-owned firms, for example, owns Inter RAO, the country’s main electric utility. 9 The idea of allowing private companies to harvest and refine energy, which is more widespread in the United States, is not common in Russia.

Oil output in Russia rivals that of natural gas. After the United States and Saudi Arabia, China is the world’s third-largest oil producer. The country produces 11% of all oil in the globe.

The largest oil and gas businesses in Russia include Rosneft, Lukoil, and Surgutneftegas. To understand the sometimes perplexing logic that underpins the Russian energy business and its major actors, one must look at the Russian government, the industry’s ultimate owner.

United Russia, created by President Vladimir Putin and holding the majority of seats in both the state and national legislatures, is the most powerful force in Russian politics. According to an official party statement, frequently referred to as “Go Russia,” United Russia aspires to eliminate “economic backwardness.” This backwardness is described in the document as “an addiction to thriving off exporting raw goods” and “the conviction that all issues must be solved by the state,” two lofty goals that appear to contradict real-world activities.

It’s hardly unexpected that the Russian government takes advantage of opportunities to attack its weaker neighbors who were once part of the Union, with a political elite determined to reclaim the country’s former prestige (to say nothing of its old territory). Georgia was the victim in 2008. Ukraine was the grand prize in 2014.

Russian economy headed for collapse

These invasions cost Russia a lot of money. Following the 2014 invasion of Ukraine, the United States and other countries imposed economic sanctions on Russia. Investor appetite for Russian assets was hindered by rising geopolitical concerns. These factors, together with high inflation and a steep drop in oil prices in late 2014, contributed to a 3.7 percent contraction in the Russian economy by the end of 2015. 

Russia invaded Ukraine once more in February 2022. In response to Russian military actions, including the deployment of Russian forces into two separatist districts in eastern Ukraine, US President Joe Biden declared sanctions against Russia on February 22, 2022. The Biden administration stated that these penalties are the “first tranche of restrictions that reach far beyond 2014, in collaboration with friends and partners in the European Union, U.k., Canada, Japan, and Australia.” 

The penalties are largely economic in nature and include the freezing of two state-owned Russian banking firms, Vnesheconombank and Promsvyazbank, as well as their subsidiaries, that provide financing to Russia’s military. Other penalties included barring the acquisition of additional Russian government debt and prohibiting American corporations and individuals from purchasing national debt in the second-handhand market. Five Russian oligarchs and their spouses have been targeted as well.

It has a quick rate of technology change, which provides new ways and methods for governments and individuals to achieve policy goals, as well as new political, economic, and economic challenges for society.

Many new approaches have been implemented in the country, which have the potential to unlock new economic growth and development by improving equity and inclusivity. It has improved the country’s residents’ quality of life. After its full-scale invasion of Ukrainian in 2022, Russia has gotten increasingly detached from the rest of the globe.

Russia’s rank in the world economy 

Russia has risen to 11th place in the world economy, with a GDP of 1.46 trillion dollars. The country’s crude oil is its largest export and delivers numerous benefits to the economy. The country’s crude oil accounts for roughly $123 billion of its export revenue. Russia is not just a key oil supplier, but also a major mineral, resource, and food supplier. Covering all the aspects of the country, it has offered some of the major companies or startups and even unicorns in order to have the smooth running of the operations in the country. 

Mentioned below are the two significant or prominent unicorns that are working in the country and have gained a good level of appreciation and making so many customers all across the country.

1. Avito

Avito Offices - Moscow | Office Snapshots

It is a well-known corporation that is known for being a highly classified company that deals with the advertising of websites. It is regarded as the world’s most prominent and established corporation, as well as the second-largest website. Jonas Nordlander and Flip Engelbert launched it in 2007. The company delivers services through an e-commerce and web medium of communication, ensuring that the customer receives the best possible service. Avito’s website contains more categories of their basic products system for various reasons, including sales, jobs, personals, companies, real estate, and various cars for sale.

In 2019, the company overcame the greatest challenge when daily website visitors surpassed 10.3 million, and the company’s services and valuation earned it a spot on Russian Forbes‘ list. The corporation was in the most valuable in the country, with a worth of $4.9 billion. The owner of a web-based company that specializes in advertising and marketing. The business has a platform that is divided into sections for different types of adverts and different purposes.

It has allowed small to medium-sized businesses or firms to increase sales without paying additional expenses for advertisement placement. It successfully runs an online trade area and makes it simple for all its consumers to participate.

Furthermore, it employs approximately 2,200 people and has been attracting more competent professionals as a result of the working environment and benefits provided to its employees. In Russia, the company runs and provides a web-based framework for its free online classified advertising procedures.

A large number of sellers can easily exchange their items and services, such as collectibles, laptops, coins, stamps, and toys, as well as concert and sporting tickets, through its line of business.

Unicorns in Russia | List of Startups Soon to be Unicorns

The company’s headquarters were located in Moscow, Russian Federation. This company makes use of 11 different technologies and services, including Google Analytics, Google Fonts, HTML5, and a slew of others. This organization claims to have over 10.3 million new daily users on its platform. It has recently approached 47 million items and has been embracing a variety of categories, including real estate and a variety of services.

This company is very helpful for the emerging and developing markets as it helps the leading local players and continues to help them with their marketing strategies.

Avito made revenues of 10 billion rubles ($57.50 million) in the last six months of September 2020, up 30% from the previous year, and it has been operating with a 65.4 percent EBITDA margin, with the listing increasing from 5.4 percent to 14.46 million. “Avito has a very competent management team, led by CEO Vladimir Pravdivy, who has demonstrated the ability to attain amazing heights and continuous growth over time,” said Martin Scheepbouwer, CEO of the OLX group.

Naspers originally acquired most of the shares through investment in 2015. They were previously associated with Avito, which was launched in 2013 as a result of a combination between and These are the two Naspers competitors who were targeted. Naspers is well recognized for funding Tencent, a Chinese significant-tech behemoth, and for providing a large network of the greatest online and classified firms. This corporate network grew a little too huge when Naspers invested $1.16 billion in Russia’s Avito, bringing its ownership to more than 99 percent.

Company Overview

                    Legal Name          KEH eKommerz Limited.
                     Industries Advertising, Classifieds, Internet, Real Estate & Online Auctions
                     Founder(s)   Jonas Nordlander & Filip Engelbert
                  Founded Date                        2007
            Total Funding Amount                     $1.3 Billion
                    Investors Pobts, Kinnevik,Prosus & Naspers, Northzone & Baring Vostok Capital Partners. 

2. Wildberries

Wildberries has experienced a massive outage. The marketplace does not work, orders are not issued - Aroged

Wildberries was established in 2004 and claims to be Russia’s largest retailer. Tatyana Bakalchuk started the corporation, which is located in Moscow, Russia. The founder used to be a teacher, but she created this website during her maternity leave. The company’s sales have now surpassed $3 billion. It is the largest Russian e-commerce market, with a market capitalization of $30 billion. And wild berries has employed approximately 48,000 people and established businesses in seven well-known countries.

On average, it processes over 750,000 orders each day online and provides a diverse selection of 37,000 brands of apparel, children’s products, cuisine, books, gadgets, jewelry, cosmetics, and other items. This corporation has brought many benefits to the Russian people by covering practically every category of things used today. When the pandemic game was released in 2020, the corporation had a sharp increase in sales volume and earnings, reaching a billion dollars.

This company has grown rapidly in recent years as it has added more categories to its platform and provided greater freedom to the individuals who buy with them a regular basis.

It is taking moves towards development in nations such as the United States and other powerful nations to expand its business globally. It has also begun online sales in Russia, with credit or installment payments. Then there’s the e-commerce corporation or firm that works with various and well-known companies and provides fashion goods, garments, and a variety of other stuff.

Wild berries’ website, like other Russian e-commerce websites, is only available in Russian, and international deliveries from Russia are always conducted through a shipping business based in that country.

Russian E-Commerce Leader Wildberries Takes Aim at US Market | BoF

She is the one woman who is newly awarded the title of the country’s richest woman after being the holder of the online shopping giant wild berries, which released a study stating and pledged that digital sellers would’ve had the enormous benefit to the challenge of lockdown at the time of the flu epidemic when the founders stepped into the limelight and decided to bring the e-commerce platform.

Amazon is one company that is ahead of other brands and companies in the battle to become Russia. It has been pushing a good number of changes daily and offering offer the comfort and confidence of Amazon to India.

This company’s success has been aided in part by the procedure of serving all low-income consumers and sellers through their physical free delivery and collection stations. Following the pandemic, this company received millions of orders every day, and they tripled the proportion of their salary that they had previously received.

No other way. Wildberries turned to all buyers with bad news - GAMINGDEPUTY

This company was founded in 2004, but in 2017 it surpassed Amazon as Russia’s top online store, and it’s now past midnight. The following year, Wildberries was able to maintain they are $1.9 billion in revenue while attracting thousands of daily visitors. This company generated $3 billion in sales in 2019, and its total net worth increased from RBS1.88 billion to RBA 7 billion. Call it Russia’s Amazon.

Company Overview

                 Legal Name                 Wildberries 
                  Industries Consumer Goods, E-commerce, Fashion & Retail. 
                 Founder(s)              Tatyana Bakalchuk 
              Founded Date                    2004
         Total Funding Amount                      NA
                Investors                  Acquired

Russia’s economic rating is 56.1, ranking it 113th in the Index for 2022. Russia is placed 43rd from out 45 European countries, with a lower rating than the global and regional averages. Over the last five years, the Russian economy has grown in 2017 and 2018, stalled in 2019, and went negative in 2020. Growth resumed in 2021, following a recovery in world oil prices.

A five-year upward trend in economic freedom has now come to an end. In 2017, Russia’s total economic freedom fell by 1.0 points, with gains in labour and monetary freedom being offset by declines in rule of law and trade freedom. As a consequence, Russia has returned to the list of countries classified as “Very Totalitarian.”

Although the economy is in decent shape, entrepreneurship and free enterprise are on par with the poorest countries. Gazprom, Russia’s state-owned gas company, has the world’s best gas reserves. 5 Despite this, reserves are depleting and prices are dropping. Rosneft is 40.4 per cent controlled by the Russian government, 19.75 percent by British Petroleum, and the rest is publicly traded. 6 Rosneft, on the other hand, is in significant financial trouble. The remaining state-owned enterprises have been sold off.

The majority of experts believe that a small number of rich billionaires control Russia’s economy. These rich insiders run or manage the majority of large Russian businesses. Contrary to popular assumption, President Vladimir Putin does not even have power over the billionaires. Instead, he serves as a bridge between their competing points of view. This system was formed during the 1400s when the Royal House of Moscow grew. It was successful thanks to czars and communist regimes.

Europe gets 30% of its oil from Russia and 40% of its natural gas from Russia. 7 To get what it wants, it uses pipeline politics. Putin understands that the European Union is hesitant to support Ukraine because it cannot manage to be without Russia’s energy.

Is Putin serious about doing something like that? Absolutely. In 2006, he cut off Ukraine’s gas supply. Europe’s gas must travel through Ukraine. He was effective in holding gas hostage in order to hike charges. Russia is the world’s biggest country in the world of land area, with a total area of 6,601,668 square miles (17,098,242 square kilometers). In comparison, the United States spans 3,794,100 sq miles (9,826,675 sq km).

Russia’s population, according to World Bank data from 2016, is approximately 144,000,000, down from a peak of 148,689,000 in 1992. As per the BBC, Russia has about 190 ethnic groups. According to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Russians make up 77.7% of the population remaining.  The remaining population consists of 3.7 per cent Tatars, 1.4 per cent Ukrainians, 1.1 per cent three races, 1% Chuvash, 1% Northern portions, and 10.2% others, with the remaining 3.9 per cent unidentified.

Nesting dolls are well-known cultural flags of Russia. Matrioshka dolls are a sort of doll that comprises a wooden figurine that may be disassembled to expose a miniature version of the same picture inside, and so on, with four to 6 dolls stacked inside one another. A Russian peasant girl clothed in traditional clothes is frequently included in each doll’s artwork, which can be pretty intricate.

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